Mac and cheese and guilt


I wonder if some nights around dinner time if Bill Gates chooses to cook a package of macaroni and cheese. Does he, with all his billions, every so often yearn for something so simple? Even though he comes from an affluent family, I bet back in his college days at Harvard there were a few nights where mac and cheese were the evening’s entree. I wonder if Queen Elizabeth ever dined on Mac and Cheese? I’m thinking that she did. I’m sure that Elvis ate a lot of Mac and Cheese.

The trouble with this particular meal is that it’s addictive. You never outgrow your taste for it.

Tonight, I ate macaroni and cheese. I’m talking about Mac and Cheese from a box. While I am not nearly as rich as Bill Gates, I can easily afford to spend more than a dollar for dinner, which is about what I paid. Around 6:30 p.m., out of the blue, I got the urge for macaroni and cheese. Once I got the urge I could not help myself.

Now that I ate it, I feel guilty. My stomach feels fat, which makes me feel ugly. I ate the whole package. It’s shameful. I am being brave even confessing to you that I ate such a meal, and I am being especially brave telling you I cleaned my plate of every single piece of macaroni in the little cardboard box.

Why do I tell you this? I think it’s to ease my guilt by telling someone. And for right now, that’s you. Will you please forgive me?

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