My rude, noisy neighbor. Good riddance!


By Chuck Woodbury
At about 8:30 Thursday morning, my neighbor fired up his very loud diesel-powered Dodge Ram pickup. He was preparing to leave the campground. He was accompanying the owner of a fifth wheel trailer. Altogether, there were about eight people.

His pickup was parked close to my motorhome, maybe 12 feet away.

Some guys with diesel pickups think they need to warm their engines for an eternity. Not so, but don’t tell them that.

He idled his engine for 25 minutes! After 10 minutes Gail told me, “Tell him to stop.” And I would normally have done that. But I responded, “No, I want to see how long he will continue being rude.” Plus, there were eight of them and one of me. I figured it would be an opportunity for me to climb on my soapbox, as I have here, and complain about rude people. People get ruder every year, I swear.

Oh, did I mention that it was lovely sucking diesel fumes involuntarily into my lungs.

Finally, the owner of the noisy truck pulled out to follow the fifth wheeler (I think its owner idled his engine for about two minutes).

But “Mr. Rude” was also “Mr. Stupid.” Instead of backing out of his parking space he drove forward, slamming into the picnic table which buckled against a tree stump. The table was a goner.

I called the park office to report the damage. The park owner, came by 10 minutes later. He said the man had not stopped to report that he had destroyed the table. He said it would be nice to get reimbursed for the damage, but he didn’t think it was likely.

Humanity: Ninety percent respectful, 8 percent rude, 2 percent worthless.


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Howard Malpass

I have had the misfortune of dealing with these “dead beat” campers. They do not care about anyone or anything. Normally leave without paying or “repaying” for damages done!

Safe travels…………..



It could be much worse. If you were living in a bricks and mortar house and he was your neighbor you’d be stuck with him forever.

As full-time travelers, we find that such annoyances are short-lived. Either they leave or we leave with a day or so.

Montgomery Bonner

Chuck and all. If you are familiar with Newmar Motorhomes, since about 2015 or so, they have to be started to put air into the air bags because the company requires the coach to be at “ride height” for the slides to come in correctly. That also allows you to retract the hydraulic jacks. Since when you extend the jacks, the coach dumps all the air, it can take several (as long as 10) minutes to get the system back to it’s recommended height/level. Food for thought. Dog owners make me the maddest, why, no one needs 6 of the things barking all the time, and leash rules apply to all owners, even those who don’t think it does. Trust me I will talk to the office every time I see your dog off the leash period.

Bluebird Bob

In our travels, when we have rigs on either side of us and I know I will be leaving around 8am or so in the morning, I will tell the people on either side that my Detroit 6v92 will be making some noise in the am.
Normally, the evening before, I start the bus and air up so it doesn’t take me but a few minutes in the am to get on the road.
This is how we have been doing this fulltime now for 17 years.

Gregory R Ballantyne

I always warm up my vehicle in cold weather. But warming up my Tesla is quiet, and it never produces any stinking poisonous exhaust. Won’t all this be so much nicer when we stop burning all this stinking stuff just to move around?
And the moving around is a lot nicer in an EV – quiet, quick when you want to be, clean. When I leave my spot in my Cybertruck you won’t even wake up 12 feet away.


I have a diesel and I do warm it up, just like I would if it was a gasser. But NEVER more than five minutes. Ever. I hope that’s not considered rude.

John P Macatee

I hear this all to often, that cars and trucks need to warm up. Well, they don’t and anyone with a modicum of common sense would know this. I could see warming up my car if it’s below freezing as you need the windshield!!! But that’s 2 minutes. I live in the mountains and even with a foot of snow on my truck two minutes is enough. It’s called CONSIDERATION, and the concept of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” seems to be lost.


I have a serious problem with diesel fumes, I get within 10ft of a running diesel my sinuses completely plug up. You are right they seem to think they have stay running all the time.

Debbie Peterson Jenson

The worse we ever had was a young couple next to us in a forest service campground here in WA. They were tent camping and I swear every couple of minutes he would hit his car remote and the car would beep that it was locked. He kept up until they finally went to bed but even late at night he would hit it every time he woke up or perhaps roll over as we heard it at least 5 times during the night in our trailer. The first afternoon they also hiked around the lake leaving their tiny dog tied under the picnic table…dog crying the whole time. I then noticed its water had spilled so I did go give her water and un tangled her. In the morning the guy continued beeping his car but down to about 30 minutes between honks. They built a fire ~ started breaking camp and pulled away with the fire burning.~ BONEHEAD~ eastern WA, summer and high fire danger. We put out the fire and I left a note at the pay station to let the Ranger know when he came around that the camper in that site had left a fire. As part of your registration you are suppose to write down your license plate. I hope they got at least a warning letter…My hubby and I sure wondered what was in the car, drugs, money, a body~ ?


Chuck, I think your Humanity percentages are reversed. We’re presently at our brick and mortar house in Lake Havasu …. cold, but fun watching the hot air balloons today. Join the fun.


You said he was not only rude but also stupid. Seems to me the two always seem to go hand in hand.


People like your neighbor exist all over. We work camped in SD this past summer. We had a guy that started his diesel truck remotely two doors down. You know the type. He had a supercharged engine with an exhaust outlet the size of a small garbage can.

The truck ran for nearly two hours. It started around seven in the morning. It went on until I finally meandered into his camp site to confront him on behalf of a half dozen complaining campers. When I knocked on the door there was no answer. Puzzled, I knocked again I then heard muted shuffling around in the RV. The RV’r appeared in pajamas, I told him about the complaints and he was puzzled. He went to find his key fob and started laughing.

I was puzzled at that point. I mean why was this situation funny? He came back carrying a pair of pants. He said his dog evidently wanted to lay on his pants and had drug them off a chair and laid down on them. He further theorized that the dog had hit the remote start button when he laid down.


And what about those motor home drivers who leave their engines running for 15-20 min before pulling out at 6:30 A.M.? Out of curiosity, do motor homes actually need to run like that before pulling out?


The reason most of us RV is to get away from the big city. Please don’t bring your big city practices to the wild places, and that includes outdoor TVs, loud music, lighting a rig like a Christmas tree, barking dogs, loud conversations late into the night, unsupervised and loud children, unmuffled vehicles, and drunkenness.

A particular pet peeve is porch lights that are left blazing all night in locations that are specifically noted for their dark skies. Are you that insecure?

Mike Sherman

The park owner should charge the camper’s credit card for the damaged table if he has a card on file. When I fire up my diesel truck, I drive away within 15 seconds… will warm up faster if you get moving

Bob Godfrey

I recently had that exact same experience. It also seems that those folks always have a job which requires them to leave at 5 AM which is great fun to listen to at that hour. But my main pet peeve regarding noise are the motorcyclists who believe that we all would benefit from the sound of their un- muffled engines being revved up and down while they are commiserating with their buddies. I have nothing against motorcycles at all but the unnecessary un-muffled noise is simply not fun!

Captn John

I think your percentages are off. More like 15% rude and 20% worthless.


Stop complaining Chuck, , those people live in RV parks. Think I’ll keep my rent money and enjoy peace and quiet and beautiful sunrises and sunsets without neighbors.


Love your algorithm.

Rich T

In my own experience the same individual is also likely to often see himself as persecuted unfairly and put upon by rules and regulations.