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RV roof A/C peels decals off, is common problem for RVers, has easy fix

Dear Dave,
Can I add a gutter system to direct condensation from my A/C unit? Currently, the water runs down the front of my roof around the front window and is peeling the decals off.  —Herbert, 2021 Venture Sonic Lite 150VRK

Dear Herbert,
This has been an age-old battle with almost all RVs and air conditioning condensation. Most RV manufacturers are putting a roof-to-sidewall trim piece or an awning rail with a groove that is supposed to act as a rain gutter. Some RVers have put spouts on the ends to divert moisture away from entrance doors on diesel pushers.

From what I see on the Venture RV website, your Sonic has a rounded front cap that would make a great “slide” for the air conditioning condensation. Over the years I have seen quite a few different approaches, from tilting the unit with leveling jacks to the driver’s side to building a “dam” on the roof.

Photo courtesy of Venture RV

Since the weep holes of the air conditioner are located in the front corners of the unit, the moisture will come out of the front. Your rig is sloped forward starting at that point, which I believe to be a poor design. However, at least the moisture is not running to the patio side.

There are several products you can use to create a “dam” or “raceway” for the moisture to run. Home improvement stores sell rubber weatherstripping used to insulate windows and doors that has an adhesive backing. Run this in a diagonal from the roof air to the side of the rig and divert water to the seam, which will minimize the moisture going to the decals. You really need to keep an eye on the seam so there is no moisture penetration!

Another option is to cover a rope or cable with EternaBond, which would also create a bump and divert the moisture. Some have used caulking, but I don’t think it lasts very long in this situation.

Since your rig is white, it might be a good idea to “reinforce” the decal with white EternaBond cut down to 1” width. Just overlap the decal about 1/4” to fasten it down and prevent the water from getting underneath the decal. Or remove the decal completely and paint, it since there isn’t much surface area that has decals.

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Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and the author of the “RV Handbook.”

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Dave Solberg
Dave Solberg
Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club. He has been in the RV Industry since 1983 and conducts over 15 seminars at RV shows throughout the country.


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