Reader poll: Have any of these things happened to you?


Today’s poll is a little different — more choices than usual. We have a reason, which we will tell you later in an article we’re working on where these statistics will be important.

Before we say anything else, do not think for a moment that we are gathering any data on you. We do NOT know anything about the people who respond. The only thing we know are the number of responses to each answer. So rest assured, you are not being tracked in any way.


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I can say that yes were behind in the mortgage but glad we got it paid off 3 years ago April. As for the rest not really, no. We are paying cash on the barrel for our childs college tuition. That to say the least is causing a lot of hard ship but we do not want her falling victim to big brother government. IMO not yours.

David Johnson



Put away money for son’s college education, he joined the Army right out of high school. Used his college fund to buy an old 5th wheel, Wahoo.. After 6 yrs in the Army and Desert Storm, he put himself through a police academy and became a police officer and is now chief of detectives in his department. Oh, he also paid for and put himself through college and got a masters degree. Proud of the young man, let Mommy and Daddy buy their 5th wheel. 🙂


Glad for so many lucky “none” folks…

I didn’t sell my RV because it’s not worth the gas to haul it. I paid my bills this year. Doing that while double unemployed required wiping out every dollar of our IRAs, taking the 10% IRS penalty, and having zero for sending kids to college…


I believe today’s reader poll is flawed. You are not able to vote unless you check off at least one of the scenarios as having happened to you. Why can’t those of us who have had none of these things happen to us also vote? Those of us who have had a clean job & financial history should also be counted so we have a comprehensive, complete picture of the the typical rver’s financial & job history. I think you should re-do this reader’s poll. Learning how many rvers have had no problems is just as important as learning how many lost a job or had trouble paying medical bills, etc..


None of the above. Thank goodness!


No link to the survey on my iPhone. What are the questions?

Jim G.

I think the first option should have been two questions. Lost a job or a spouse do not relate directly. Yes, I lost my spouse but not my job.



Tony Chiodo

Same problem, no poll last 2 weeks.

Bob Weinfurt

None of the above


None of the above.

Larry Boswell

I don’t know whether the problem is with me or with my computer, but, in the last few daily and weekend newsletters, I can’t access the POLL. I click on the TELL US HERE link and it takes me to this page, but the POLL never shows up anywhere on it. I had no problem with this until the last week or so. So, suggestions? Please and thank you.


Thankfully, No.


Interesting that the four things we have experienced are the things most others have experienced. Nice to know we aren’t alone.

Bill F

None of the above.


none of the above