Saturday, September 24, 2022


Arizona wildflower bloom a show stopper

Arizona is currently experiencing what may be the best wildflower bloom in two decades. Mexican poppies, purple lupine, brittlebush, scorpion weed, and globe mallows (among others) are blanketing the deserts as they put on a vivid and virtually unforgettable springtime display.

Central and southern state parks are in the midst of prime time, and the blooms will increase with intensity northward as summer draws closer. Right now, Picacho Peak, Alamo, and Catalina state parks are great places to stretch the legs, take some pics, and enjoy Mother Nature’s show. Oracle State Park should be coming on strong very soon as well!

Watch the video to see what you’re missing (or what you can see if you hop in your RV and head to Arizona right now).



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