Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Sad! RVs burn up across the country

These are just a few of the many fires that were reported in the last week or so.

ABOVE: This motorhome is a goner. It was parked along with another dozen RVs on Harbor Avenue in Seattle. Nobody was hurt, and no cause has been determined. Two other RV fires occurred in the same area in the last few years.

ABOVE: This RV is a wrap — done deal, life over. It caught fire in Sparks, Nevada, on Thursday. As you can see, it’s seen its last campground. A mechanical issue was the cause, but exactly what “mechanical issue” was not noted. RIP.

ABOVE: It’s not a good photo, but you get the idea — motorhome transforms to toast. It happened in Grass Valley, Calif. A man who had been living in the RV was outside it when emergency help arrived. He was taken to the hospital, but was okay. No word on what caused the blaze, which was parked along a popular city street.

ABOVE: Oh, this is sad. A man died in the blaze that resulted in what you see here. Two men lived in the RV, in the back yard of one man’s parents. One of the men escaped and is fine. He had invited the other man to stay with him in the trailer. But the man was suicidal and despite the other man’s efforts, lit the RV on fire, which led to his death.

ABOVE: These two RVs burned up recently at a Webberville, Texas, RV park. The fire started in an RV being stored, then spread to these two. Firefighters had a tough time battling the blaze, negotiating a narrow, winding road and then having trouble getting water because there were no nearby fire hydrants. The fire was caused by an electrical issue that started in a roof air conditioner. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

ABOVE. You’ll have to take our word that the debris in this photo was once a travel trailer. It burned up recently in Spring Valley in Southern California. The trailer had been unoccupied, but witnesses said vagrants had gotten into it in last last couple of days.

* * *
These are just a fraction of the fires that actually occurred in the last couple of weeks. Most, but not all, we have observed, have recently been occupied by persons using them as residences, not RV travelers.



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Michael Galvin, PhD (@guest_191171)
1 year ago

Let’s have more stories where the cause is known so we can take precautions.

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