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RV Travel Reader Pets Issue 23

Reader Pets

dog and photographer - leftDo you travel with a pet? We’d love to introduce your pet(s) to fellow readers. Here’s what we need: a photo or two of Fido or Boots (or you with your pet) and a 150-200 word description of your furry friend(s) — name, breed, age, how long you have traveled together, what makes them special? Go ahead and brag about them if you wish! Do you have any tips for other RVing pet lovers about traveling with pets that you’ve learned along the way? Don’t forget to give us your name(s) and hometown. Send to Diane(at) .

From Richard Forlani, Valatie, New York

Pets-Forlani-bed-3-28-16My wife, Jackie, found Sweet Emily at our local humane society about seven years ago after losing our two dogs to bad Chinese dog food. (I never buy anything from China anymore.) Emily had little hair (fleas) and was very insecure. There are really two dogs and two cats that make up the family, but I only took Emily on my recent trip — my first since I lost my wife last spring. There were a few lonesome moments on my trip, but Emily took care of most of them.

Pets-Forlani-3-28-16-bedEmily is a great traveling dog and has been across the country four times and has seen most of the U.S. She lives in the full-size back seat of my F150 and as long as she is back there she is content — she knows I will be back. She sleeps in the trailer with me in the queen size bed and takes up too much room.

One night coming back to our campsite after our last walk she gave me good warning that a bear was waiting right by our trailer. We backed away and waited for it to move on. Advice: No after-dark walks in the Sierras, especially if you smell like bacon!

Life is what happens … while you’re making other plans.

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From Bill and Carol Newman, near Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Pets-Newman-3-21-16-puppyThis is our dog, Elvis. He is the friendliest, best-natured doggy in the world, and we’re not biased. Elvis is a Shih Tzu – Bichon Frise cross (also called a Shichon, a Zuchon or a Teddy Bear).

Pets-Newman-3-21-16Elvis is 8 years old and has RVed with us just about all of his life (in fivers and currently our class A). Elvis is a great traveler. Kids love him and he loves people; he makes us laugh; and he is a chick magnet.

When we travel for days at a time, Elvis usually doesn’t eat much, but after we settle in a place he starts eating again. We’re told that dogs worry when their life changes, and this is possibly the case with Elvis when we travel. At truck stops when we fuel up, Elvis often gets in the driver’s seat and puts his paws on the steering wheel so he can see what is going on. The truck drivers get a great kick out of seeing him there.


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