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Do you personally know someone who is 100 years or older?

Once upon a time — not long ago — a few decades, maybe — it was a very big deal to live to be 100 years old. Now it’s fairly routine. And some of those folks are leading active lives — maybe not like a 30-year-old, but they’re not sitting around sipping apple juice in a nursery home.

In fact, about one in every 5,000 people in the United States reach the 100-year milestone (sorry, guys, but 85 percent of them are women). Elizabeth Sullivan of Fort Worth, Texas, reached 106 despite drinking three Dr. Peppers a day. “Every doctor that sees me says they’ll kill you,” she said in a 2015 interview. “But they die and I don’t, so there must be a mistake somewhere.”

So who knows what’s really good or bad for you?

Okay… to our question. Do you personally know someone who’s 100 years old or older? If so, please tell us about them.


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Steven N
1 month ago

My grandma was born in 1900 and passed in 2002. Unfortunately she was “gone” long before that so it was bitter sweet when she passed.

Janet Voltz
1 month ago

My uncle Don will be 104 in March. He’s going strong and lives with his daughter in Missouri.

1 month ago

My father-in-law turned 100 last August. He’s an amazing man. He lives in an assisted living facility but he still pays his own bills, does his own taxes (itemized!) and participates in just about exercise class offered. He is also the sweetest, kindest man I have ever met.

Richard Hughes
1 month ago

My wife’s grandmother recently passed at 106. My father’s sisters and several other members of our family have lived past 100. My brother is currently the oldest at 90. It is nature and nurture.

1 month ago

Don’t currently know, as she passed away about 5 years ago, but my grandma lived to 107.

1 month ago

Fraternal Grandmother made it to 97 and her identical twin sister to 98. My aunt (my grandmother’s daughter) came within days of her 100th birthday. Father-in-laws WWII Army buddy, who I had known, was still driving at 100 when his kids took his license. Lived to 102. If you ask this 20 some years from now you will be able to add me to this list.

Diane Mc
1 month ago

My Great Aunt lived to 106. My Dad just shy of 98, 2 of his brothers 98 & 97. His sister 96. Their mother 95. My Mom’s father, who I never met, lived to 100. He was an alcoholic😳, Mom came from a family of 15, many who lived into their 90’s. My Mom is living at 94 1/2 and the last of her immediate family.

Steve Barnes
1 month ago

My fake father, we pretended for over 55 years, died in 2022 at 101. He was raised in a 2 room cabin in OTG rural Alberta.

He was a fighter pilot in WWII. As he was born in Holland he served in the Royal Dutch Air Force serving in the South West Pacific Theatre primarily defending against Japan. He was shot down over the ocean and recovered from his tiny inflatable dingy.

As the Netherlands were under Nazi occupation the Air Force was under British Command. The Netherlands trained their recruits at the military base in Jackson, Mississippi. It is rumoured that one or two pilots flew under the bridge over the river and buzzed downtown Vicksburg. The guilty were never identified.

In his post war life he was a professional photographer extensively in northern Canada and in the Arctic. Often he accompanied the Royal Family on their trips to the north.

Steve Barnes

1 month ago

I did know someone~ my Great Aunt Lavilla lived to 101. She was the crippled one. I believe she had either Polio or bad Arthritis but she was a go getter. Home made bread, working farm wife and always happy. Most of the sisters lived way into their 90’s.

1 month ago

Should have asked if I’ve ever known anyone over 100. I knew at least 3 family members that lived to 100 although all have since passed.

SoCal Poboy
1 month ago

My mom is 101 and she is living by herself with minimal assistance. She will be 102 in November and shows no signs of not making it until then.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Nope, never met anyone making 100. A lady at church did, but I don’t think we ever met. My maternal grandmother made 95 years, 5 months. Her older son made 93 years, 5 months and her younger son (the one with health problems) made 94 years. Her daughter (my mother) is currently 91 years, 4 months. Lastly, my father made it to 91 years, 11 months. I’m a spring chicken at 65 years, 9 months. 😉

Kaeleen Buckingham
1 month ago

I said no because she is no longer living. But my husband’s aunt lived to 105. Her mind was still quite sharp. Her 3 siblings, however, all died of Alzheimer’s.

Annette Quinn
1 month ago

My father in law is 103!

Sarah Miller
1 month ago

My 99 yr old WWII veteran Dad will reach the 100 mark on April 24, 2023. He is active, healthy and feisty! He says he wants to drink a beer to celebrate…and he will!

1 month ago
Reply to  Sarah Miller

Congratulations to your dad Sarah! If you’re near North GA I’m available to raise a glass with a WWII vet! Thank him for his service.

Stay safe, Joe

1 month ago

My Sisters MIL was born in 1899 & died in 2001. She was an amazing woman & BTW had 11 children, 9 boys & 2 girls! When my Dad & I went fishing we would usually bring back a bunch of fish for her, that would really make her day!

1 month ago

My Ontario Canadian mother will be 103 on March 13th. She is a WWII war bride. There are many stories for her to tell in her 102 years of lifetime experience.

Julie M Koch
1 month ago

My Girlfriends mother is 105 years young. She will be 106 this spring! She is such a sweet kind lady.

bob cooper
1 month ago

My mother 104

1 month ago

I don’t know any living, but 2 of my great aunts lived over 100 yrs. One died at 104 and the other, her sister, died at 106.

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