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Nikola taking orders for Badger pickup; adds garbage truck to its electric truck fleet

By James Raia
Startup truck maker Nikola hopes to challenge Tesla for electric vehicle prominence. It gained further momentum recently in a unique but welcoming way. It just received an order for 2,500 garbage trucks.

Republic Services, based in Phoenix, Ariz., and the country’s second-largest recycling and waste service provider, placed the order. It’s expandable to 5,000 trucks.

According to a press release, the electric trucks are expected to use Nikola’s Tre powertrain system and offer 150 miles per charge. The battery pack is touted to carry 720kWh of energy storage and the powertrain will be software limited to 1,000 horsepower.

“This is a game-changer,” Nikola CEO Mark Russell said in a statement. “Refuse truck customers have always ordered chassis from truck OEMs and bodies from other suppliers. Nikola has fully integrated the chassis and body, covering both with a single factory warranty. Trucks will include both automated side loaders and front-end loaders — all of which will be zero-emission.”

The Nikola Badger, a hydrogen/electric hybrid, was announced in June and is being marketed to debut in December.
The Nikola Badger

Nikola recently began taking orders for its pending Badger electric pickup truck. It will provide RVers with another choice of towing vehicle.

According to Nikola, the Badger will have 906 horsepower, 980 ft-lbs of torque, and a towing capacity of more than 8000 pounds. It’ll be equipped with a 160.0-kWh battery pack and an optional 120.0-kW fuel cell. The Badger will seat five, have a 15-kW power outlet for hooking up tools or camping equipment and, the company says, will be able to climb a 50 percent grade without stalling.

The Badger will be available in the battery version with a 300-mile range and the fuel cell version with a 600-range range.

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Nikola Tesla
3 years ago

Bogus stock pumping headkine. There is no Nikola “fleet” all they have are renderings of vehicles…

3 years ago

I wouldn’t want to pay for a new windshield for the garbage truck. Massive,one piece.

3 years ago

IMO, Nikoli is a scam! Ask them where the off-road vehicles they promised investors they would deliver in 2017. Itching! They are taking deposits on a picture. Not even one prototype! This is not legitimate investment or company.

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