NFL quarterback looking for tips for upcoming RV trip


Gardner Minshew, the charismatic rookie quarterback of NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, is heading off on an RV road trip and looking for tips about what to see along the way. According to a report by WJXT, the quarterback had a very Minshew-esque Instagram post on last Monday night, announcing that he’s hitting the road on a coast-to-coast trek in an RV.

“After a long rookie year I’ve decided to take a step back, recenter myself the only way I know — hopping in my brand-new RV and touring this great country,” Minshew said in a video he released on Twitter.

“If you’re anywhere between Jacksonville and LA I want to hear from you, places to see, anything for free, food to eat, people to meet,” he said. “Hopefully I see y’all out there on the road. But until then, keep it rolling.”

Minshew was a sixth-round draft pick out of Washington State University. He started 12 games for the Jaguars in 2019. He passed for 3,271 yards, 21 touchdowns and six interceptions and earned Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week honors seven times.

You can leave a message for Minshew on his Instagram page (that’s the only place we know where you can do that).

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Brand new RV? He won’t get far. It’ll be in the shop getting warrentee work done all off season😢

Ali F

Regarding I10….our back license plate was stolen in Beaumont, TX. Be sure to get a set of secure torx screws for both the tow vehicle and trailer.

Bob Harnish

I wonder if he has sponsors and if so who they might be?

Bob Godfrey

Way too many things to see to fit them all here……get off the interstate and visit small towns and smaller attractions. Stop everywhere you can. Pensacola Naval Air Station, visit the USS Alabama in Mobile, of course hit New Orleans, plenty to see in TX such as the Museum of the Pacific War in Fredricksburg (home of Adm Nimitz), visit the brewery in Shiner…..home of (natch) Shiner bock beer! Big Ben Nat’l Park…the list goes on and on, Carlsbad Caverns, the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest…..enough to see for months! It’s a wonderful, beautiful country …… take your time.

Donald N Wright

Traveling on I-10 should be easy. Miami to Seattle would be more interesting, or Bangor to San Diego.

Bill T

What makes this guy any different from any other person traveling from Florida to California? How many of us after working only one year can “take a step back and re-center ourselves”?

Robert Hoffman

Not on Instagram, so will comment here. I’ve made the coast-to-coast trip several times, earlier on US 90 and later on I-10. There are indeed several things of interest on the trip, some of which most people are probably not even aware. Check out My Travel Log, Chapter 91 ( In the last paragraph on the page, it describes a great little museum just off of I-10 (about exit 209 I think). Many amazing cars, plus a variety of collectibles of all kinds.

Another little-known spot is the Marfa lights in Marfa, Texas. I parked their overnight once and had some really strange experiences. And it’s free! Just go to Home page ( and search for Marfa.

A place that really intrigued me was Big Bend National Park. Quite a bit out of the way, but full of interesting things to see. Several of the chapters in My Travel Log (noted with BBNP) talk about what I found in my two days in the park.