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That Was the RV Week That Was, April 20, 2019

Here are your RV news highlights for the week of April 13 to 19, 2019.

The website Atlas Obscura is observing its 10th anniversary. To celebrate, it’s sending someone on his or her “First Journey.” To enter, propose a once-in-a-lifetime trip, explaining what you hope to accomplish, and explaining why the experience is meaningful to you. The winner will receive $15,000 and logistical support, and be featured on Atlas Obscura. Entries close May 1. Learn more.

Acadia National Park has four campgrounds available for online reservation through The parks are very popular, and finding a campsite upon arrival is a rare occurrence during good weather. If you plan to camp in the park this summer, better make your reservation ASAP.

Six RVs caught fire at Bob Hurley RV in Tulsa, OK, on Wednesday night. Fire investigators report they were started by a flammable liquid or flammable material, and were believed to be intentionally set. They are working to learn more.

It’s now legally okay to smoke pot in Canadian Provincial Parks. It’s already common, but now, it’s also legal – with a few exceptions. Since Canada’s provinces can set their own consumption rules, many provincial authorities tweaked the blanket authorization. So check before you go to ensure you’re following the law.

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota is advising consumers to watch out for fraudulent online vehicle dealers and shippers – Duluth Motors Transport, Tralaway International and Auto Recovery Brokers. Their ruse starts with a car, RV or other vehicle listed for an improbably low price on a website like Craigslist. Often the ad is posted far from where the vehicle is allegedly located, meaning buyers can’t see the vehicle in person. The scammer emails an invoice to the consumer and includes payment instructions that generally involve bank routing information or wire transfer instructions. Once the money is wired, the scammer cuts off communication and leaves consumer empty-handed. Read more.

Got some money to burn? Then maybe you’d like to camp (or should we say “glamp”?) at Coachella, California’s Safari Campground. It’s probably too late this weekend, April 19-21, but if you had stayed you could have rented a Safari Tent for two people for $9,500. Bring along a friend for an additional $2,500. Oh, well, maybe next year. Why the big bucks? You’re right at the doorstep of the annual Coachella Weekend music festival, where you can watch big time performers. Your camping fee covers admission and VIP amenities.

A man broke into his girlfriend’s RV at the Shady Oaks RV Park in Edinburg, Texas, and stole her mother’s ashes. Nothing else was apparently taken. The man just took the ashes, not the urn. He denied he took the ashes, but police didn’t buy it. He was arrested and charged with burglary of a habitation and abuse of a corpse. The ashes have not been located.

The devastating Carr Fire, which burned 229,651 acres near Redding, California, was caused by a mechanical issue of a privately owned travel trailer. It destroyed at least 1,604 structures, of which at least 1,077 were homes, while damaging 277 others. It was one of the most destructive fires in California history, and caused $1.659 billion in damages.

Campers in Tilden, Wisc., are sorting through damage after flooding washed over the Duncan Creek Campground in Chippewa County Thursday afternoon. “A lot of people lost a lot of stuff today,” said a witness, who camps there. The DNR reported the top part of a nearby private dam broke, causing the flooding. Witnesses said one RV was even seen floating down the creek.

A hospitalized man says his RV and his dog were stolen from the parking lot of the Flagstaff Medical Center in Flagstaff, Arizona. Police confirm the theft happened Monday morning around 4:45 a.m. The RV is described as a 1971 Chrysler Cabana, yellow and white in color, with license plate CL49739. If you have information, call the Flagstaff PD at (928) 774-1414.

An accident involving a motorhome on I-95 in Johnson County, North Carolina closed both lanes for about two hours Wednesday. The State Highway Patrol reported the driver of a northbound SUV slammed on the brakes to avoid crashing into tire debris. The driver of the tractor-trailer slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting the SUV, and the big rig was struck from behind by an RV that was towing a car. Moral of the story: Don’t tailgate. Two people were taken to a hospital but nobody died.

Police are asking for help to solve a burglary at an Adams County business.

Cumberland Township, Pa., police have released surveillance photos from S&S RV Center. A video camera captured images of the burglar in the business around 2:15 a.m. Friday, where he stole tools and money. Have any information? Contact the police at (717) 334-8101.

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3 years ago

Just a warning: Do Not fall for the “19 gadjets you must have” Ad. I bought the VIZR phone cradle and returned it for the refund within a few days. I kick myself for not doing due diligence. This product is plain & simply a piece of junk. Sure, you get “some” of your money back on a return, but I figure it still cost me around $20 in postage, packaging, etc. Don’t waste your time & money on anything this company advertises. If the VIZR is representative of their poducts, than steer clear. Just Check their customer Reviews. Its all there.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
3 years ago
Reply to  Sheridan

Sorry, Sheridan. That was probably an AdSense ad, which we have little to no control over. But if you have the URL for the website we can probably block it. So if you see it again, please send it to editor(at) and we’ll see what we can do so it doesn’t show up again. —Diane at

3 years ago
Reply to  Sheridan

It’s the ad directly above with the heading “19 Insanely Cool Gadgets” (Prime 8). Please understand that I don’t blame RV Travel for my mistake. I failed to check the product reviews and paid the price. I just wanted to warn our fellow RVrs about this ripoff product.

Sherry Dawson
3 years ago

Regarding the advice “don’t tailgate,” I always maintain more than the recommended distance between cars, and add a lot more when there is an RV or a tractor-trailer in front of me. However, I constantly have to keep dropping back because other drivers abhor a void! They feel an urgent need to get in front of me and fill that safety zone I’ve created. I am a patient person, but I have to admit this is annoying, so when it happens I drop back some more and sing the lyrics to Simon and Garfunkel’s “59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)” which begin with:

Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last

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