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RV Daily Tips. Monday, May 9, 2022

Issue 1856
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Today’s thought

“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.” ―Lucy Maud Montgomery

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Lost Sock Memorial Day!

On this day in history: 2020 – The COVID-19 recession causes the U.S. unemployment rate to hit 14.9 percent, its worst rate since the Great Depression.

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Tip of the Day

A reminder if you have hydraulic leveling jacks or slide-out system

By Dustin Simpson, California RV Specialists
Here are example pictures and general information about why it’s important to maintain your hydraulic leveling jacks.

If you have hydraulic leveling jacks or a slide-out system, you want to periodically check the hydraulic fluid level in your reservoir.

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Today’s RV review…

Venture RV SportTrek Touring Edition STT302VRB

Tony writes that this is “…a fairly upscale travel trailer that could be considered an alternative to a smaller fifth wheel. Now, I know some of you would prefer a fifth wheel over a travel trailer if given the choice. I understand that the towing experience and the additional cargo carrying of a fifth wheel are advantages but…”

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Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club.

Why does my RV’s furnace shut down before reaching the set temperature?

Dear Dave,
My furnace is not working properly. When I turn up the thermostat, it will kick on but then turns off before reaching the desired temperature. I’m thinking that the issue is with the thermostat. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Thank you. —Chiara, 2020 Forest River Wildwood 40FDEN

Read Dave’s answer


Just Ask Mike (J.A.M.): A Nutella vs. peanut butter survey

My wife, Linda, and I visited Italy for 10 days last month and had a wonderful time. This vacation trip was canceled and rescheduled three times since 2020, so we were really looking forward to this trip and especially to seeing the Tuscany and Chianti regions. (Linda loves “Under the Tuscan Sun,” with Diane Lane.) I was prepared to eat and drink a lot, and I was not disappointed. In fact, the food and wine surpassed all my expectations, plus there was one bonus food I never expected. But more on that shortly.

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Be careful where you put your satellite dish or this can happen

Many RVers invest in a television satellite dish. It’s nice to have reliable TV wherever and whenever you want to tune in to your favorite shows, but be careful where you choose to install your TV satellite dish. Read what resulted from this “genius” idea of where to put a satellite dish.

Reader poll

Does your RV serve as your office for your full- or part-time income?

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Quick Tip

Heavy-duty stove top cleaning in your shower!

Trouble getting the grime off your range-top burner grates, gas control knobs, even the cook top itself? Stop up your shower drain, lay down a towel, and put those grimy parts on it. Now add a couple of inches of hot water and sprinkle a half-cup of dishwasher detergent granules on the scene of the crime. Soak for an hour and rinse away the grime.

“Why I love my RV”

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, readers tell in their own words why they love their RVs. 

From Larry Lee
2014 Thor Tuscany XTE 40EX

“When we first bought our Class A motorhome I thought we had gone overboard. I mean, really, one and a half bathrooms, fake electric fireplace, full-size residential refrigerator, and 3 slide-outs! Well, was I wrong. Last year we sold our house and went full-time, towing our Jeep. Now every single ‘perk’ in our RV is used routinely and we really enjoy it every day and night. Surprisingly easy to drive despite being 40 feet long. Airbag suspension makes for a comfortable ride. Switched to lithium batteries six months ago and they work great (Battle Born). Just removed the couch last week for recliners going in this week. The next project is solar panels on the roof. We have never run out of hot water with the 10-gallon electric and propane water heater. The huge front window is such a delight when rolling along our nation’s fine non-interstate highways. It came from the factory equipped with a 2000-watt sine-wave inverter and even has a built-in whole house vacuum cleaner that works great. I realize it will soon be 10 years old so the repair rate will likely increase, but we have no plans to trade because we think it is just right for the two of us (plus two guests for dinner).”

Tell us about your RV. Come on, do a little bragging! Click here.

Pretty soon, these will be a thing of the past. But until then, why not make yours more fun?!

Website of the day

Report Fraud
If you’ve been scammed, or know someone who has, use this website as a resource and report it! Tell them what happened and help stop it from happening to someone else.

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Recipe of the Day

Chili Cheese Dog Nachos
by Brandy Bender from Darrington, WA

Oh my – everything you love about a chili cheese dog, in a nachos format. Does it get any better?! These are great for a special after-school snack, game night, football party or for that late night craving. So fun!!

Click here for the recipe

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The modern computer term “font” derives its name from metal casting. The word “font” derives from the french word “fonte,” which means “something that has been melted; a casting.” In the time before computers, “font” was used in reference to the physical sets of typefaces used by a printer which were created by using a metal casting at a type foundry. Now you know!

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Maisie is a rescue ChiWeenie who is approximately 6 years old. She loves camping and is an outdoors mountain dog. Nothing gets in her way and she loves to hike, climb and lead the pack.” —Paul Pinsker

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Saturday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

Pet First Aid: The basic kit you should carry with you at all times. This is important!

Leave here with a laugh

I went to a beautiful, but haunted, bed and breakfast in France. In fact, it was so haunted that I had to leave. That place was giving me the crepes!

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Tom B
10 months ago

And most people use the term font incorrectly. Arial is a typeface. Arial 12pt bold is a font.

10 months ago

To clean a grill, or anything with grease or oils – simply spray, “rinse and wipe” with Dawn Powerwash! Spray it on, let it work a few minutes, wipe it off and then rinse clean! It is magic in a spay bottle! No fuss, no mess, minimal cleanup of paper towel for disposal! (Follow directions and use sparingly – a 16oz bottle goes a long way!)

Dana D
10 months ago

Reporting fraud in my experience is a waste of time. I reported the bogus Wells Fargo check as well as the phone number of the scammer. No action was taken. In my opinion these government websites are nothing but a “feel good” website for the public so the government agencies can say they are doing something.

Bob Weinfurt
10 months ago
Reply to  Dana D

Like the “Do not call” registry.

Jeff Craig
10 months ago

Mmmmmm… Crepes.

With Nutella!!

Kathy Niemeyer
10 months ago

Why would I want to put that grime and grease down my shower after cleaning the burners and knobs? Your not suppose to put grease down your into the grey tank. This was not a good suggestion.

10 months ago
Reply to  Kathy Niemeyer

Agreed, in addition now you have to clean the shower base before your spouse sees the mess you made.

Tony Grigg
10 months ago
Reply to  Kathy Niemeyer

I agree as well. If you have a plastic wash tub for your kitchen sink, or even just a 5 gallon bucket, that would be a MUCH better choice.

Tony Grigg
10 months ago
Reply to  Tony Grigg

P. S. Pour the wash water out under a nearby bush or small tree. It will enjoy the added moisture.

William Mahoney
10 months ago
Reply to  Tony Grigg

Don’t pour it under a tree or in the bushes either. The animals will love it. Especially in national parks that attracts bears wolves and other kinds of animals.

Thomas D
10 months ago
Reply to  Kathy Niemeyer

And where does the grease and grime go if you wash that stuff in the sink? Same holding tank, the one you wash frypans, utensils and dishes. Plus the. Higer concen of grease removers because of the dishwasher granules. Caution around that stuff. Wear rubber gloves.

Ron T.
10 months ago

I’ve known about fonts since high school 64-68 when there were only two choices in typing class – Pica and Elite.

Ron Lane
10 months ago
Reply to  Ron T.


jim R
10 months ago
Reply to  Ron T.

And that was only if you were allowed to use the fancy electric typewriter……

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