Thursday, December 1, 2022


RV holding tank plugged. Sloppy production work to blame


By Steve Korsvall
The RV Proctologist, Quartzsite, Arizona
In jetting out a holding tank for a client, a two-inch cutout of the top of the tank came out. When RV manufacturers build RVs they usually bore out two holes into holding tanks.

They are then required to reach down and take them out. But sometimes they just leave them in the tank and later the RV owner doesn’t understand why his tank keeps clogging up. It’s because the guy on the line didn’t care or didn’t follow through.

There’s one cutout for the toilet to flow into the tank, and one for the vent. On a black tank they will cut out a 3 1/4-inch hole below the toilet and a 2-inch hole for the vent.

So it might not be your fault if you’re really having problems with clogs and have been very thorough about cleaning your tanks. These disc-shaped cutouts are floating around. My son had to take the plumbing apart in this case and reach into the black tank and fold the cutout in half to pull it out. We have done this work professionally for 15 years. You wouldn’t believe all the stuff we’ve taken out of holding tanks.


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11 months ago

This reminds me of my former neighbors newly constructed home. (Circa: 60’s). The commode in the master bedroom was plugged when they did the walk thru inspection. Long story short – removed the commode – a piece of 2″x4″ was lodged in the pipe. Comment made: Plumbers aren’t carpenters and don’t touch wood! The plumber who removed the commode did!

11 months ago

How many dumb a…. does it take to build a quality RV? Apparently more and more these days!

11 months ago

I wouldn’t call that person lazy more like a dumb-a** that couldn’t care about anything.

jane shure
11 months ago
Reply to  Crowman

I would nominate him to be casterated with a dull rusty knife, we do not need people like this to reproduce.

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