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RV Preview: Thor Vision Vehicle concept EV motorhome

We hear and read a lot about future vehicles and electric vehicles and such. While we’re finding that electric pickups are more disappointment than delivery when it comes to serving RVers, Thor has a different idea in their Thor Vision Vehicle concept EV. 

Sort of a B+ platform using some of the Ford Transit bits, the Thor Vision Vehicle has a lot of things that really make tremendous sense for RVers. First of all, know that this is a concept and that’s it. It’s part engineering, part wishful thinking, but also part real potential. 

More reality than science fiction

The part that’s the real potential is the exciting part to me. Essentially this is an electric vehicle much as a railroad locomotive is an electric vehicle. Electric motors drive this thing around and there’s a big battery. 

While Thor isn’t giving any details, and much of the vehicle may be speculative, what I can share is that the biggest challenge to RVs as electric vehicles is that you can only carry so much battery power, for now. Then you either have to recharge or seek another solution. Thor figured this out.

Fuel cell

The company is reporting that a fuel cell is that solution. A fuel cell is a device that makes electricity from fuel and air. Instead of burning the fuel to make heat to drive a mechanical generator, fuel cells react between the fuel and air electrochemically, without combustion. The electrochemical approach avoids pollutants that are created by high-flame temperatures, and produces fewer emissions.

Interestingly, Thor was already working with a fuel cell company, WATT Imperium™, when it had purchased Hymer’s U.S. division. So the promise of fuel cells isn’t some pie-in-the-sky wish. Watt Imperium showed working prototypes of fuel cells that operated on propane—which we RVers are quite familiar with and can often purchase right at an RV park. 

This combination of using a larger battery for a portion of the journey and then using the fuel cell to complete the journey is really quite brilliant. If you used the electric-only portion of the motorhome as a daily driver, you might never dip into the propane supply until it was time to make a longer journey. Then, there it is. 

Smooth roof

Further, the large battery that powers the Thor Vision Vehicle would also be available to power all the things inside once you get there, like the fridge, AC and such. 

On the subject of the AC, the Thor concept doesn’t have a giant AC protruding through the roof. Instead, it’s more integrated into the chassis. With the advancements in AC systems for EVs, this kind of system could prove to be a reality sooner rather than later. Again, not a huge stretch. On the few photos shown of the concept there was a bit of solar on the roof but it didn’t appear to be much. 

However, Thor has shown the Airstream eStream travel trailer concept and this uses the unencumbered roof for lots and lots of solar. 

Integration in the Thor Vision Vehicle

Some of the things shown in the video, which I’ve attached below, show stuff that I hope absolutely makes it to the RV space. 

For example, the Thor Vision Vehicle concept has integrated smart voice assistant. I’ve done this in my previous home, and I will when I move back into one our new sticks-and-bricks in a month or so. I love just being able to tell the ghost voice to change the thermostat or unlock a door. 

In this case, they’re using Amazon’s Alexa. Not only can you alter the thermostat, but you’ll mysteriously see an endless supply of ads for various hot dogs if you even mention those tube steaks at some point on your getaway. No, no—Alexa’s not listening. Right. 


But they also showed glass that can tint itself darker or lighter electronically, and that seems like a solution sent from the heavens. To me. I’d love to be able to adjust the tint or even blackout windows electronically. 

In fact, you could use position sensors (your phone’s already got them) and know the sun’s trajectory in the sky. You can actually use smart controls to help keep this coach cooler as the sun passes overhead while it’s parked. Essentially, you’d darken the windows facing the sun. 

Something Thor showed that I know would make every EV company swoon was rear-facing cameras instead of mirrors. Elon Musk dreams of this, but our federal government thinks we need giant ears with mirrors on our vehicles still, to hinder aerodynamics. Cameras would make so much sense. 

But the government is never in the “makes sense” business, so Thor has an uphill battle with this. 

While the Thor Vision Vehicle seems like a lot of future tech and science fiction, when you look at it, it’s really almost completely available today. Ford already makes an electric version of the Transit, WATT Imperium has shown us the fuel cell, Alexa’s already listening to us wishing for stuff so—there’s not as much science fiction as there is available product. 

Silly Thor did some big bucks survey to see what campers want—which they wouldn’t have to do if RV decision-makers were RVers. Or, they could just read these daily RV reviews and check out all the comments below. 

And I’m looking forward to seeing what you all think of this concept that, really, could be in showrooms in a few months, quite frankly. 

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1 month ago

Should be named the “THOR Beyond”. Beyond my pay check, beyond my paygrade, beyond my ability to operate, beyond my ability to maintain, AND, hopefully, beyond my life time. Mechanics of tomorrow will have to have a Masters Degree in electronics and mechanics – OR you will be shuffling between shops dealing with the: “not my problem”. The more you pay for a vehicle, the more the cost of maintenance on it. The only problems I’ve had with my 2014 so far, have been the computers running the engine. Where is my ’57 Chevy?

1 month ago

NO, Thankyou!

Steve H
1 month ago

We have no electronic voice or cellphone controls for any electrical switches or appliances in our home. We also have no voice-activated “boxes” with Siri or Alexa listening to us and have never used either to purchase anything. The only disembodied voice we have is “Mercedes” in our Sprinter motorhome. And she drives us nuts because she responds to any word that even remotely sounds like her name. If we could turn her off, we would!

1 month ago

Many motorhomes already have side view cameras…I have them on mine. Of course, I still have regular mirrors as well. Guess which ones are actually useable in rain? A drop of water or two on the camera lense and all you see is a big blurry gob. No problem to use the regular mirrors in rain even with water drops on them.

I also agree with the comments on difficulty of diagnosing and fixing electronics. My current RV is full of the stuff and I’d really rather have the manual/mechanical.

Steve Comstock
1 month ago

Love the concept, but I still gotta see the bathroom! 😉

Bob M
1 month ago

No thanks. Too much electronics equal too many problems and expense to repair. Plus like car mfg’s they’ll want to be charging a monthly fee. RV mfg’s can’t get the equipment in our present RV’s to work with out issues. Also don’t want anything that tracks me or snoops.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob M

All good points Bob. Too much technology to go wrong, and we haven’t got a prayer of fixing ourselves.

Bob p
1 month ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

I just bought a Toyota Camry hybrid, upon opening the hood I determined I wouldn’t be able to change the oil in this engine compartment. Lol, this is strictly a dealer only service vehicle, not even the highly trained techs at Wally World could do this. Lol