RVtravel.com Reader Pets #17

“Teddy is on high alert to go camping.” —Ross Hammarstedt

“We adopted Dobby a week before we left Minnesota a few years ago to spend three months in a park near my daughters in Fort Worth, Texas. After we arrived, we put Dobby’s bed in the passenger seat of our Class C where he could keep an eye on everything in the park. He became a favorite of many of the residents, most of whom lived in their RVs all year. Dobby loves to travel, especially in the RV.” —Mary Ihla

Two dogs and a cat
“We are fortunate to have rescued these three. The terrier we got while living in Yakima, WA, from the animal shelter 11 years ago, the Doxie was 12 weeks old when we got her and she is now 8 years old and blind. We lived in our RV for six years and they loved it. Especially going and visiting at different campgrounds, the Doxie knew where each ranger station was so she could get a treat. The cat, well, he is a new addition to the family. We had to give up our traveling life and go into a stick-built a year ago. The granddaughter came to live with us and we decided to volunteer at the animal rescue. On the second visit, she fell in love with him and on the next visit he was still there. We are a family of 6 traveling in an RV.” —Joan Littleton

Bonnie and Sheba
“Our dog, Bonnie, and cat, Sheba, looking out the window and wondering when they can next go out. They have been full-timing with us for the past 7 years. Both rescues. They thoroughly enjoy the camping lifestyle.” —Melody Thomas

“Sophie, my black Lab, keeping an eye on the neighbors while boondocking in Arizona.” —Michael Morris

Maggie Mae
“Maggie Mae, ready for a camping trip.” —Don Welch

Westerlee, a 1-year-old Springer Spaniel. Loves her RV time at camp.” —Pamela Jobson

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