Saturday, October 23, 2021


Do you believe there will be a normal NFL football season this fall? reader poll

Will there be a regular NFL season this fall? Or are we destined to go football-less this year thanks to our very unwelcome new virus?

Oh, the thought of no Sunday games might just be too much for some fans. And no Monday night games to bring rabid, beer-drinking boys into their local taverns? What a horrible thought!

It seems unlikely that if the teams do play that they won’t do it in packed stadiums. Oh, the teams could charge season ticket holders to place their cardboard likeness between the 40 and 50 yard lines, just like major league baseball. And like baseball they could pipe in canned cheers, maybe a big loud roar for fumbles, interceptions and touchdowns. There would need to be a “boo” soundtrack for bad calls by the refs.

So what do you think? Will NFL football be a go or no-go for fall? Remember, it may take a few moments for the poll to load, so stand by.

due to those in the crowd who can’t resist making a political statement. The poll was about whether you believe there will be a season as normal. That’s it. Ya wanna turn this into politics? Go somewhere else.


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1 year ago

Gee people if you do not care why did you even click on the story? These comments are the sort of vitriol that Chuck is trying to eliminate.

Don Peterson
1 year ago

the poll needed another answer: “Don’ care”

Rory R
1 year ago

OH and the NFL and the NFLPA have established ground rules, and 31 of 32 teams have announced that games will be played in a stadium without fans in the stands….

Rory R
1 year ago

Ever notice how some poll questions are answered by those who don’t give sh#t? Usually if it’s a subject I don’t care about, I don’t waste time responding or getting political about it….

1 year ago

I voted that I doubt it will happen. I sure Hope not, anyway.

Captn John
1 year ago

Who gives a $h!t should be a choice. A bunch of overpaid adults acting like spoiled 3 year olds. Just play your game you are not mentally capable of adult discussion. No one really cares your opinion on anything of importance. Want to make a difference, donate some of those millions to a WORTHY cause.

Gary Smith
1 year ago

Again with a poll question I cannot answer. I would vote for “Who gives a Sh@t. Those so called “Professional Athletes” should be fired for not performing their duties under their contracts. It’s no different than Professional Wrestling. Just a show to amuse people with empty lives.

1 year ago

As I have stated to others in the past, my belief is all sports should give these players their OWN moment of silence to take a knee or both knees (If they desire) before the National Anthem. At least show respect for our country….

1 year ago

Who cares anymore?we don’t! Hope they go bankrupt!

1 year ago

dont care anymore the players have no respect

Lynn Morgan
1 year ago

Private property was taken by eminent domain to build stadiums and tax money and tax breaks were used to support this nonsense, pay back the money, every cent.

James R Teal
1 year ago

I’m ired of all sports. I really could care less. I’m talking about pro sports.

Mike Albert
1 year ago

First off, I could care less if they ever play again. It’s not the same game as it was 20-30 years ago. I’m sure that the team owners will convince the powers to be to allow football. The players with their multi million dollar contracts and the whining that they do, is enough to turn off the tv. Not to mention the disrespect that they and the commissioner show to Americans. It’s a joke that all of the games air Active Duty Military in uniform watching the games. They get to stand on the sidelines during the entire game, not in cushy owner boxes as guest, but in a PR broadcast.
Enough is enough. If everyone actually turned off the tv during games, then maybe the players will sit idle.
Bring back little league, Pop-Warner and fishing contests.

David Allen
1 year ago

Could not care less. Overpaid thugs and a corrupt organization.

1 year ago

Amazing number of down votes for those here who spoke up for the flag and America. Many angry people out there.

1 year ago
Reply to  GeorgeB

I don’t think it’s anger. It’s the right of individuals to exercise their right to speech. Soldiers take a knee as respect, what’s wrong with citizens at home doing it? Besides, it is a quiet statement of disagreement. Much better than the few anarchists’ who disrupt peaceful demonstrations and use them to create chaos and damage.

Last edited 1 year ago by Norris
1 year ago

I’m with you Clay! They have crapped in their mess kit as far as I’m concerned! I wax an avid NFL fan going so far as having their logo tattooed on my left shoulder . I worked in the stadium as a kid and bought new shirts and hats every year. But after the crap that is going on now I’m done, no more!
Good bye NFL…

Ed J
1 year ago

Hope not, I don’t enjoy them going into overtime and interrupting my local programming.

Harold Peek
1 year ago

Who cares!! I sure don’t.

Alaska Traveler
1 year ago

Didn’t vote because my level of not caring was over riding my second guessing. I have children near DC and California…. I just want the chaos to be over so I can see them again.

1 year ago

How about the ‘I really don’t care option’? I’ve never been a fan of professional sports. Never will be either.