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Full-Time RVer Newsletter #17, November 24, 2021

Volume 2. Issue 17
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Quote of the day

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” —Willie Nelson

A downside to full-time RVing

By Brenda Bott
Whether you have been full-timing for a while like my husband, David, and me, or are new to full-timing, or are still in the research phase, the following video may be relevant. While most people think about the travel and the adventure and visiting places on your bucket list, there is another side to full-timing that is most often not talked about and ignored. By that I mean the disconnection you may feel from your family, friends, and community. A disconnection that can sometimes lead to depression.

David and I did not consider this when we were looking to travel full time. We both grew up in one area of the country. Most of our family is in this one area. Our friends we grew up with are all in this one area. When we left this area to travel full time, to get “Outside Our Bubble,” we were good for a while. Seeing new things and experiencing new things. New cultures, new foods, meeting new people.

Continue reading and watch David’s thoughtful video.

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Some of these articles are from past issues of and have been updated for this newsletter. 

Is it safe to bring a propane tank inside an RV?

By Dave Helgeson
Is it safe to bring a propane tank inside of an RV? The answer is a resounding NO! “Never use, store, or transport propane cylinders or liquid fuels in the passenger space or living area of your RV.” So says RVer James Callow. The issue of whether it is safe, or not, to bring and use a propane tank inside your RV seems to have become as controversial as “Is it safe to travel with my propane turned on” lately. Continue reading this important safety message.

Readers say THIS is the worst kind of road to drive. We offer tips

By Nanci Dixon
Awhile ago we asked our readers “What kind of roads do you dread driving down the most?” Of those who voted in our poll, the highest percentage answered that they dread driving down icy/snowy roads the most. But what were the others they named? Read this very thorough article with comments from our readers and important tips to safely drive on all types of roads and in different conditions.

RV jacks won’t retract? Try this

By Kate Doherty
It’s time to pick up and move to a new adventure! The weather is perfect, it’s mid-week, there’s little traffic. Time to bring the slides in and raise the leveling jacks. The panel lights kept blinking and not switching to “travel mode.” I went outside. “Hey, the @#$& jacks aren’t coming up! They started, but stopped short.” Continue reading for a solution, in case this happens to you.

Reader poll

If you had to rate your life as a full-time RVer, how would you rate it?

Answer here and see how others responded.

Quick tip

Your personal RV wine cellar

Protect your favorite bottles of wine by storing them in your underwear and sock drawers. Nestle each bottle in and around your underwear and socks so that it is protected by the soft clothing. If needed, use additional clothing items to provide protection around the bottles. Thanks to Ron Jones,

An important guide to getting medical help while on the road

One thing many RVers don’t plan for is getting sick while traveling. So, what happens if you or a travel buddy need medical care while on the road? How can you find a good doctor or get the quality medical help you need? Find out here.

Are remanufactured RV parts any good? Do they carry a warranty?

By Kate Doherty
Remanufactured parts, or more commonly called “remanned parts,” are products made by a manufacturer that have been returned for various reasons (e.g., defective or failed, cosmetic blemishes, or plain old returned for unknown reasons). If this product is returned directly to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), then this may be the first time this part/product/equipment will be thoroughly inspected, dissected, and tested to find the failure. Continue reading about what you might have to go through if a remanned part fails.

Triple towing: Is it legal? Is it safe? Should you do it?

By Gail Marsh
The good news? We planned to travel to a warmer climate for the winter! The bad news? The transporter who had agreed to take our motorcycle to Florida backed out at the last minute. We really didn’t have the time to investigate another carrier, but we did consider triple towing. If you aren’t familiar with the term triple towing, you’re not alone. Everything you wanted to know about triple towing and then some … here.

What advice would give an aspiring full-time RVer?

From the editors: We asked our readers this question. Here is one response: 

“If you are a couple, make sure you really like them as well as love them. They will be your best friend. Be flexible. Your first full-time RV will not be your last.” —Jack Cotton

Featured recipe

Easy Macaroni and Cheese Bites Appetizer
By Sylvia Bourque from Moncton, NB

These mac and cheese bites are cheesy, crispy, and delicious. The mix of Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses makes these bites nice and cheesy. We recommend adding the Dijon mustard – it gives a slight tang to the bites. Smoky bacon is the perfect topping. By coating the tins with bread crumbs, they really do come out easy but it also adds a slight crunch to the mac and cheese. These will make a fun party appetizer, but would also be yummy at a luncheon or for game night.

Okay, we’ve GOT to make these! YUM! Get the recipe.

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