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Quick RV Tech Tip: Solution for a rockin’-my-rig washing machine?

Dear Dave, 
We installed an LG washer in the prepped washer closet. When I wash jeans or use a high spin cycle it initially vibrates our rig pretty well before it levels out. I want to put a MORryde Heavy Duty Gooseneck Stabilizer Tripod Jack on it to give more stability in the front nose in hopes to dampen the vibration. We have a Gooseneck box. DH doesn’t think it will make a difference. Would a Heavy Duty Gooseneck Stabilizer Tripod Jack help? —Elizabeth, 2022 Dutchmen Astoria 3173RLP

Dear Elizabeth,
I doubt even a tripod gooseneck jack stand would do much good as it only has a single point of contact at the hitch in the middle. I think you are much better off getting stabilizers that help with the side-to-side motion such as the ones shown below.

For many years Fleetwood and other manufacturers used a single leveling jack in the front placed in the middle to save a few $$, and those coaches always rocked side to side.

Let’s put this out there and see what our readers have found that works. Readers?



Dave Solberg
Dave Solberg
Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club. He has been in the RV Industry since 1983 and conducts over 15 seminars at RV shows throughout the country.



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Bob P (@guest_262179)
10 days ago

We had a 38’ Class A that weighed 22K lbs with hydraulic stabilizer jacks. We had a Splendide stackable washer/dryer that was almost dead center over the right rear jack that was solidly on the ground. Every time the washer started a spin cycle the motorhome vibrated for about 8-10 seconds until the load evened out. Perhaps you are overloading the washer, DW found that following directions on load size drastically cut down on vibration. She found that washing a small load every other day worked best. We loved the stackable unit as it allowed to wash one load and dry it while washing another, we wouldn’t have a combo unit.

Duane Boggs (@guest_211962)
1 year ago

I have an LG washer dryer combo, non vented. It needs to spin fast to get the clothes dry. I work in the oilfield so I have jeans and heavy fire retardant shirts to wash. My 37ft Palomino 5th wheel vibrates even with the stabilizers that are pictured. To me it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to put up with for the convenience of not having to go to a laundromat.

Lindalee (@guest_211777)
1 year ago

From 11/10/2007 to 12/20/2018 I lived in a manufactured house! This house was 30 ft wide by 60 ft long. The house was bolted into the ground with straps that went over the top and were maybe six feet apart. The utility room was in the very back of the house and still, every time (no matter the load) that my washer went into a spin cycle – the whole house shook for a few seconds. This said I imagine that in anything and I mean anything except maybe a solid cement foundation house you’re going to get some shake on the initial start of the spin cycle! Oh yeah, and before that, I lived in places that were pier and beam foundations and they shook too!!

Jim D (@guest_211775)
1 year ago

Those JT Strongarms are money WELL spent. No washing machine here, but they keep the rig rock-solid inside even in fairly high winds (25-30mph before I even notice the slightest bit of movement). I’m always shocked how rarely I see them installed, given how cheap they are.

L Beal (@guest_211759)
1 year ago

We have a fifth wheel with the Strong Arms installed (like in the picture). We have a Splendide washer/dryer combo and nothing stops the rocking. Yes, load size and setting makes a difference but the spin cycle always rocks the house for a few seconds.

Snoopy (@guest_211726)
1 year ago

We have a stacked washer & dryer. They actually were stacked on top of each other. They were held in place to the 1/8″ paneling with wood screws & held together with a metal strap between them! First time we used them we thought that the washing machine was going to come out of the cabinet, well it almost did as the wood screws came out & so was the washing machine & dryer. Took it to the dealer, ya right! My son & I figured a way to keep them apart with a heavy duty foam. We put some rubber feet on the washing machine legs that had nothing on them. But first added another piece of 3/4″ plywood to the floor. The washing machine still shakes, but it’s isolated & doesn’t shake the coach anymore, oh ya you still know when its spinning.

Charles (@guest_211718)
1 year ago

My washer and dryer although two separate pieces are stacked in a closet. I too experienced the “rocking of the house” on my motorhome. Although not completely calming the rocking I was able to limit its effects by using pool noodles on the sides and top. I also used bed frame anti shake tools. Both items are available on Amazon. The pool noodles were an extra-large diameter size.

Bob p (@guest_211715)
1 year ago

Sounds like there may be an overloading of the washer to where there is more jeans than recommended. When we had our class A with the Splendide washer DW washed every 3 days so there wasn’t too much in the washer at one time.

LadyCash (@guest_211745)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob p

It is not overloaded. LG tells you if load is too big. Only jeans or high spin produce heavy vibrations when the spin starts. We line dry.

Leonard Rempel (@guest_211713)
1 year ago

Our Splendide unit does shake a bit, but we always keep the spin cycle on the lowest setting which is still quite fast.
Also discovered; A relatively balanced load equals out the spin vibration. It still beats using a campground laundry centre, EVERY TIME!
(And yes, in Canada we spell centre this way, lol)

Spike (@guest_211707)
1 year ago

Even in our very heavy and well stabilized 43′ motorhome we feel it for 4 or 5 seconds when the washer initially goes into the spin cycle. I can only imagine this is exaggerated when it’s in the nose of a fifth wheel.

I guess I would be in agreement with Elizabeth’s DH…I don’t think that initial vibration can be eliminated and perhaps not even reduced much.

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