Thursday, December 2, 2021


What has been your best guest service experience at a campground or RV park?

Let’s face it. There have been quite a few things not to like about RVing and camping in the past few months.

Crowded campgrounds. Millions of inexperienced campers in brand-new RVs. No available reservations. Rising fuel costs. The list seems long and getting longer. It’s easy to forget what drew us all to the RVing lifestyle in the first place.

So, we’d like to turn the tables a bit and ask readers to share their best campground or RV park guest service experience. Tell us what a particular park did right.

Please fill out the form below with your name and email (we’ll only use your email to contact you if we have a question about your submission), the name of the campground or RV park, and why the experience was so stellar. We’ll share some of the responses in next weekend’s newsletter.

Thanks for sharing.

Please tell us the name of the campground or RV park, and about your experience with their great customer service.




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