Do you chew gum?


According to the Wikipedia page about the history of gum, gum chewing has been going on since the Neolithic period. In Kierikki, Finland, 6,000-year-old chewing gum was found in the form of chewed birch bark tar. The Mayans, Aztecs, Ancient Greeks and Native Americans all chewed some form of gum, usually found in the resins and greases in tree barks and saps.

The first commercialized chewing gum was produced in 1848 by John B. Curtis. Curtis developed and sold the gum called The State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum. In 1850, a new gum was made from paraffin wax, a petroleum product, and soon became the most popular type of chewing gum. To sweeten it, the chewer would repeatedly dip the gum in a plate of powdered sugar.

The first patent for chewing gum was filed by William Semple in 1869.

And the rest is chewing history…

Do you chew gum? Please tell us in the poll below.

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Bob Godfrey
11 months ago

Personally I think that chewing gum should be banned as it is in Singapore. I’m tired of having it stuck to my shoes when I step in it in a parking lot somewhere where a pig has spit it out on the ground for others to step in. All those black spots you see on sidewalks in front of just about everywhere are from dirty, ground in chewing gum so I guess you could say I’m against the ugly stuff.

11 months ago
Reply to  Bob Godfrey

Personally I think cigarettes should be banned… causes deaths
Personally I think recreational drugs should be banned…. causes deaths.
Personally I think alcohol should be banned… causes deaths.
Personally I think bad drivers should be banned…. causes deaths.
Personally I think stupidity should be banned…. causes deaths.
But gum on the bottom of your shoe??!!?? You think that is a reason for death? Rarely do people die from chewing the stuff, unless they meet up with you. :-/

Rory R
11 months ago

Don’t you need teeth to chew gum? LOL….

11 months ago

Nah, I bite myself too often. Not worth it.

Ron V
11 months ago

I don’t chew gum but my wife does often.

Debbie PJ
11 months ago

Only while driving!

Don N
11 months ago

gum sticks to my dentures so can’t use any more.

Carol-Leah Loran
11 months ago
Reply to  Don N

Try the brand 5. Works for me

11 months ago

Juicyfruit gum just when I’m driving longer distances.

Bob p
11 months ago

I keep gum in the vehicles for when I start yawning while driving, stops the yawning every time.

Judy G
11 months ago

Used to be an avid chewer and was a talented bubble-blower…then I got old and my teeth went the way of my youth…..

11 months ago
Reply to  Judy G

Ditto. I miss it too!

Carol-Leah Loran
11 months ago
Reply to  Judy G

try the brand 5. I don’t have any trouble with it