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RV Review: Unusual trailers – Sundowner TrailBlazer RV 1669 travel trailer

Small independent RV manufacturers often do such interesting things, and today we’re reviewing the unusual Sundowner TrailBlazer RV 1669. You may not have heard of Sundowner Trailers before, but that would mean you’re not involved in the horse trailer world. The company is actually a fixture there.

The 1669 is the company’s smallest travel trailer, which, in many ways, is built like their horse trailers. That’s a good thing, mind you. 

Build and structure of the Sundowner TrailBlazer

Starting at the frame, Sundowner uses an all-aluminum frame for the trailer as well as an aluminum structure. The exterior of the trailer is also an aluminum skin and happens to be a .050 aluminum skin – which is pretty thick. 

The 1669 is the only model in the company’s travel trailer lineup that rides on one axle, but that axle is a torsion axle. Interestingly, the design of this trailer is almost more like a cargo trailer in some ways than a typical travel trailer. 

The wheels and tires sit outside the main body of the trailer with metal wheel housings. That means that the body of the trailer has to be narrower to accommodate the wheels. That’s not totally unusual in box trailers but not something you often see with travel trailers. 

Sundowner TrailBlazer RV 1669

The model designation, 1669, refers to the exterior dimensions of the unit with it being 16 feet long and 6’9” wide. 

Not only are these built of aluminum, but there are frameless windows used, as well. I would think that anybody who wishes to build their own cargo trailer would do well to look at these first if RV quality is your primary driving force. 

There are a lot of people like me who have visions of DIY trailer building with a cargo trailer as the foundation. But just going to a dealership and picking something up also means camping with it this weekend. 

But, perhaps the best thing about the Sundowner TrailBlazer is that the roof is a single sheet of aluminum rather than being rubber or sections. Maybe that’s how the company is able to offer a three-year warranty on the entire trailer and an eight-year warranty on the structure. Oh, and those warranties are transferable, as well. 

What’s inside

There’s no doubt that the Sundowner TrailBlazer RV 1669 is a smaller trailer overall and, specifically, the smallest the company offers. But there’s still a decent interior with an “east-west” bed along the front. That bed lifts up to reveal a large storage compartment which is also accessible from the outside via a road-side door. There’s even a heat duct into this compartment. 

A small fridge separates the bed area from the main living area – where you’ll find a jackknife sofa. 

Opposite that is a small galley with a two-burner stove and small sink. Cabinets surround the main living space and sleeping quarters overhead, but there is no hanging space out here. Frankly, I know this bugs a bunch of folks – but not me. I bring T-shirts when I go camping, and those are all rolled up to minimize the amount of space they take. 

Surprisingly, the bathroom is a star here with a nice 24” x 40” shower and a fancy-pants residential-style bowl sink. There’s a linen closet next to that. You can hang things there, if you have hangups. 

What’s not

There were a few things I noticed in this trailer that I’d like to change. The first of those is that there are only stabilizer jacks in the back but not up front. I would suggest you add them to the front, as well, if you choose one of these, especially with the bed being up there. 

Counter space is also pretty tight in here. Also, this floor plan would do well with a two-burner in-line stove top instead of the one that’s here now. Those new space-saving linear stove tops are great for smaller trailers. 

Also, with the frameless windows some folks don’t like them because they don’t open as wide as they’d like. The solution on some RVs that have these is to use a high-performance vent fan. That could be put in the place of the low-performance fan in the bathroom. 

In summary

Overall, I can see people getting these for things like the build materials or the warranty – or because they just want to have something unique. The build quality is certainly there. For those who want something larger, the company also makes larger trailers. 

The fact that they’re a staple in horse trailers and also cargo trailers says something about how these are built. But they’re as nicely finished inside as most travel trailers with a very different build and design philosophy. 

There are also wider versions available. However, all the models feature an east-west bed measuring 70” in height. So there is no option for a larger bed or one you can access from both sides. 

My thanks to reader John D. for bringing these to my attention. 


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Tony comes to having worked at an RV dealership and been a life long RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

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Build materials/quality
Galley counter space


The Sundowner RV is a product from a company known for their horse and cargo trailers and offers better-than-average build quality and materials.
Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.



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Vickie L McClellan Benson (@guest_157005)
1 year ago

As you know, I am very fond of cargo trailers. I’ve owned & camped in 3 of them. This trailer is very small but has nice appointments. Quality is a biggie for me and cargo trailers are much better built than rvs. I would consider one but that couch would have to leave so I could place a table there. If someone wants to lounge they can do it on the bed but a table for prep, eating & playing cards is essential, IMO.

Les (@guest_156979)
1 year ago

Very nice but what’s up with the couch? Seems like a standard RV dining table and opposing seats would be much better. More counter space with the table.

The Sundowner RV is a product from a company known for their horse and cargo trailers and offers better-than-average build quality and materials. RV Review: Unusual trailers – Sundowner TrailBlazer RV 1669 travel trailer

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