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RV Review: Alliance Paradigm 310RL—2023 updates


Today’s RV review is a renewed look at the 2023 Alliance Paradigm 310RL. This is a fifth wheel that represents Alliance’s foray into what must be the standard fifth wheel platform that all fifth wheel makers build. 

For me, its fun to watch the several companies that started while I’ve been writing this series and seeing how they’re progressing. In the case of Alliance, there are definitely improvements. But there’s not a tremendous number of them only because they didn’t have to make a lot of improvements. 

2023 Alliance Paradigm 310RL

For 2023, the major change I saw was Alliance employing a much larger 12-volt Norcold refrigerator. This is about the size many people have in their homes, at 20 cubic feet. But it is very specifically a 12-volt refrigerator designed to live in an RV. 

I think I’ve mentioned before just how much I do not like residential refrigerators in RVs. That’s for the simple fact that they weren’t ever designed for rocking and rolling. Further, they don’t usually have proper door latches. But the biggest challenge is that most appliance service people won’t work on them. Also, RV service people aren’t usually qualified to do so either. 

This 12-volt fridge gives you the performance of a residential reefer in a unit very specifically designed for this environment. Nifty. 

To operate that thirsty chill box, Alliance has also stepped up their solar game—including 320 watts of solar on the roof of these models. That’s the standard fare. Should you wanna go super solar, you can do so with a package that includes 960 watts of solar, a 3,000-watt inverter, 60-amp charge controller and 300 amp-hours of lithium battery. 

I’m not sure if this is something I just noticed, or something new. But the window by the dining table in the camp-side slide room is also significantly taller, affording better views. This is in direct opposition to all those RVs that are reducing their camp-side windows, much to my own chagrin. 

Another change made was the mounting of the TV in the main living area. This TV is now on a swivel mount. This makes much more sense than the previous fixed mount. If I didn’t mention it in previous articles, the fireplace also is on a drawer-style mechanism with storage behind it. 

Alliance RV

The entire Paradigm line was developed after polling some 3,000 fifth wheel owners to see what they prefer in a floor plan, and what features and components are important to them. As a result, you see some of that voicing in things like a fold-down wooden seat in the absolutely huge shower in this trailer. There’s also a true residential-sized oven (3.73 cubic feet)—where you can actually cook an entire Thanksgiving turkey. 

As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, I’m a big fan of traditional buttons to control everything. Alliance seems to agree with that by having actual buttons to open the slides and awnings and turn on the lights. Booyeah! And while this unit shines with the three slide rooms fully extended, it is still possible to access the refrigerator and bathroom and a few cabinets with those slide rooms in—for those mid-journey potty and beverage stops. 

Most impressive

But what I think is most impressive is how the company tests each unit before it is delivered to the customer. Alliance actually fills the holding tanks and then takes the fifth wheels for a drive on a test course to make sure everything does what it’s designed to do. When it returns to the factory, the unit is thoroughly tested once again. If anyone else is this thorough in their pre-delivery inspection (PDI), I have yet to hear of it. 

And quality is something you hear associated with Alliance products in many ways. The roof itself is a PVC product. It requires zero maintenance but can be repaired with PVC cement from the local hardware store. It’s also warrantied for 15 years. There are valves in the plumbing system that let you isolate sections of the trailer if there is a plumbing issue. You don’t have to shut off the entire unit. 

The tank valves themselves are in the heated underbelly of the rig rather than exposed to the elements. But the levers for the tank are located centrally in the water center. In other words, you don’t have to be a contortionist to dump your tanks. 

On the subject of construction, the walls are fully vacuum laminated using Azdel substrate on the exterior walls and framed in aluminum. 

Inside the Alliance Paradigm 310RL

Inside the coach there are storage cubbies where others might not have them. These include the side tables by the couch and even a storage area behind the electric fireplace. That area seems large enough to hold the bedding, if someone’s sleeping on the couch. Many of the interior lights are on dimmers—which will be much appreciated as modern RVs are well lit but sometimes a bit too bright.

There are three newer Coleman AC units that use about 10.3 amps apiece. That means on a 50-amp service, all three of the AC units can run at full speed. Furthermore, you can actually use two of the Coleman units on a 30-amp service, if you happen to have a site like that. The AC in the bedroom is not ducted into the main body of the coach, so those who like to sleep cooler or hotter can do so.

The Alliance Paradigm 310RL also comes with a six-point hydraulic level system and the jacks are placed outside the frame to be especially stable.

Alliance has a range of fifth wheels already in production, with this week’s 310RL actually being the smallest in the line. But it’s certainly not small on features or spaciousness or quality. It would absolutely work as a full-time residence, yet is a size that could be hauled into many state parks and smaller campgrounds.


Since I first shared the Alliance brand, I have run into their team at a number of events. Sometimes the Alliance team was the only one that was there—no other RV companies bothered to show up. 

I also got to go to the Alliance RV Rally in Indiana and talk with owners. As much as any brand, and more than most, actually, the Alliance customers were truly fans of their RVs. This is, by no means, typical. 

While we all have our own feelings and perceptions, I continue to be impressed with the job I see Alliance doing. I would suggest that if you’re considering a new fifth wheel of this sort, you check one of these out. I am curious if you’ll be as impressed as I have been. 

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1 month ago

The one mistake you made was to say the 310rl was the smallest in the line which it is not. They make a 295mk that is smaller.

Roger Spalding
1 month ago

The Alliance Research and Development department is called the Keystone Innovation Lab. Alliance couldn’t develop a good case of hemorrhoids. Next year, Alliance’s big new standard feature will, no doubt, be tankless hot water heaters. The excuse for not installing them earlier will be, “We didn’t know it was possible until Keystone did it first.”

1 month ago

After seeing the mess of wires-plumbing lines-& various other lines, I don’t think I would like this mess very much….$120,000 seems to me they are just another typical RV builder…Out of sight out of mind for lousy workmanship…..JUST SAYIN….

Roger Spalding
1 month ago
Reply to  travilenman

I had the exact same thought the first time I saw what was behind the panels of a Grand Design pass through basement.

Steve H
1 month ago

Alliance didn’t poll me when I owned a fifth wheel. But, if they had, I would have voted for this floorplan as my favorite. And the fact that it is a wide-body, 101″ width helps make it more livable, including space for a real E-W king-size bed. But what kind of suspension and brand of tires does it have?

Bob p
1 month ago

Great review, perfect size. My second 5th wheel was a 32’ and it was the perfect size for towing and had plenty of room for living for 2 people. Our daughter and SIL had a 42’ unit and really except for the extra seating, fireplace and other bells and whistles I liked my old 32’ better. Keep up the good work.