Thursday, October 28, 2021


This bizarre accommodation on wheels welcomes RVers, others

Okay, we admit: this is not your ordinary recreational vehicle. But it does fit the definition as a dwelling on wheels.

We believe it’s a perfect place to hole up for a North American RVer who’s headed to the U.K. without their RV, who misses the “sleeping on wheels” experience. The accommodation, a fire service truck in its past life, is on a farm in Aviemore, Scotland, about equal distance from Inverness, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

The “Beermoth,” as it’s called, sports a completely over-the-top Victorian double bed, the door from one of the farm cottages and the former back wall of a doghouse. There’s a wood-burning stove. The owners say a stuffed squirrel has vacated the premises.

Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash as there are sheep in the surrounding fields. You’ll be fined about $75 if your dog kills a chicken or bites a sheep.

After staying, a guest named Vicki left this comment on the “Canopy and Stars” website: “We had the most wonderful time staying at the Beermoth, with our friend up the hill at the yurt. We spent our time cooking over fire and exploring the estate. The horse box sauna followed by a swim in the River Spey was invigorating and hilarious. The ancient pine forests of the Cairngorms are within walking distance and they were incredible.”

The cost to stay is about $100 (US) a night. Make a reservation here.



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