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Roadside Journal: “Poo Poo” journalism

By Chuck Woodbury

A headline got my attention last week. It was titled “The Top 15 Amenities You’ll Find in a Luxury RV.” It’s written by a woman named Jennifer (I will not use her last name). My guess is that Jennifer doesn’t know a damn thing about RVs. She’s a content creator, which means, of course, that she creates content. In the old days this person might be called a writer.

It also means she creates content for one basic reason (other than to earn some money): to get the articles, no matter how worthless, ranked high on Google, so more people click to read it, which means more $$$ for the publisher. It’s the new “journalism.” Or, as I would prefer, “journalism gone wrong!”

I will skip the top 13 reasons why Jennifer writes that RVs are so great. Her reasons, I believe, are just a bunch of hot air akin to the fumes in a cattle stockyard on a sizzling summer day near Yuma, Arizona. I will skip to reasons 14 and 15:

REASON 14: “Luxury trailers can have a TV. TV and nature, what could be better?”

Ah, TVs and nature! Yeah, nothing much better than that, right? Geez. And, Wow — “most luxury RVs have a TV?” Sorry, Jennifer, but the cheapest, ugliest, crappiest RV on the market has a TV. Most any RV that is tall enough for someone to stand up in has at least two TVs. Thousands of models have three, four or five TVs! But, so sad, Jen, there is only one “nature”!

REASON 15: “Perhaps the most important part about luxury travel trailers is that they are made with sustainable parts. The best companies will make their trailers out of material that will last, trees that grow back fast, and utilize companies that share their vision of a healthier environment.”

Huh? They use trees that grow back fast? You mean, like bamboo? And the RV manufacturers do business with companies that share their vision of a “healthier environment?” No, they do business with companies that give them the cheapest price! And, you write that RVs are made of “sustainable parts.” Well, Jen, that’s a 100-foot-high pile of of piggy poopie!

“The bottom line is that luxury travel trailers are amazing. They have amenities that are useful, luxurious, and great for the environment.”

Well, Jen, my high school English teacher might award you a D+ for this exercise in filling space. You avoided an “F” because you got paid (we assume), and — to end on a positive note — there is something to be said for that.



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2 months ago

And, its the same for today’s rapcraphiphop poop; written by unaccomplished children for the same reasons as Jennifer writes.

Uncle Swags
2 months ago

Thank you for introducing a new term to our lexicon – being a “Jennifer” (or should I say “Don’t be a Jennifer”). A good description for the brainless bimbos who fill the social media departments of every corporation and organization these days. What they lack in worldly intelligence they make up for with buzzwords like “sustainability” and “social justice”.

2 months ago

Right (write) on Chuck!

captain gort
2 months ago

Jennifer says her lux RV is equipped with a large, flat-screen TV of Color.
Her RV is sustainable, inclusive, recyclable, organic and renewable.
She does not use that nasty propane, gasoline or diesel- only, pure, clean electricity
which, of course, emits no carbon whatsoever to cause sea level rise and reef bleaching,
and global famine. Her RV is not a Class A, B, C, or B+. Its undefined.
Jennifer says that her RV’s graphics are multi-of-color, like a rainbow.
Her RV will fit nicely in spaces that are systemically under served. Plus, she will
park it anywhere she wants, in any neighborhood, for free.
As a social media influencer, Jennifer has a huge following. You will find them
in #vanlife…living the good life, since she does not have to go to any actual workplace, has these cool checks coming in from the government and her student loan debt has been forgiven.

captain gort
2 months ago


Vick Barker
2 months ago

She didn’t say “color” TV’s! Can’t believe Ms. Bilge Water Crap Writer missed that detail.

2 months ago

Opinion being represented as fact.

2 months ago

You site a typical example of what today is considered journalism. There used to be a time when Journalist had some level of integrity. Today, it’s mainly opinion based on opinions.

p.s. I just recently saw a article about RV and WiFi. It must have been green journalism, as it had been recycled out of the compost heap. The equipment being praised was obsolete and had since been replaced by at least a generation + of newer product.

Last edited 2 months ago by MevetS
2 months ago

I did a search and found the article. You can’t equate journalists with content creators. She will never be a journalist.

