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RV Review: A real aerodynamic trailer – Snoozy II

So many times when talking about RVs I mention that there is no testing for aerodynamics. Well, I’m happy to say that I finally found a company that did do aerodynamic testing, and it’s a name you may have heard before. Snoozy II is the reincarnation of a line of boat-shaped travel trailers that are being built in St. Matthews, South Carolina.

You may have heard the name Snoozy trailers in the past. But this is actually an entirely new operation with very different practices, even though the shape of the trailers might seem similar to any Snoozy you saw in the past. 

Snoozy II

Owned by Wesco Trailers, Snoozy II is really a new company building a trailer that might be familiar to some. Starting at the frame, these new trailers use a Wesco Marine trailer chassis which is a galvanized metal. Like many boat trailers, this one features a single axle with surge brakes. That means there’s a device on the tongue of the trailer and, as you slow down, inertia applies the brakes on the 2,300-pound trailer. 

In other words, you don’t need a brake controller. That can be a good thing for some owners, especially those who have smaller tow vehicles where brake controllers aren’t an option. 

From the frame of the trailer, the company builds a fiberglass egg/wedge shape that is mounted atop the frame. Not all fiberglass is created equally. I would suggest watching the video I’ve attached to learn more. But, basically it’s a good process that results in a very strong shell. One so strong that workers stand on the roof as part of the finishing process. 

Oh, and speaking of that roof. There are absolutely no holes in it, period. That alone might get some RV owners to step up and place an order. 

Once the fiberglass outer shell is completed, the company builds the interior out of all red oak and uses quality parts like hidden hinges. 


Snoozy II general manager Shaun Palyok has a saying: “I’m building your grandkids’ grandkids’ trailer.” That speaks to a lot of the decisions that were made in bringing the company back. 

First of all, all the components inside are designed to be easily repaired or replaced at your local hardware store. Rather than using specialized parts, the trailers incorporate pieces that are readily available. That means the fridge literally is a bar fridge from a big box hardware chain, as is the electric heater. The air conditioner is a Haier window unit which, again, you can replace at a local hardware store. 

In speaking with Palyok, we talked about the suspension on this trailer, which is a simple leaf spring arrangement. While the previous builder used a torsion axle suspension, Palyok said that this arrangement was chosen because it’s easier to repair if there’s ever a blowout on a tire or some other damage on the road. 

What’s inside the Snoozy II

Despite their light weight and aerodynamic shape, there’s really everything one could need in these trailers. The bathroom, at the back, is a wet bath. It features a cartridge toilet. With this trailer being built like a boat, that means the walls are waterproof. For those who want one, a high-performance vent fan is available in the bathroom. (Get it. Trust me.) This is mounted to the rear of the trailer. Again, no holes in the roof. 

Like a pickup camper, this one has the entrance at the rear. That means the camp side can have the only sink in the trailer and then that bar-sized refrigerator and a microwave under the countertop. At present there is no cooktop in the trailer. But this makes me think a portable induction cooktop would be absolutely perfect in here. 

Something you can get at the local hardware store. 

Depending on which floor plan you choose, there is a couch on the road side of this trailer and a queen-size mattress that occupies the front. 

You can also choose a floor plan that features two twin beds. That shortens the counterspace and eliminates the couch, but it does offer storage between the beds. The beds also double as the seating surface in here. 


Something no RV manufacturer that I have come across is talking about is aerodynamic testing. However, RVs are one of the most poorly-designed vehicles from an aerodynamic standpoint. Even those that say they have an “aerodynamic nose” basically have done zero testing to prove that. 

Such is not the case here. The Snoozy II was actually tested in the wind tunnel by University of Carolina engineering students. Based on that testing, the trailer was actually reconfigured and axles and other components moved around. 

The combined light weight of the trailer and it’s “slipperiness” in the air, along with the fact that it uses surge brakes instead of electric trailer brakes, might make this a much, much more logical buying decision for some campers. 

What’s not in the Snoozy II

No trailer is perfect but there were a few things I saw about the trailer that might be worth noting. 

First of all, the fact that the heat is only electric means that you essentially have to be hooked to shore power to make it work. Well, you could also put a generator on the tongue, and there’s a platform there that’s designed specifically to hold one. 

Some people may also not like the interior which, aside from the red oak, is a bit stark. But I’ve shared spoonflower wallpaper with you all before and that could be a solution here, too. 

In summary

There’s a lot to like about this little trailer with the build quality of the fiberglass shell and galvanized chassis being principal among them. The idea of the company even thinking of aerodynamics and “building a trailer for your grandchildren’s grandchildren” says a lot about the company. 

Overall I think Snoozy II has done a good job building a trailer that is absolutely worth considering for those who want something smaller that’s well made and different in style and function. 

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Tony comes to RVTravel having worked at an RV dealership and been a life long RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

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Snoozy 2 is a new trailer with a name you might know but is a different company entirely making a trailer that has actually been tested for aerodynamics.


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Jonathan Scharf
23 days ago

Nice airy feel with one picture window on the PS. As discussed, the.location above the countertop is a perfect location (as pointed out) for a larger TV. The. only concern I have is what what provisions can or were made to support the bracket/TV during the formation of the upper shell? I imagine some blocking of some sort should be incorporated by Snoozy II. I consider the attention to this detail paramount as you do not want folks from either mistakenly drill through the fiberglass or from having the bracket and TV pulling off the wall.

Bottom line, this cozy little trailer will be a big hit with many potential purchasers. The shape is quite different from any of the fiberglass units that are out there right now!

26 days ago

Tony, you and I have great minds LOL. I immediately thought this would need an induction cook surface (they ARE portable) just in case you need to cook when the weather isn’t cooperating! I would also replace the microwave with a convection/microwave so I could cook unmicrowaveable stuff! (I think I just made up a new word there LOL again.)

Merry Christmas to you (and ALL the staff) and a Happy New Year too!

26 days ago

Tony, you didn’t mention any 12v DC electrical features. Does it even have a battery and converter? Or is everything 120v AC only?

Donald N Wright
26 days ago

I have toured the Snoozy 1 at an AOC rally, I was impressed by the design and layout, I wish

it had a “more headroom” option with a spacer between the halves. The owners of the Snoozy also installed a Propane tank and a Wave heater. I wonder when the manufacturer will mold a built in solar panel into the roof. Airstream needs to take their trailers to the Wind Tunnel too.

26 days ago

University of (South) Carolina?