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17 brilliant lazy Susan hacks for RVers

There’s no room for clutter in an RV. One way to corral the clutter is to use a lazy Susan. Yep, you can use these spinning gadgets for far more than you think!

(In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, this is what I’m referring to.)

Lazy Susan hacks for RVers

In the kitchen

  • Near exit door. Place a lazy Susan on a countertop near your RV’s exit door. It can hold keys, a pet leash, coins, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and other items you may need when venturing outside.
  • Coffee/tea station. Use one to keep all your coffee/tea items contained. Coffee pods, tea bags, mugs, stir spoons, sweetener packets, and more will be right where you need them each morning! A two-tier lazy Susan can hold coffee mugs on the bottom tray and the top tier can hold the rest.
  • Spices. I use one lazy Susan to corral our cooking spices and a different one for all my baking spices. The design of the lazy Susan allows me to store each one on a top shelf in our RV’s kitchen. Before I used one of these, spice jars would invariably slip to the back of the cupboard where they were difficult to retrieve. Now, I simply turn it until I locate the spice I need. (Hint: Be sure to turn the spice containers so you can read the labels without removing the container from the cupboard.)
  • Grilling. My husband grills most of our meat and veggies. He stores his seasonings and rubs in his own lazy Susan. Shish-ka-bob skewers, potholders, basting brushes, matches, and other grilling needs are also stored there.
  • Utensils. If your RV lacks kitchen drawer space, you can DIY a lazy Susan for cooking utensils. Screw cup hooks into it! Turn the lazy Susan upside down and fasten it to the bottom of a kitchen cupboard. Hang your cooking utensils from the hooks where they’ll be within easy reach when you need them.
  • Refrigerator. A small lazy Susan can keep condiments together (e.g., ketchup, mustard, relish, steak sauce, BBQ sauce) in your refrigerator. Find what you need just by turning the tray or lift the entire lazy Susan out of the fridge to easily transport all of the condiments out to the picnic table.

Dining table

  • Games. A lazy Susan can be a huge help when playing board games. We place our Scrabble board on top of one, which enables each player to read the board much more easily.
  • Salt and pepper. A small lazy Susan can hold salt, pepper, sugar, and napkin holder on your dining table. Diners can easily help themselves.
  • Taco night. When serving a meal with several ingredient choices, a lazy Susan will help folks access the “add-ons” they want. No need to pass items around the table when you use one of these.

Living area

  • Plants. I put this lazy Susan under my potted philodendron. It catches water run-off and I can easily turn the plant toward or away from the sun coming in the RV’s window.
  • TV stand. In a previous RV, we mounted a small television on a lazy Susan. It made it possible for us to turn the TV so we could watch from the kitchen or the sofa.
  • Crafting. A lazy Susan can also be used to keep crafting supplies together. This one works well for beading, painting, and many other crafts!


  • Makeup. If you take makeup along in the RV, a lazy Susan can easily corral everything. A quick spin allows you to find just what you’re looking for.
  • Under the sink. Because our RV’s shower is small, we keep shampoos, conditioners, razors, etc., on a lazy Susan under the bathroom sink. (Hint: This idea is also a great way to organize cleaning supplies, rags, dish detergent, scrubbers, etc., under the kitchen sink.)


  • Medicines. We use a small, compartmentalized lazy Susan in the bedroom to hold our prescription medicines and vitamins. I label a compartment for medications I take in the morning and another compartment holds meds I take in the evening. My husband does the same. This keeps all our prescriptions together. When we return home, we take the lazy Susan out of the RV and into our stix-n-brix bedroom. (Reminder: Medicines should not be stored in places where there may be subjected to excess heat or humidity. A bedroom is a better choice than a kitchen or bathroom.)
  • Miscellaneous. A lazy Susan can sit atop your bedroom dresser to hold reading glasses, earbuds, iPad, electronic chargers, hearing aid case, Chapstick, earplugs, and more.
  • Shoe storage. Did you know that there’s even a lazy Susan made to store your shoes? Yep, here’s one. I don’t carry many shoes while RVing, but if you are living in your rig full time or just happen to love shoes, perhaps a big spinning rack can help you!

Do you have other uses for lazy Susans?

How do you use them? Tell me in the comments below.



Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.


  1. Thank you, Gail! How did you anchor the television on a lazy susan when you traveled? I suppose you put the one that is on the dresser on the bed while traveling. What about the one with coffee, etc.,? Or is that a hint that you don’t employ? Thanks again!

  2. Must have a huge 5th wheel to have enough counter space for lazy susans and stay in the same place for months. We are rolling a lot and do not have nearly enough counter space for meal prep. None the less, I’ll be looking around for a use in our class A that is cursed with storage awkwardness.

  3. You’ve got more Lazy Susan’s in you RV than we’ve got room for in our house, lol. The drawbacks of
    Lazy Susan’s is they are all circular in design and no one builds cabinets to fit a circular design therefore a lot of precious cabinet space is lost. Plus unless you take extra precautions when you travel they tend to dump many items deep in the cabinet. DW has 3 Lazy Susan’s at home where there is plenty of room and nothing escapes from them from bouncing down the road.

  4. Prefer to use small plastic buckets instead of lazy susans. Nothing spills out and easy to pick up and store away. $1.25 each at the Dollar Tree.


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