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Great RV Accessories Newsletter Issue 65

Posted February 4, 2018

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Product Spotlight

Imagine a plastic wrapped disk, about as big around as a Kennedy half dollar and a half-inch thick. Inside the little plastic disc is a compressed viscose towel, said to fully expand to 12 x 24 inches.

You’ve left the RV behind, and you’re hiking through the vast expanse of the Sonora Desert. Suddenly, a freak windstorm blows up carrying tons of dust, ready to choke off your breathing. Quick! Reach into your shirt pocket, pull out a Lightload towel, unwrap it, and clamp it around your face. Instant dusk mask!

Of course the Lightload website produces other fine suggestions — these highly absorbent wickable towels (they absorb up to 10 times their weight) also make a fine emergency diaper for kids or, perish the thought, incontinent adults. Keep a couple in your first aid kit for use in stanching bleeding. Stuck in a survival situation and don’t have dry kindling? A Lightload will light up, and help you start that survival fire.

The half-ounce 12 x 24 Lightloads come in a handy three pack. For you who need these for the emergency diaper, be sure to cut fluid intake to the baby! In practice we found that the packaging material, a tightly wrapped plastic outer cover, can be a real bear to open. We were afraid to hit it with a jack knife, lest we cut the towel inside, but with perseverance we were able to horse the little disk out of the plastic and into use.

It may be that if you carefully s-t-r-e-t-c-h the fabric of your towel it will work out to the promised 12 x 24 inches; ours measured out at 12 x 21 after a thorough soaking. Still, they are indeed lightweight and compact, and may be just the thing for RV hiking enthusiasts who get out and away from the rig. You can find them at a host of outdoor recreation dealers, or you can purchase Lightload towels (in a variety of sizes, including beach-towel size) from They’re rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with more than 900 customer reviews.

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sponge91FkFZCzPZL__SL1500_Easily clean those stubborn bugs off your RV
The Microfiber Mesh Bug and Tar Sponge has millions of tiny fibers embedded in the microfiber cloth that grabs and holds the dust and dirt. It is so effective it even cleans without chemicals, saving both time and money. The secret of this sponge lies in its unique, double-layer microfiber mesh. Older nylon bug sponges can harm your clear coat, but this one is completely paint safe. Learn more or order.

Inflate from bicycle tires to RV tires with DBPOWER tire inflator
Proper tire inflation is an important regular maintenance requirement to prevent premature tire failure and optimum miles per gallon, as well as for driving safety. Having an onboard tire pressure gauge and tire inflator from DBPOWER ensures that you will be able to maintain correct pressures wherever you are. Read more.

Protect your outdoor fabrics with Iosso Water Repellent
Modern outdoor fabrics may be tough as nails, but they still need to be protected from dirt, grime, oil, mildew, bird droppings and other environmental contaminants. Iosso Water Repellent forms an invisible shield that safeguards WeatherMAX, Sunbrella and other solution-dyed acrylics, and keeps them looking their best. It’s equally effective on leather, vinyl, canvas, and laminated and coated materials. Learn more.

Tote all your stuff with a Titan Shower Caddy organizer
The eight-pocket Titan Shower Caddy is perfect to organize and carry all of the items you need at the campground shower. The tote bag is reinforced to carry heavy items, and its mesh design dries quickly. Or it can be used to carry plugs and cords, kitchen items, etc.  Learn more.

Museum putty keeps objects in your RV in place
Do you have some items in your RV you don’t want to move around when driving down the highway? Then maybe you need Quakehold, otherwise known as museum putty. When placed on the bottom of an object it will keep the object in place (temporarily “glued” to the surface it sits on) until forcefully removed. Learn more.

gauge4Endorsed by Roger Marble of!
An excellent tire pressure gauge
tire-guage660The Accutire MS-4021B digital tire pressure gauge has an easy-to-read LCD display that provides pressure readings from 5-150 PSI. It’s ergonomically designed with an angled head and a rubber-coated easy-grip handle. If you forget to turn it off, it will do so automatically. The included lithium battery never needs to be recharged or replaced. All for about $17! Learn more or order.

