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Record your camping trip’s bike rides for later viewing


Camile Bike Cam
Camile Bike Cam

By Bob Difley

Miniwing has introduced a brand new Bike Camera called the Camile, built specifically for cyclists featuring an integrated GPS Cyclocomputer. Fitted with a 140° wide-angle lens and state-of-the-art EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) technology, the Camile deals easily with all cycling environments so users don’t lose a single moment’s capture on complex cycling routes.

The Camile gives cyclists quick, efficient and accurate 3D positioning with its unique GPS Cyclocomputer – providing GPS with a 6-Axis motion sensor and altimeter, as well as advanced fusion algorithms (recording GPS positioning, speed, altitude, route, acceleration, and other data; all on the included SD card). Plus, with the Camile’s Optimized Automatic Exposure, the camera responds better to a user’s environment, no matter where they are.

The Camile Bike Camera makes it easy for cyclists to capture the beauty of their ride or document an unforeseeable incident, and immediately download, view, or stream their footage with any mobile device, an essential tool helping cyclists to discover and capture footage from different angles like never before.

The special ‘Long Distance Trip’ function can record each and every journey using Smart Edit to put them together, and ready to share at any time. Camile’s wonderful videos with Smart Edit feature supports WIFI connectivity with phones, providing simulated cycling data (the Smart Edit filters and editing functions help to create brilliant videos in seconds).

With the highest integration solution in the industry, the Camile is only 6.2 cm x 4.35 cm x 1.6 cm and weighs about 2 ounces.

The Camile Bike Cam is available on Amazon.

Information obtained from press release.

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