Wednesday, September 27, 2023


I’m in love with my new Lectric eBike. It is practically made for RVers!

First, I need to tell you that I haven’t ridden a bike in more than 40 years. Yes, doing the math will prove that I am OLD. While waiting for the Lectric XP Step-Thru 2.0 eBike to test and review, I was filled with both excitement and quite a bit of trepidation.

The Lectric eBike story

Lectric eBikes was started by two enterprising young men, Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel of Lakeville, Minnesota, along with Levi’s dad, Brent Conlow. Brent wanted an e-bike but did not want to pay the high prices from other e-bike companies. They needed to cut costs but wanted to keep the features that high-end bikes had.

Their first eBike was not met with wide acceptance or acclaim so they reached out to their customers for feedback. Their customers wanted a folding bike. They listened and created the successful XP edition. Lectric continued to listen and the Lectric XP Step-Thru 2.0 followed. This is a bike that their original audience of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers feel comfortable on and excited to ride. It allows mounting the bike with a step-thru lateral movement, providing easier access for riders that are short or have limited mobility. And they wanted it to be portable and foldable to go anywhere.

Lectric soon left the garage and moved to their headquarters in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. There, they have a showroom, technicians, customer service, marketing and company executives. The folks at Lectric eBikes pride themselves on customer service and listening to their community of Lectric eBike riders. In the last two years, they have sold more than 100,000 bikes. Quite a record for a startup and two 24-year-old entrepreneurs!

Order process

I was very impressed with the ordering process. They sent me my order information along with a video about their shipping process. A link was sent to track the FedEx shipment. (Which I will have to admit I checked 2-3 times a day to see the status!)

Best of all, they sent “First Ride” videos explaining how to unpack the bike, set it up, read the safety measures, and instructions on how to read the LCD display screen. The excitement built while watching the informative videos. I really liked the links to actual users, particularly ones that have had the bikes a full year.

A “wow” price

This is an amazing bike with a price under $1,000! The bike I was sent was their Black Friday deal advertised at $949. It includes a comfort seat, suspension seat post, headlight and bike lock. This very reasonably priced bike has all the features of much higher-priced eBikes. I was even more impressed the more I learned about it.

Product specifications

  • XP-Entry™ frame allows bikers to step through with lateral motion – enabling those with mobility issues to easily mount
  • An 850W peak planetary geared motor
  • Variable pedal assist and throttle delivers the speed as either a Class 1, 2, or 3 ebike, topping out at 28 mph (where permitted by state law)
  • Foldable to 37 x 18 x 28 inches, perfect for RVers
  • Five levels of pedal-assist
  • Power-on-demand throttle with on/off switch enables access to any trail, including controlled access to national parks
  • 7-gear drivetrain
  • Puncture-resistant fat tires with adjustable front fork suspension
  • 160 mm mechanical disc brakes for wet or dry conditions
  • Internal lithium-ion battery for up to 45 miles with a 4- to 6-hour charge depending on amount of pedaling, weight and road conditions
  • External charging port
  • Interchangeable spare batteries easily installed
  • LCD display
  • IP-65-rated electrical components, covered under a one-year warranty
  • Wide handlebars for a comfortable riding position
  • Headlamp and taillight combination, powered by the internal battery


The eBike arrived right on time! The box was heavy and took both my husband and me to lift it into his truck. It does weigh in at 61.6 pounds, although the battery is removable and can reduce weight. Unpacking was a breeze and it was amazingly well-wrapped. Seldom do I see anything packed with such care. It was kind of like unwrapping an onion, layer after layer!

In the box
Very well packed
Cutting the color-coded zip ties


We lifted the eBike out and began the very easy assembly. I was glad I watched the “First Ride” video and referenced it several more times. It basically consisted of inserting the handlebars and seat into the tubes, unfolding the bike and latching it. Easy peasy!

Folds compactly

Charging and filling the tires

The eBike came with a charge, but I fully charged it before the first ride. The lithium battery charge port is easy to access on the side. A red light means it’s charging and a green light means go!

First ride

I skimmed the instructions (skimming rather than reading was a bad choice). I put on a helmet, determined that the pedal-assist was at the lowest possible speed, and took off! The brakes worked great. When at a full stop with my feet firmly anchored on the ground, I accidentally twisted the throttle and down I went. My first fall and I skinned my knee. My sister said that I looked like a kid again. I felt like a kid again!

