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Johnny Robot Advice: RVer has ants in her pants

By Johnny Robot
EDITOR’S NOTE: Each of these answers was written in less than 30 seconds using artificial intelligence (AI), which many websites (including many RV sites) use today to generate articles (but not The author, Johnny Robot, is NOT a real person (we just made him up) and his advice is questionable. So never do what Johnny recommends unless you first talk to a real-life expert. We publish this column to remind you not to believe everything you read on the internet, including some RV websites operated by shysters who post articles written by artificial intelligence but pass them off as written by knowledgeable humans, which is not true!

The following replies to questions from Johnny are word-for-word how “he” answered them.

Dear Johnny,
I am a single woman looking for a man to travel with me in my motorhome. Can you offer some tips about how I might attract a good fellow? —Janice Goodcheese, Minden, Nevada

Dear Janice,
Here are some tips on how to attract a man to join you on your journey:

1. Make sure your motorhome is clean and inviting. A messy RV will turn most men off.
2. Be friendly and approachable. Smile and strike up conversations with the men you meet along the way.
3. Use your brain. Many men are attracted to women who are intelligent and can hold their own in a conversation. Show off your smarts and he’ll be hooked.
4. Be confident. Men are attracted to women who are confident in themselves. Believe in yourself and he’ll be drawn to you.
5. Offer something of value. If you have something that the man wants or needs, he’ll be more likely to travel with you. Whether it’s a skill you have or an object you own, use it to your advantage.

Following these tips should help you attract a man to travel with you in your RV. Remember, be patient and don’t give up hope. The right man is out there somewhere.

Dear Johnny,
I have ants in my pants. They are everywhere in my RV. What can I do? Help me, Johnny! —Phyllis Wagglebottom, Roscoe, Missouri

Dear Ms. Wagglebottom,
If you have ants in your pants, the first thing you need to do is identify where they’re coming from. Are they coming from outside? If so, they may be attracted to something sweet or sticky that’s on your RV. Try cleaning up any spills and sealing up any food that’s left out.

If the ants are coming from inside your RV, they may be attracted to something that’s already in there. Inspect your cupboards and shelves for any food that’s been left out or spilled. Clean up any crumbs or spills and seal up any food that’s left out.

Once you’ve cleaned up the area, you can try using poison to kill the ants. Be careful with poison, though, as it can be harmful to humans and pets if used incorrectly. If you’re not comfortable using poison, there are other methods of killing ants that are less harmful. You can try traps baited with food or water. You can also try using a mixture of soap and water to kill them.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to keep up with it until the ants are gone. They can be persistent, so it may take a while to get rid of them completely. But with patience and perseverance, you can get rid of those pesky ants for good!

. . . And a reminder. . . every single word of these two responses were written by artificial intelligence. No human was involved except for writing the questions. Think about that as you surf around the internet.

* * *

Remember, Johnny is not a real person, and his advice is not always accurate. So NEVER believe him without checking with an expert on the matter. But remember, “Johnny” and others like him write for other RVing websites out there, but without letting readers know they’re an algorithm, not a human.

Do you have a question for Johnny? If so, please leave it in the comments.



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1 month ago

 “Be friendly and approachable. Smile and strike up conversations with the men you meet along the way. Offer something of value.”
Perhaps this behavior might be misinterpreted as an attempt to meet men for a slightly different reason?

Last edited 1 month ago by Eric
RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Eric

😆 Good ol’ Johnny Robot. That’s why this is part of the caveat that is included with each of these posts: “The author, Johnny Robot, is NOT a real person (we just made him up) and his advice is questionable.” (Although that advice would probably work, come to think of it. 😯 ) Thanks, Eric. Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

1 month ago
Reply to  RV Staff

he might have a good night if she follows Johnny’s advice…this response was full of good information that could be twisted around to be naughty

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Scott

That’s for sure! We’ll have to start calling him “Naughty Johnny.” 😆 Have a great day, Scott. 😀 –Diane

1 month ago

An artifical intelligence robot that is sexist.

1 month ago

Thinking I should be heading to Minden, NV to meet with Ms. Good cheese! Johnny can play matchmaker!