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Great RV Accessories Newsletter #21

RVers, in this issue we’ve got the POWER! Portable power that is. 

Portable power stations, whether purchased or DIY, are changing the way people RV.  You can charge them via AC current, portable solar panels (without installing solar on your RV), or via your vehicle’s 12-volt plug. Use them to power appliances and charge devices. Learn more about them and our favorite brands below along with other great RV gear we are liking. Read on and enjoy!

solar generator solar panels

Portable power stations aka solar generators

Depending on your RV and how you like to use it, portable power stations can have some distinct advantages over installing solar on your RV’s rooftop. Learn about them here.

One more note… the term “solar generator” may not be technically correct. Although these devices capture energy from the sun, they don’t technically generate power. However, a lot of people refer to and search for portable power stations with the term “solar generator.” So, for the purposes of this newsletter, we will use both terms, solar generator and portable power station, interchangeably.

Portable power station reviews

Jackery Explorer 1500 portable power station/solar generator review

jackery 1500Jackery has long been an industry leader in portable power stations. Check out my review of one of their larger models. Read it here.

My favorite favorite: Ugreen PowerRoam 1200

UGreen 1200 portable power station and solar panels

Out of all the brands I have tried, the Ugreen 1200 has some nice features that edge out its competition. See what I’m talking about and why it’s my favorite here.

The small but mighty Grecell T-1000 review

Grecell t-1000 portable power stationFor as small and lightweight as it is, the Grecell T-1000 portable power station still delivers a whole lot of power. Check it out and see how it compares to the others.

DIY portable power station

DIY portable power stationPrefer to make your own? With minimal tools and skills, making your own portable solar charging station is not difficult and will save you a ton of money. Here’s how to do it.

Other stuff we’re liking

The BEST LP safety device


Join Dustin Simpson for a discussion of RV LP safety and the device he most recommends to keep you and your family safe. Read about it here.

It’s time to rethink Instant Pot multi-cookers

RVing with an Instant Pot

We found the latest incarnation of Instant Pot doesn’t just slow cook and pressure cook—they’ve added an air fryer function! OK, it may not sing and dance, but “frying” without added oil—we struck it rich! Check out Russ and Tiña De Maris’ report on the new Instant Pot for RV cooking (you’re going to want one!).

Aluminum sewer hose support

a sewer hose support for RVAmazing! No more problems with uneven grounds while dumping tanks. Nanci Dixon writes, “I just pulled out the aluminum accordion-style support to get to the correct level, pushing down to lower in some spots, leaving it higher in others. Laid the hose on top and woohoo—success! Straight, even, and no sagging.” Check out why this gadget is essential.

The Book Nook

Arizona and New Mexico: 24 Scenic Side Trips

Arizona and New Mexico: 25 scenic side tripsAdd fun, history, and jaw-dropping natural wonders to your Southwestern road trip with Rick Quinn’s Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips, each one beginning and ending at an Interstate highway and drivable within a day. Order this great guide from Amazon (also available in Kindle version).

RV Gear and Gadget Quick Takes

  • Camco Pop-A-Bag
    Disposable grocery bags make great RV trash bags as you can dispose of them almost anywhere there is a public trash can (park, gas station, etc.). Here’s a convenient way to store them. Check it out at Amazon.waterproof meat thermometer
  • Alpha Grillers waterproof meat thermometer
    Always grill to the perfect temperature, no matter what the weather! This thermometer comes with a lifetime warranty. More details on the waterproof meat thermometer here.

mesh refrigerator storage bags

  • Increase RV refrigerator storage capacity with hanging mesh bags
    These ingenious hanging mesh bags increase refrigerator storage, which is always in short supply in RVs. Check them out here.

Don’t take a break on your brakes!
Every RVer needs one of these!
Wonder what it would be like to have your brakes go out while you’re going down a long, steep grade? You might find out if your brake fluid is moisture-contaminated. Water in brake fluid boils and can wipe out your braking ability! Buy yourself a brake-fluid tester for about $11 that warns you if there’s too much water in your fluid. Simply dip the tester into your rig’s brake fluid and you’ll be able to see where you stand. Learn more or order.

Gadget Funny

Living in a van down by the river is not what they told you!

Funny RV welcome signActually we think living in a van down by the river is darn nice, and this welcome sign shows it! Here’s the sign from Etsy.

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    • Certainly not in Tennessee, Rolling Coal. We have them at all (?) stores and use the ones we receive as doggy poop bags, in addition to carrying stuff, or organizing stuff.


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