Key for power and battery removal
LCD readout
Power on/off and pedal assist
7 gear shift

Second ride

Before ride two I read the directions in detail. This time I was much better prepared. Helmet, knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads – just in case! I could have been playing roller derby!

Using the throttle was easy, now that I knew where it was and what to expect. I tried both the pedal assist and the throttle to get started. While I still wobbled like a beginner, particularly in deep gravel, I did manage to remain upright and go.

When in PAS (pedal assist) 0, there is no pedal assist. But in PAS 1 it goes up to 10 mph. It has an ascending sequence up to PAS 5, that will build to 20 mph. The Lectric XP 2.0 eBike can be calibrated up to 28 mph, when permitted by state law. PAS 1 was fine to start with, and after getting more comfortable I switched to PAS 2.

When the throttle or the PAS engages, it does increase the speed and pull the eBike quickly. Until I was used to the swift acceleration, I felt a bit out of control.

Ride three – I am loving it!

By ride three I began to relax. I really liked the ride and began to shed the knee, elbow and wrist pads. I especially liked passing my husband going up the hills!

It was easiest to use the throttle to take off and then pedal with the pedal assist. I found that PAS 1 was great to start, and I could increase to PAS 2 or 3 as I got more comfortable and/or the hills were steeper.

It was very nice to have the throttle option when I just wanted to rest a bit and let the eBike do the work.

I found that turning is a lot different than my ancient 10-speed, and I needed to make a wider turn. The fat tires are perfect over gravel and the rocks on some of the mountain bike trails near us, but they’re great on the pavement too. When going over rocks I am glad to have the front suspension fork.

Folding it up

This eBike is amazingly easy to fold up and transport, fitting easily in the back of my subcompact KIA. It is heavy, though, and while I could easily fold it up and get it to the car, I could not lift it in. My “Hunky Joe” husband (his words) lifted it right in. I think if I was trying to get it in the car by myself again I might try a short ramp. I can lift it into the much lower slideout basement storage bays.

Handlebar folds down
Release latch to fold
Transport in car

Things I like

  • It folds compactly. It’s perfect for the RVer!
  • Lots of power – up to 28 mph!
  • Fat tires go anywhere
  • Great charge range – anywhere from 25 to 45 miles depending on weight load, terrain and amount of pedaling
  • Amazing price point – Under $1,000!
  • Has both pedal assist and throttle
  • Disc brakes
  • Shimano 7-gear drivetrain

Things I didn’t like

After riding it the eBike the past two weeks, there were only a couple of things that I wish could be changed.

  • Key location. The key to power it on is under the battery compartment. At first I literally had to lay on the ground to insert it. I did get concerned about the key falling out while riding, which it didn’t.
  • Weight. It is heavy at 61.6 lbs.
  • One size fits all. The bike is really one size fits all and, for the most part, it fits. I have long arms and even for me, the handlebars are a bit of a stretch. I wish they could be angled or adjusted closer.
  • Gear shift. The manual gear shifting sounds a bit clunky and although not a game-changer, it is noticeable. (Or it could be rider error.)

Final thoughts

From someone who had absolutely no intention to ever ride a bike, no matter how much my husband wanted me to, I am hooked! I totally love it and look forward to a morning ride in the cool desert. And, of course, passing up my husband on his old-school bike is also a plus!

For more information on the Lectric XP 2.0 eBike, visit their website here.



  1. We just received ours a couple of weeks ago and can’t wait till we go on our Florida vacation in March. Very happy with them so far, except the key location. We do not tow a vehicle and for most of our summer trips, we can now avoid the car rental.

  2. The thing is I have two dogs and would like to have them come with me. It looks like a basket can be added to the back end. But it looks like it might need to be removed. Still hestitant on an E bike. Might think about a back end to put it on for the RV. Thanks for the report. Will look into it.

  3. These electric bikes are great for most people, but they do tend to be heavy 50-75 lbs). If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight e-bike, you might look at JackRabbit, a pure e-bike with no pedals or chain & it only weighs 24 lbs.. I carry mine right behind the front seats in our F350 truck. JackRabbit – Black – JackRabbit eBike
    Twist the quick lock handlebars 90 deg, & fold up the foot pegs, & you have 7″ wide bike that will store pretty much anywhere, like an rv basement, a small apartment, behind the front seats of a car or truck, or in a small airplane. I use mine to bop around campgrounds & as emergency transportation if I get stranded somewhere outside of civilization & need to go for help. I can lift it in & out of my truck with one hand.

