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What to do about conflicting sleep schedules in “small” RV?

Dear RV Shrink:
rvshrinkWe live nine months of the year in a Class “C” motorhome. It is usually 27 feet of heaven. The only time I find it small is when my wife stays up late watching television. She is a night owl and I can’t sleep. Don’t tell me to buy ear plugs or earphones, I’ve tried both of those items. My wife gets so involved in her shows she starts crying or laughing both of which make the coach rock n’ roll. She also pops popcorn when I am trying to sleep. I need a solution before I develop a severe case of sleep apnea. —Sleepless in Seattle

Dear Sleepless:
There is only one way to eat an elephant — one bite at a time. Your first step should be a good set of support jacks to eliminate the coach movement. Then you need to discover the things that you do that annoy your wife when you get up at dark thirty and she is trying to sleep off her wild night of popcorn bingeing. Never go to the negotiating table empty-handed.

Being on the same schedule in a small space would make it much easier on both of you. If you can’t work out an arrangement you will both need to work on your consideration skills. Nothing is easy to the unwilling. I know you have already tried ear plugs but they are not the only solution. A fan nearby will create a constant noise level that you might find soothing as well as noise insulation against exploding popcorn.

If none of these ideas works, you might try installing a smoke alarm above the toaster. When you get up to watch the early morning farm report on TV, the toaster will trip the smoke alarm about the time the coffee begins percolating. This will wake your wife and bring her to the breakfast (negotiating) table that I mentioned earlier.

Unless you want to buy a larger motorhome, don’t flinch too early. Hold out for good faith bargaining that will work for both of you. The most important trip you may take in your motorhome is meeting your wife half way to the popcorn popper. —Keep Smilin’, RV Shrink

The RV Shrink is not really a psychologist (or professional RV technician). But he does know a lot.




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