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RV Review: Venture RV SportTrek Touring Edition STT302VRB

Today’s review is of the Venture RV SportTrek Touring Edition STT302VRB, a fairly upscale travel trailer that could be considered an alternative to a smaller fifth wheel. Now, I know some of you would prefer a fifth wheel over a travel trailer if given the choice. And I understand that the towing experience and the additional cargo carrying of a fifth wheel are advantages.

But I also hear from readers who have challenges with mobility and the additional steps to get into some fifth wheels plus the steps to get up to what is typically the bedroom or bathroom in most models is more than they want to deal with. 

So, there are travel trailers that really do make good alternatives to fifth wheels. Today’s unit is absolutely one of those. 

Highlights of the SportTrek

One of the first things I like about this trailer is right at the entry. There’s a small closet immediately to the right of the entry, but Venture has also placed a cabinet above the kitchen counter on the left of the entryway. 

We always put keys, walkie talkies and that sort of thing on the shelf of our trailer just inside the door—so it’s just out there looking cluttered. Having a cabinet space for all this stuff is a nice idea. 

I’m going to have to start eating my words if I keep talking about interior design, but as a component of usability it is a factor. You have to like the darned thing, after all. But I also recognize that style is very, very subjective. 

I had mentioned the cabinet at the entryway, and there’s a similar cabinet on the road side of the trailer. These cabinets are joined in the middle by an arched doorway featuring two sliding doors. It reminds me of some of the stately houses I saw in the King William district when visiting San Antonio. It just seems to make a statement. 

The bedroom in the SportTrek

Since we’re on our way into the bedroom, let’s look around there. First, you’ll find a king-sized bed in a slide on the road side. Opposite that is a cabinet with multiple drawers and a top that flips up. That reveals storage for things like socks or just the “stuff” we accumulate in life. 

This cabinet is also home to the smaller of two electric fireplaces in this trailer. Yep, there are two. There’s also a place under this cabinet for shoes and further space for your footwear under the foot of the bed. Quite a “feet” having all this space for shoes. 

I know the very front of this space is going to garner very polarized opinions. But there is a seat at the front and a windshield behind that. This is a good place to sit and put on shoes and such. Flanking the seat are closets. It’s almost as if this could have been where they originally planned to put a queen-sized bed but instead went with the slide and the larger bed. 

Still, there are little cubbies behind the closets. I’ve seen these in the bedroom designs of lots of trailers. They’re odd, but then also useful. 

You can also lift up the seat and get into the front pass-through storage. This reminds me of a novel I read by Karen Musser Nortman where something like this came into play. If you like good books about people who RV, allow me to recommend the Frannie Shoemaker series by her and think of this review as you’re reading one of the books. 

Nice living area

Back in the main living area, Venture did this very nicely as well. 

I like the choice of theater seats. They feature a manual recline mechanism (nothing worse than waiting for a power recliner—that’s not relaxing!) and also heat and massage. There’s also a USB power outlet in the armrest. Further, there is a flip-down middle armrest with two cup holders and more power outlets. 

In those seats you’re able to see the large TV and enjoy the warmth of the second electric fireplace in this rig. 

The kitchen itself offers decent space and, wonder of wonders, a 22” oven. Yippee! 

Cabinet space continues here as well, with even the TV hiding more storage. 

The bathroom in the SportTrek is the “big daddy rabbit” of bathrooms

Lastly, the bathroom is sort of the big daddy rabbit of travel trailer bathrooms. That’s not because of the corner shower or the additional storage and such. This bathroom actually has a walk-in closet in it with two hanging bars and a wardrobe. 

If there was a travel trailer toilet throwdown this one would be dropping the mic. But, hopefully, not in the toilet, which is porcelain. 

Also in the bathroom, but not necessarily where you’d be using this, is a device called the LevelMatePRO. This allows you to know the state of level of the trailer from your smartphone, making it easier to level the thing. I much prefer this to automatic leveling systems that break, quite honestly. 

Leveling a trailer is so easy. Just get a couple of those wedge-shaped ramps and back the trailer up on them until it’s level side-to-side. Then use the tongue jack to level it front-to-back and you’re done, son. 

Using the LevelMatePRO, you’ll know when it’s level side-to-side right from your truck. So that makes the process even easier. One more little touch in the back bathroom is a motion-activated night light, which you can shut off if you choose. We have battery-powered motion lights all over our house and RV, though. 


One of the things I’m getting pickier and pickier about is where the connection points are for the black and gray tank dumps and the handles, as well. Drives me nuts when the connection is under a slide room, or when that connection’s valve is somewhere only a contortionist can get to, often for the same reason. 

I spoke with a guy once who said he could rig in power gate valve actuators. This would also be an effective deterrent to anyone tailgating too closely, particularly if they had their convertible top open. But that wouldn’t be nice. 

Though you’d probably make a million bucks if you caught it on video and posted it to YouTube. 

Boondocking and travel access with the SportTrek

Typically larger trailers with big slides are not the thing to buy if mid-travel access is your goal. This is not an exception to that. Forget about the fridge and bathroom mid-journey, as the counter extension and dining table come together to block access to those.

This trailer is available with a single 100-watt solar panel and solar controller.

Tank sizes are about average for a travel trailer. I doubt that I’m going to see one of these three miles back on a dirt road in the desert the next time I go there. But if I do, I’ll post pictures to my Instagram. This is likely going to spend most of its time in developed RV campgrounds. That makes sense, as the two fireplaces and even the available second air conditioning are why there is a 50-amp service to this trailer.

In summary

A few other details are worth sharing, including the frameless windows on this trailer. That is a feature I do put value in. They require less maintenance, and I just like the look. Plus, you can crack them open in the rain. 

There’s also an outdoor kitchen that consists of a flat-top griddle in a drawer under the bar-sized outdoor fridge. Also, there is a fully plumbed sink. 

Lastly, as your friendly neighborhood RV gadget geek, I got a new toy (naturally) in the form of an iPad. This allows me to more easily do screen shots and then scribble on them with arrows and text and such. 

I’ve always had professional photo software, but this is just nifty, to me. Do you like the screen shots of videos with the descriptions on them? I hope so. It’ll help me feed my gadget addiction and, hopefully, make these reviews even more useful to you. 

Quite a bit I like about the SportTrek

There is quite a bit I like about this trailer, especially the storage and closets, with another mention of that nifty closet in the bathroom. The layout would do well for those who spend a lot of time in here, including full-timers. Since that closet in the bathroom has the plumbing for it, you could even put a washer and dryer back there. Nice. 

Overall, I’m liking what I see in the Venture RV SportTrek series. 

As always, thank you for reading, and happy camping. 

I would love to read your comments and suggestions over on our new forums, where you can weigh in and start or join a discussion about all things RV. Here’s a link to my RV Reviews Forum.

Tony comes to having worked at an RV dealership and been a lifelong RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife, Peggy.

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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