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In the last 20 years have you visited a California redwood grove?

Oh, the beautiful redwood forests! Have you ever been to any of the beautiful, mysterious groves in California? If so, when was the last time you visited? Was it within the last 20 years?

The redwoods are a popular destination among RVers and for good reason. Camping under the canopy of these ancient trees really can’t be beaten. They hold a special type of magic…

Please tell us in the poll the last time you visited any of the California groves. If it’s in your travel near future, tell us in the comments below. Thanks!

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodburyhttps://www.rvtravel.com
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at RVtravel.com. She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 700+ newsletters for RVtravel.com she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Tim Bear (@guest_125103)
2 years ago

Camped in our RV in N CA redwoods last week.

Neal Davis (@guest_125054)
2 years ago

Have never taken our RV to California. Probably will go in the future, but have no current plans to do so.

Bill (@guest_125000)
2 years ago

I have not. But my wife who grew up in Cali has. I’m waiting anxiously to visit that one and other iconic places in Cali sooner than later. One thing that concerns me is with all the constant fires will I be able to see it in something other than post fire.

C. A. Fraser (@guest_124995)
2 years ago

2003 Muir Woods in Marin when I camped in Mt Tamalpais State Park, Samuel P Taylor, China Camp and Steep Ravine. Best of times! 12 years in Marin allowed for many visits

Goldie (@guest_124990)
2 years ago

19 years ago. They were amazing and I’m so glad we got to see them because we avoid any travel in California now.

Pat (@guest_124982)
2 years ago

Our son went to Humboldt State University and we had the opportunity to visit that part of California often and fell in love with it. We would usually fly into San Francisco and drive north from there. This was pre-retirement/pre-motorhome. There is no comparison to the Southern California that we all love to hate!

Pat (@guest_124985)
2 years ago
Reply to  Pat

I should add for no particular reason other than the traffic and sheer number of people.

Dave Green (@guest_124981)
2 years ago

Both coastal and giant in the last five years.

Cheryl (@guest_124980)
2 years ago

We avoid California at all costs.

Deborah Mason (@guest_124979)
2 years ago

My husband & I were lucky enough to work in the redwoods (where we met) and even to make a map of all the redwood trees in a 5 acre dedicated grove (State Park Rangers Grove). We were up close & personal with all 220 trees on those 5 acres. The map is still in use. Later we landed jobs in Sequoia National Park and spent 7 years there. I highly recommend visiting the coastal (taller, skinnier) redwoods before visiting the sequoias (shorter, fatter). After 5 years in the redwoods the sequoias were real jaw droppers. Going the other way wouldn’t have the same impact.

2 years ago

The California Redwoods is one of my favorite places to go RVing!! So beautiful. You can chug through them aboard the Skunk Train, or camp in their shadow in several wonderful RV parks. Heck, you can even drive through one of them in Leggett!

Rebecca Cardenas (@guest_124973)
2 years ago

Lived in Ben Lomond in Santa Cruz County, right smack dap in the middle of the redwoods. Took my dogs to walk at Henry Cowell State Park almost every day. Beautiful but the lack of sunlight due to the beautiful, very tall redwoods got to me after 6 years. I had to move out of the forest to get sunlight.

Mike Albert (@guest_124972)
2 years ago

Planning on a cross country trip from FL to CA in August. We will visit our son, DIL, granddaughter for her third birthday and welcome a new grandson, due in beginning of October. We plan to go up the coast of CA and into Oregon and Washington. Besides the family, the redwoods and sequoias are a must see on our list. Looking forward to it

Deborah (@guest_124964)
2 years ago

We were there in 2010, it is a magical place. We hope to be able to return again now that we are traveling in a motorhome. We had flown to Seattle and rented a car for a couple of weeks. Not nearly long enough time in that area.

Jeff Craig (@guest_124963)
2 years ago

No, but it is high on our list of trips in the next few years.

Jean Gortner (@guest_124960)
2 years ago

In 2019, 10 days in the Redwoods in March, and in September, a week in Sequoia NP. Awesome.

Skip (@guest_124956)
2 years ago

Have been to LA and San Diego area. I found nothing wrong with California. Lots of people but I didn’t meet anyone that wasn’t pleasant. I hope to adventure the northern part of the State. My wife’s siblings are from there. I don’t judge any State on what their political views Are. I am visiting to enjoy the best they have to offer. That can be culture, history, arts, food and the list goes on. If you don’t like don’t go and keep those opinions to yourselves other might very much enjoy.

Last edited 2 years ago by Skip
Skip (@guest_124955)
2 years ago

Have never been to the redwoods.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_124954)
2 years ago

I live on the east coast but would like to see them someday.

Michael S Vogel (@guest_124951)
2 years ago

I live in Arcata California. I am 5-minute walk from the city’s beautiful redwood Park. I walk in the redwoods, OR visit the redwoods, on a daily basis

Grant Graves (@guest_124949)
2 years ago

We have spent days hiking in both the redwood forests and the sequoia forests. If you’re coming you might want to hurry. The drought is really bad this year and I suspect CA will have many serious wildfires. The redwoods and sequoias can survive fire but as they are getting more intense we will have to see how they are doing. The forest around Lake Tahoe is the driest I have ever seen and I have been here a lot.

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