Monday, September 27, 2021


Florida RVer gives condo owners fits

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Residents of luxury condos overlooking the ocean at Deerfield Beach, Florida, say they have a major headache. It’s an “eyesore,” they say; one that devalues their property. Looking out their high windows, down below on the beach, what is it? It’s Kristina Clothier’s motorhome, tucked in to an embankment – a motorhome with quite a view.

Don’t quickly jump to the conclusion that we’re writing another “homeless RVer” story. Not at all. Ms. Clothier has a solid investment here, amounting to some $7,000 a year she pays in property taxes. Yep, Kristina Clothier owns that little spot on the beach, and has every right to park her motorhome there – unsightly or not.

It may seem strange to some, because Broward County beach walkers are more accustomed to seeing either bare sand, or sand enhanced with something like surfers or sun worshipers, all of whom are a temporary phenomenon. But Clothier is there for the time being. And while condo owners hope that “time being” is short, it looks like their hopes could well be dashed.

Christina Clothier has an attorney, a man named Robert Sweetapple. He points out that while the city has basically allowed the public to use privately-owned beach land as it wishes, with his client encamped it’s a bit more difficult. Clothier’s motorhome and attached temporary structures sit in the midst of her half-acre of ocean-front property, all surrounded by construction tape, evidently to discourage trespassing.

In an interview with WPBF, a West Palm Beach television station, Attorney Sweetapple lays out the situation. Clothier, he says, wants to sell the property to the city, allowing it to be freed up for public use, and giving her the money she wants for retirement. But at this point, the city doesn’t want to part with the $500,000 that Clothier is asking for. Meanwhile, the locals simmer and grumble. No homeless person here. Just someone with leverage, and a Bounder motorhome.



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Larry Bolling
1 year ago

The only eyesore I see is the condos.

1 year ago

How does she dump her tanks?

Captn John
1 year ago

Sunset Beach NC a homeless disabled vet was living in a van along the ICW. New condos were built across the street. The wealthy got politicians involved. Not ok living in a van and someone gave him a TT. Not ok without sanitation and a company provided a Job Johnny. A nice person I’d bring him a canned ham and carton of cigarettes once in a while. He was there long before condos were built with permission from the landowner. I returned from a trip and went to see him and he was gone. Now the vacant building on the property has been vandalized and looks worse than the van or TT ever did and who knows what goes on there now.
Just like those moving to the area from the north, they don’t like the snakes and gators and. many think they should be eliminated. They were here 1st and those that fear them should find the north bound lanes of I-95.

Dalton Mccormick
1 year ago

$500,000 sounds to me like a fair price, just pay it move on

1 year ago

The RV on the beach is all well and good until a storm washes it into the ocean and it becomes a environmental and safety hazard. Her asking price for the property could turn into a huge cost for her to have it removed..

Bob Godfrey
1 year ago
Reply to  Joe

She could do as we do when a storm is forecast and that is to simply drive away for awhile.

Mark B
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Godfrey

Yes, she could, and she probably would. But having owned property on the ocean in Cocoa Beach, the die-hards from North Carolina to Miami, Texas to Louisiana show time and time again how people ignore mandatory evacuation orders, sometimes needing expensive and risky extraction. Sure, the reality may defy the best forecast model, but people in harms way (except Alabama during hurricane Dorian) should heed fact based warnings.

1 year ago

Boy, that is one un-level motor home

1 year ago

Good for her.

1 year ago

Hmmm……. I defend her right to use her property – however, it brings to mind how does she get it in there and out of there without crossing private or public property? Can’t go left and can’t go right! Just sayin’…… Happy trails!

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  DW/ND

Hi, DW/ND. I would guess, since it says she has a half-acre, that it’s long and narrow, probably between the road and down to and including a certain distance out onto the beach. —Diane at

Danny Wells
1 year ago

Good for Christina, she should go up on the price by $100,000 every year it doesn’t sell and if she passes deed it to me.

1 year ago

I do believe that $500k is dirt cheap for a 1/2 acre of oceanfront property. I’m tempted to give her that much myself if I had it!

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago
Reply to  Russ De Maris

Yeah, but you can park your RV there. Sounds good to ME! Ha.

Kevin Loving
1 year ago

The “SHOCKING” Part of this story is..

.. there are people in this world who own property that THINK it is their right to tell YOU what you can do on YOUR PROPERTY! As long as this lady is paying taxes and not breaking any law on her property it SHOULD be her decision on what she parks there!

1 year ago

Supporting you 100% Sunny, Stand strong and this was a wonderful story reported here. Enjoy your snorkel time and treasure from your little piece of heaven. LOVE The Sandflea no eyesore here!!

1 year ago

I hope she holds out for a million! This RV isn’t an eyesore and I guarantee most people in the Condo own an RV. They aren’t better than her.

I love the RV on the beach.

1 year ago
Reply to  Olita

If the Condo community is so offended, why don’t they, as a consortium, buy it?

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