Have you remodeled your RV? These folks have, and it’s gorgeous!


By Nanci Dixon

Don’t like the furniture in your RV? Doesn’t fit your style? Dare to remodel! Dare to decorate!

Our neighbors in the RV next to us, Jay and Leslie Pederson, recently completed a mini-remodel of their new 5th wheel. After having lived in it for a few months they realized that the furniture was not comfortable, they didn’t like the upholstery and just weren’t utilizing the two couches and theater seating in the living area. The cookie-cutter style just wasn’t them. They wanted more of a warm, Western look.


Their work is an inspiration! They removed both couches, ordered a more comfortable couch in a deep brown suede-like fabric from their 5th wheel manufacturer, installed a comfortable leather chair and a small desk in place of the other couch. They then replaced the little-used theater seating with their favorite Mission-style leather recliner from home. The installed anchors on the floor near the wall secure the recliner and the chair when traveling.

Rather than having the table jutting out into the kitchen area, they turned it sideways. They then changed out the chairs for leather-covered stools that could be used at the table or island. The area is now perfect for two and increased the space to move around and use the kitchen island.

The plastic sliding bathtub doors would sometimes jam and had to be continually cleaned, so they were removed and a curved shower curtain rod and new decorative shower curtain were added.

The supplied bedspread and pillows were elegant but not their look. Those were switched out for a multicolor Western-themed set. Cowboy hats hang and rustic accents continue the look into the bedroom area.

To add a touch of home, favorite pictures and photos are attached with Command Strips and secured with Museum Putty. Several decorative items and the printer also stay firmly in place with Museum Putty (the best stuff for RVers!).

They have made the RV their own, with their own style and sense of home. Now it’s your turn to do the same.

Nanci Dixon is a full-time RVer living “The Dream.” She works and travels across the country in a 40’ motorhome with her husband. Having been a professional food photographer for many years, she enjoys snapping photos of food, landscapes and an occasional person. They winter in Arizona and love boondocking in the desert. They also enjoy work camping in a regional park. Most of all, she loves to travel.


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Vanessa Simmons
6 months ago

I would quickly roll off that step up where the desk is in that chair! The first thing I did was give away the comforter that came in my RV and put my flamingo comforter on the bed. A few months ago I put a new mattress in. My jackknife sofa killed my back so about two weeks ago my son removed it for me and I replaced it with a rocker recliner. I plan to do more remodeling this winter. I’m thinking of painting the dark brown a soft gray, recovering the cornices and dinette cushions and I might try to spray paint the accordion blinds. Once I get it done I’ll be sure to post photos!

Tommy Molnar
6 months ago

My question is, why the desk chair sitting precariously near the edge of the floor drop-off? Otherwise, the trailer is beautiful.

1 year ago

Beautiful modifications. Very colorful & homey look. In 2008 we ordered a custom built New Horizons fifth wheel. I’m tall, so I had the ceiling in the front bedroom raised 3″. They just built the frame 3″ taller than normal. We also chose our own materials, Like color of counter tops, valance material, vinyl flooring & carpet. We also chose electric outlets where we wanted them. I had an extra gas line run for our Olympia catalytic heater. We deleted the sofa & recliners, & bought 2 DeKornes Stressless European style recliners with foot stools and chair attached swing out tables for our laptops, I was also able to order exactly the size solar system I wanted with the brand & number of 6 volt batteries I wanted. When you buy directly from a mfg like New Horizons, you can modify an rv pretty much any way you want right from the start. We had to delete the front molded cap because of the higher front bedroom, so we also deleted the rear molded cap, which allowed them to build a storage compartment under the rear living room floor, accessed from a rear door just above the bumper. This large storage area holds 5 lawn chairs, 2 end tables, a wood splitting maul, several 30A & 50A extension cords, pickup tools, weather vane, scythe, shovels, & 2 shallow storage containers with small stuff. When you fulltime you need all the storage space you can find.

Jacque Gray
1 year ago

What a beautiful make over. Your creative design might be a thought for a company, where they let the purchaser complete the inside.

1 year ago

We too have made a few changes… The best was adding drawers under the bed. We have a King size bed with our own Latex mattress and trying to lift it up for storage was a challenge so we modified it and were able to install 3 drawers, 30″ deep. We also put peel and stick vinyl tile over the plywood platform so the mattress is easier to move and not get tore up from the rough plywood. We also turned our table to get more room. I love the stool that she used and will be looking for some of those 🙂 We are full timers so I am constantly looking at modifications that work for us. Thanks for sharing the article!

Linda & David
1 year ago

Since we bought a 1995 Prevost Marathon 3 yrs ago, it was imperative to remodel to get rid of the outdated decor—remember mauve and aqua blue?! We had the sofa recovered professionally, and we recovered the valances and banquette seats ourselves. Two leather chairs as well as the drivers and copilot’s seats and dash area were in good condition but a mauve-y pink color😳. We found a product called Rub n Restore that allowed us to re-dye all of these items for only $150! It was an easy process, and we are thrilled with the results. I highly recommend this product. We also replaced all of the flooring with LVL vinyl plank flooring that is waterproof and easy care. We also painted over wallpaper. The ceiling in the living area had mirrors (a Marathon thing) that we took down and replaced with sheet rock and trim to give it a ‘coffered’ ceiling look.

1 year ago
Reply to  Linda & David

thanks for the tips