Sam Crabtree
2 months ago

Concerning Jennifer’s comment about TVs and your response. Our travel trailer has no TV. When we were still shopping for a travel trailer we saw very few new travel trailers (or motorhomes) with a TV. Sure, some display RVs had a TV or two, But those RVs also had beds with bedding, tables with free standing flower vases WITH flowers in them, etc. We saw NONE that had a TV included in the base price – none. Almost all did have a place or two or three marked as locations where a TV mount could be installed – because almost no other locations had the strength of construction necessary to mount a TV. So add my name to a list of Jennifer supporters.

2 months ago
Reply to  Sam Crabtree

Sam Crabtree, I do not believe for minute that you found any RV’s without a TV.

2 months ago
Reply to  Sam Crabtree

When looking at new rvs & noticing the areas marked for TVs I asked if any TVs came in the price & was told yes, but they are not installed until sold due to theft. You have to ask questions in order to get answers.

2 months ago
Reply to  Sam Crabtree

What you may want to ask your sales rep: ” Does this unit come with a TV”? You see, the TVs are secure..locked away. It is big business to hit a lot and steal the big flat screens. I have been full time 15 years, a lot of RV shows. I have never seen a unit that did not come with a TV. FYI

2 months ago
Reply to  Sam Crabtree

Okay, so very few new RVs for sale come with TVs included in the price. The same thing could be said for houses and condos. That doesn’t mean nearly every house and condo doesn’t have a TV once the new owners move in.

Stephen Malochleb
2 months ago

Instead of talking about tv’s she should have written about the luxury toilets in rv’s. Some even having warm water bidet’s. Now that’s luxury in these high class sustainable quality rv’s. And I’m sure the rain forest appreciates the rapid growing replacement trees.:):)

Jim G.
2 months ago

Chuck. I see this right here on RV Travel. An article is published and then one of your “writers” publishes another article by-hashing the comments from the first article.

Jeff Craig
2 months ago

I’m a retired Navy Journalist (started as a Torpedoman, so I joke I blew stuff up, then wrote about it) and I learned early on that there is a fine line between actual Journalism and Marketing. I see way, way too many news pieces crossing the line (those packages demonstrating products like emergency flashlights or car jump starters on the news at noon).

Personally, I am appalled how ‘opinion’ has crossed over to become ‘news’. Back in the days of Walter Cronkite, ‘Point/Counter-Point’ or Andy Rooney there was a distinct line between the news hour, and opinion at the end of the show. Thanks to cable TV and evening opinion shows, that line has been blown away. Some stations expect you to know the difference (MSNBC and CNN) while others simply pretend there is no difference. The more they can ‘wind up the audience’ the better it is for their advertisers. These people are the worst version of the ‘clueless content creator’.

2 months ago

It’s the same when you Google “10 best (insert item you are researching) for 2022”, you will get many articles written with the sole intent of you clicking on the items and buying them, most are written by people are not even familiar with the product. To be fair there are also plenty where the writer or writers actually did purchase and review each item but you have to be wary and know the difference, and sidestep the useless crap.

2 months ago

My grandfather, who was Copy Editor of the Baltimore Evening Sun for many years, and founded the School of Journalism at the University of New Mexico has been spinning in his grave since 1990. What passes for journalism these days is a travesty.

suzanne Ferris
2 months ago

There is no shame attached to stealing while harvesting content for pay. I was milked while working for a reputable horticulture magazine that hired a new internet editor who shamelessly borrowed ‘copy’ to regurgitate under her own byline. It’s the price we pay for our new interconnected ‘community’.

This hussy probably is using a pseudonym.

Steven P
2 months ago

I’ve read so many of these that I have to laugh when I read one. If a “content creator” can get paid to state the obvious I have missed my calling. As an example, did you know, ” the wall studs in Luxury RV’s, are attached at the top AND at the bottom”?  I am available if you need me. 🙂

2 months ago

Spot on!
I had a very good high-school teacher that had a saying.
“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull {bleeped}”!
Seems like we are seeing more of the latter these days.

Doug Braddock
2 months ago

Some of these kinds of articles are written by specialized ‘bot’ software that, once seeded with a topic, pull information from elsewhere on the net and then write the article. Why pay a human to do it when software can produce clickbait for free? Search results are usually loaded with these machine-written pieces of garbage.

2 months ago

Avoid any article that starts with “10 best/worst” or any other number. All opinion and usually unfounded in fact.

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