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What we learned about you last week (January 4-10)

By Emily Woodbury

Hello from Boston (yes, again). I wrote to you from an airplane heading to Boston five weeks ago, and now I’m back again. I’m here for my grandmother’s 90th birthday with family from across the country (some of whom I’ve never met before), so it’s been a happy reunion and a terrific celebration. One of my cousins (I think we decided he’s my third cousin…however that works) owns a pop-up trailer. Last night over dinner we started talking about camping, and he was telling us about their summer trips with big grilled steaks, bonfires and lots and lots of fishing. My aunt, a newbie to the RV world, didn’t know what a pop-up was. She oohed and aahed over the photos of his little trailer, and she tried convincing her husband that perhaps they should get one too. It struck me that not everyone is as fortunate as we are to be a part of this community – this little niche world. I hope someday everyone gets to go “camping” in an RV.

Okay, enough about me and my trip. Let’s get to YOU!

Last Saturday’s poll asked you a pretty personal question. We wanted to know how easy it is for you to admit when you’re wrong. More than half of you, 56 percent to be exact, said it’s easy to admit when you’re wrong, in fact, you freely admit when you do. Another 37 percent of you said you’d admit you were wrong, but it’s not easy for you to do. A small 4 percent of you said that it’s very hard to admit, and an even lower 3 percent answered that you’re almost always right, so there’s no need to admit anything. Well OK then! There are some very wise comments on the page of that poll. Good job, everyone!

Last week I baked a dessert for the first time in my life. It was a piece of cake. Ha…ha… In Sunday’s newsletter we asked how often you eat dessert with your evening meal. I’m going to start at the bottom here and go in order: 30 percent of you never do, 39 percent of you do every once in a while, 10 percent of you eat a dessert at night after less than half of your meals, 11 percent eat dessert after more than half of your meals, and 11 percent of you eat dessert after all of your meals (lucky!). Did that make sense? Listen, people, I’m not a math (or numbers) person. Sometimes I write this stuff and my brain gets so scrambled I can’t figure out how to re-write it.

For the 73 percent of you who haven’t made any campground reservations past June 2020  yet, get on it! You already know those are going to fill up fast! That being said though, 27 percent of you already have (where are ya going?). That’s what we learned on Monday. Many of you commented that the only reason you do have reservations so far in advance is because you’re attending a rally or another event that may fill up.

Tuesday’s poll wanted to know if you’re a hugger. Odds say you probably are! A little more than a third of you, 35 percent, say you hug people very often, it’s natural to you; and another 37 percent answered that you’d hug people, but you’d rather shake their hand instead. Just under a quarter of you don’t hug anyone very often, and a small 5 percent of you say that hugging makes you uncomfortable. I bet you hug your pets though, am I right?

You don’t ever go bowling, huh? Why not, it should be right up your alley! We learned on Wednesday that 83 percent of you never go bowling and only 16 percent of you go every once in a while. A tiny 1 percent of you, which was only 44 votes, answered that you go bowling often. There’s a place just south of Seattle called Uncle Bucks Fishbowl and Grill, and it’s an underwater-themed bowling alley inside a Bass Pro Shop. When I say this bowling alley is unique, I mean it. Check it out here and look at some of the photos. It’s the kind of place that will make you want to go bowling.

On Thursday, we asked you to compare your RV’s quality to the Three Little Pigs houses – is it a straw house? A stick house? Or a brick house? Luckily, only 7 percent of you said it’s like the straw house, while exactly half of you said your RV is like the stick house. A fortunate 43 percent of you have an RV you’d compare to the brick house, that’s great!

I guess Friday’s poll may also answer my proposed question above (if you hug your pets). We asked if one or more of your pets sleep in bed with you at night. Most, about half of you, answered no, none of your pets do but 12 percent of you let your pets sneak in there with you sometimes. More than a quarter of you, 26 percent, allow one pet to sleep with you at night, and 13 percent sleep with more than one pet. Do you have enough room for yourself?

Ok, folks, I’m outta here. Enjoy your weekend, stay warm and safe in the weather ahead, and I’ll see you next week.


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Dick Kramer
2 years ago

In NYC in the 30s I delivered flowers and plants for our local florist.

2 years ago

Emily, describing that pop-up trailer and your adventure in Boston at your grandmothers 90th B/day (congrats to her – wahoo) sure brought back memories of when camping was so less complicated.

We lived in Calgary Alberta all my working life. Although I loved my job, I absolutely lived to get out west into the mountains near (but not in -no way) Banff, every weekend and get the CEO and kids into nature and fresh mountain air. There’s a nice little campground still in use right along the highway at the bubble in the Bow River forming a lake across from the cement plant at Exshaw.

Oh that was such fun, but even in those days most of those sites would fill up pretty quick on weekends. Reservations had not been invented – everything was on a first come first serve basis, so needless to say competition for the best spots was fierce.

Back at work Fridays I’d work extra hard to tidy up my tasks so I could get on the road before others to capture one of the coveted spots. Need I explain when we saw someone ahead on the highway we recognized who might be heading to take “OUR” campsite (lol) we gunned it like all get out to beat him to it. And we often did. That big Chrysler four door hardtop pulling the 28 ft air stream gave us the most trouble – but that’s another story altogether!

In those days I pulled a 16 ft 1965 TeePee trailer that I restored, with a short wheel base 1962 GMC truck, I’d hot-rodded with big V/8 power steering ,P brakes & automatic so power and ease of operation was not a problem.

Imagine 4 of us in that tiny cab, loving every minute of it, no seat belts (yikes how did we survive that alone???) and here we are today.

Sadly neither of our kids are active RV’ers , maybe to much smoke, hot dogs, hamburger helper, and forced hikes. I do not know they aren’t talking much about “the good old days”

We still live to hit the road interact with folks. We encourage and help others in any way we can.

Sure enjoyed your article. Thanks Alvin Shier

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