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Do you use an Instant Pot for cooking in your RV?

Instant Pots became all the rage in kitchens across the country, even the world, a few years ago. Do you use an Instant Pot in your RV?

If you don’t know what an Instant Pot is, or why you might want one, check out this article. And, surprisingly, we have quite a few Instant Pot recipes all over our website. There are these Super-Yummy Meatballs, and this Spicy Chicken Curry Soup. There’s also French Onion Soup, too, and there’s even Instant Pot Jambalaya!

Do you use an Instant Pot to cook? If so, do you like it? Tell us in the comments below the poll, please. Thanks!

Oh, and if you’re interested in buying an Instant Pot for yourself, check out all these options.


  1. We have a 28ft bumper pull we live in full time. We love to use the Insta Pot. It’s fast, easy and makes great tasting meals!. Leftovers make good follow up meals as well!
    It’s more economical and healthy than eating out. Win-Win!

  2. I travel solo. Don’t need the weight, storage, or power draw of an IP. I generally prepare things I can cook and eat out of the same pot. Boom, done.

  3. When we travel, we typically don’t cook in such a way to require something like this. However, when we travel to Alaska next year or the year following, I anticipate that we may take our crock pot along. It serves our purposes and we’ve had it for 34 years. I see no need to buy an instant pot, given how rarely we use the crock pot.

  4. A couple of years or so ago after reading about how popular instant pots are in the RV community I suggested to my wife that we might want to get one. She was not in favor, but I went ahead anyway and ordered the small one for our Montana fiver and I was the first to use it to make some short ribs at home. It was so easy and they tasted so good my wife reconsidered and started using it. We then bought a bigger one and the small one went into the Montana permanently. She now uses them a lot, both camping and at home and we have bought them for our daughter and sons. They rave about them, too.

  5. I haven’t found my IP to be worth the space it takes in the RV. I use a thermal pot to slow cook on travel days, and the stove top 1 dish recipes I prepare are quicker than the IP and use pans I would always carry in the kitchen anyway.

  6. Last year I added a small Instant Pot and took out my electric rice cooker and my slow cooker. I’m still in the process of finding good IP recipes to use for main dishes. I have a large IP at home.

  7. I have a Ninja air fryer/pressure cooker. It is big but I have a big pantry in my Grand Design 367bhs so storing it in the kitchen is not an issue. I use it for a lot of stuff and I love only having one pot to clean.

  8. DW loves it, she puts all her ingredients in it, turns it on and 25 minutes later she says let’s eat. Don’t know why all the negative comments, guess they lost the cook book that came with it.

  9. They are great way to cook a meal.However, how many start cooking and then leave the RV to venture out somewhere. Leaving a high power electrical appliance unattended is a disaster waiting to happen.

  10. My brother used one and we nearly starved waiting the food. It was faster to just cook the food. Plus, it was too small to make enough to feed our family.

  11. I’m a ‘weekend warrior’ that doesn’t stay put in one spot long enough. but that is going to change. i retire at the end of the year, and while not going full time, I plan on making longer trips. I think some days it would be nice to save the money, and come home to a quick, affordable, hardy meal.

    That’s the plan, anyway…

  12. We have one in our Class A, but it’s bulky enough that we need to store it in a basement bay. In that location we often forget about it, or don’t want to be bothered digging it out, so we don’t use it often. Most used when we’re staying at the same location 3 or more days.

  13. My IP is an 8qt with an air fryer lid so we can use it instead of the oven for lots of things.
    Typically, potatoes are quicker and easier, whether for mashed, baked, or cottage fries on the Blackstone (much quicker to cook them and then brown them).
    Stews and soups and roasts and chicken are all excellent and easy to clean up in the IP.
    It’s a great tool and a perfect camp cook accessory, indoors or out!


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