CONTOURE introduces ventless washer/dryer combo
National Quality Products, LLC, makers of CONTOURE space-saving appliances, has announced its new deluxe ventless washer/dryer combo, available now to the RV aftermarket. The combo features advanced laundry technologies with reduced power, energy and water consumption. It comes standard with five temperature selections, multiple wash programs, automatic temperature control, steam technology with automatic wrinkle guard and low-decibel quiet operation. Learn more.

Shops can easily find water leaks with new Sealtech leak tester
The most frustrating maintenance problem in the RV industry has been locating hard-to-find water leaks. Repeated repair attempts, customer frustration and incredible structural repair costs have been the norm. The Sealtech 43O-R leak tester pinpoints the actual outer surface leak, which is often remote from any visible interior moisture, water damage or odors. A new RV leak testing unit, the Sealtech 430-AL Lite Weight, will be available to RV repair facilities this spring. It requires only one technician, is non-intrusive and is easy to use. Read more.

Stop trailer thieves with heavy-duty wheel lock boot
You never want to see your trailer being towed down the street by a thief. One way to prevent this disaster is to immobilize it with a wheel locking device. This heavy-duty, but lightweight, anti-theft device will keep your camping trailer, boat trailer and more where they belong. It is soft-coated to protect your wheels from scratching, and the bright yellow and orange finish makes it highly visible to deter thieves from targeting your vehicles. Learn more.

Eliminate holding tank odors!
Eliminate disgusting tank odors for less than $1 per treatment with formaldehyde-free Unique RV Digest-It. Unique’s highly concentrated, non-toxic blend of tank cleaning microbes maintains clean sensors, eliminates odors, and liquefies the solids in your tank, ensuring no backups. All without harsh chemicals or dangerous ingredients. Try it once and you’ll be shocked at how clean your tank can be! Learn more or order 

Gizmos and Gadgets at
For years, in each of our weekly issues of the newsletter we’ve reviewed or told you about hundreds of useful, interesting or unusual gizmos and gadgets for your RV, or to enhance your RV travels. Click here to browse through all those products.

Power tools galore!
If it’s not at it’s probably not easily available anywhere! Check out this huge selection of power tools — drills, saws, air compressors, impact wrenches, car vacuums, sanders, polishers, tool boxes — the list goes on! See what’s available and maybe pick up a great deal!

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Multipurpose Microfiber Duster
No more car wipes to dry up — this duster replaces all interior car products. The 10-inch dusting head is big enough to get your dash dust-free quickly, but small enough to leave in your glove box. The back of the duster doubles as a scrubbing sponge. Great for interior or exterior use on cars, RVs, motorcycles or in the home! Learn more or order.

RV accessories featured recently in the RV Travel Newsletter

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Portable propane campfire: A safe campfire solution.
King introduces clear dome satellite TV antenna.
•  Tekonsha braking system provides stopping power

Keep critters out of your RV!
The best rodent and insect control is keep them out of your RV to begin with! A mouse that gets in through an opening the size of a dime can chew on wiring and cause major damage! Great Stuff foam sealant forms a long-lasting, airtight and water-resistant barrier to keep out what you don’t want in! Learn more or order.

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Wil Young
5 years ago

“Imagine a plastic wrapped disk, about as big around as a Kennedy dollar (you do remember those, don’t you?)”
Well, no, not really. There has been, in the last few years, an Eisenhower dollar, a Susan B, Anthony dollar, a Sagawagea dollar, and a few other commemorative dollars, but not Kennedy. The Kennedy coin was a half-dollar.

Joe Allen
5 years ago

So, what amount of clothes can be washed/dried each time with the Contoure? We had a Splendi combo and that was a joke when you could only wash 1 pair of jeans and maybe three tee’s, socks and underwear.

A. W. Walker
5 years ago
Reply to  Joe Allen

If you proceed along the provided navigation to their website, you’ll see that capacity is 15.5 lbs.

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