  4. For any of us who have balance issues, a folding recumbent trike, possibly with electric assist, may be a better alternative.

  5. We have bought two Doheny EZ fold bikes 750-w E they were shipped in 5 days and easy to put together. We rode them about 15 miles before weather changed, great going up hills in the northeast. They fold up in bags and will be in our motorhome for our trip to Fla this February.

  6. My husband and I bought a couple of RAD electric bikes. He got the RadRover and I got the RadRunner+. We took them on our last RV trip and had a blast riding them. The step-thru models are great. They are really heavy and it does take both of us to get them on and off the bike rack. On every ride I’ve taken so far, my butt wore out (got sore) before the battery did so I have yet to determine how many miles I can get on a full battery charge. Love these bikes!

  7. BIG THANK YOU NANCI!! Just ordered two Black Friday deals!

    Did my due diligence real fast on RAD & Wing. There were some options / prices that were close, but nothing checked the boxes like Lectric.

    Thanks again. I also just like the Lectric story.

    Happy Holidays! Just made my wife very happy & solved my dilemma of Christmas & Birthday as well!

  8. Key location is a bummer but I am able to feel the way it goes in with one hand then get it in with the other.

    Seat is too directly over the pedals unlike a regular bike. I loosened the bolt and moved it all the way back (about another inch). Some in the Facebook owners forum buy a post that is bent at the end to place the seat further back.

    For the handlebars some have turned them around. In the FB owners group there are videos of how they changed them, also there is a youtube video.

    When shifting manually gears 3-5 don’t line up right but if I use the button to change them they do.

    I have 34 miles on mine now. I bought it when I planned to go to AZ this winter but that didn’t work out so now have to time my riding between rain, cold and/or wind.

    Had to laugh when you described the gear for your second ride! I start out with pedaling then turn to PAS1. I can’t deal with the motor taking off in the beginning.

  9. I want to order one but since we fulltime I’m wondering about the amount of time from order placement until delivery. We typically stay one week at a campground. How long did yours take to get to you?

  10. I have exactly the same bike, except that we got ours 2 years ago, before they had the step-through edition. I find it really difficult to get on and really wish I had that step-through type.

  11. Our friend bought one and on her facebook forum everyone that had one was posting pictures of theirs. Now they post pictures of all their crashes and wounds.

    • ATGAT! All The Gear-All The Time. Which should include gloves, over the ankle footwear, helmet, pants with knee protection, jacket with elbow and shoulder protection. Excessive?
      Reread the above from Crowman. No, e-bikes are not motorcycles, but the injuries will be the same if you crash. I would suggest taking a beginners motorcycle riding class to improve your chances of survival. The faster you go, the more it can hurt…

  12. First I bought one for me. Then my husband kept “borrowing” it so I surprised him with his own. The Step Through is a game changer for him as he has bad knees. The good thing is his knees are getting better as he is exercising them but can rest by using the throttle. Then we ordered a 3rd bike for a disabled friend who only has one hand. It has opened up the world for us. My husband is 70. I am 69. Our friend is 79.

  13. IMO, most electric bikes are far too heavy. They also are almost all fitted with fat tires. why do i need fat tires if i’m not riding in snow or deep loose sand? Please look at the Wing brand. No, I’m not a salesman, but have written about bikes. It’s lighter. It has the same range. And it looks like a normal bike.

  14. We purchased our Lectric’s back in April when they were having supply issues due to Covid, we waited quite a while to receive them, but they were so worth the wait! They are the perfect RV accessory, fitting perfectly in our 5th wheel. We also suggest the Sena bluetooth bike helmets, they are the perfect companion for our bikes.

  15. We bought the Lectric XP 2.0 bikes recently, too. I bought mine first, a few weeks before they came out with the great value bundled version that I bought for my wife. I love mine and have close to 150 miles on it already. My wife is struggling a bit from lack of confidence. There are lots of great YouTube videos on the Lectric bikes you may find helpful.


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