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3 years ago

Morning person – love the mornings.
Can anyone suggest a good RV Roadside Assistance program. My own horror story and from others about getting poor assistance for flat tires. Do you know of any program that offers options such as sending out someone with compressed air so you can fill a tire that has a slow leak allowing you to drive a short distance (less than 30 miles) to a shop to have it fixed. Seems everyone wants to put on a spare or sell you a tire. I’m also fearful of programs that offer to tow you any distance to a repair shop only to find that ‘any distance’ refers to their determination that the nearby local ‘very’ small town mechanic qualifies as a repair shop even though it cannot resolve the problem you are experiencing. Seems it will cost extra to tow you further to a shop that can meet your needs. A very scary situation under any circumstances.
Also, how do these services work if you are in an area that has no cell service? Seems if you are in any of many areas without cell service you are out of luck. Anyone have any thoughts on this subject – specifically a good road assistance program.
I need help to get coverage for my C class RV.

Vic Mazzaro
3 years ago

Thanks for a wonderful newsletter we really appreciate all the work you all do. we were at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (Mich today and you forgot totell anyone with a over 62 pass that it’s free for them to get in and not to worry about the raise in rates. they are not affected because they have a life time pass which allow them to get in free for life

Walter Schaub
3 years ago

I have enjoyed your newsletter for years and would like to send a donation , where would one (address) send a check ?
Have owned a a 1976 GMC for 37 years . Basically original .

Dave Kaiser
3 years ago

Chuck, you mentioned last week about staying west of the Mississippi for a while. If you get around the 4-corners area check out the McFee reservoir campground outside of Delores, Co run by the forest service. They have back-ins and pull outs, beautiful but services are going to pot. Maybe you might have a way of kicking someone in the tail after you experience it. Thanks for the great newsletters.

Art Darling
3 years ago

Areas out west are not the only places where they are lining up to watch the eclipse. The tallest mountain in Georgia is Brasstown Bald. They have already sold out the 450 parking spaces in the parking lot for folks to watch the eclipse. The small rural county near the mountain is expecting upwards of 7500 additional people that day in the area and first responders are planning for the crowd.

3 years ago

Random RV Thought– Now really, is it a good idea to grab a pillow and blanket and climb on top of your RV to look at the stars. I guess some RVs are quipped with ladders and guard rails. I may grab a blanket and pillow and find a clear view of the sky and lay on the ground to view the stars, but not on top of my trailer.

3 years ago

BEND OREGON ECLIPSE — You will NOT be able to see the total eclipse from Bend. Only a partial eclipse will be seen. That’s like going to a much anticipated concert and and leaving after the warm up band finishes.

Matthew Colie
3 years ago

I liked the short clip about GMC Motorhomes. I do have one (and it was featured in the “What you drive page years back), but what your article missed was that part of the reason that there are still the 8000 on the road is that we have a network of repair parts suppliers that make this possible. GM abandon us years ago, but with the support of these suppliers and the community as a whole providing both parts and engineering upgrades, I suspect that these coaches will still be on the roads a long time to come.

Frank A Busalacchi
3 years ago

Hey Chuck, A thought : Didn’t you just bring on a new assistant editor (aka your daughter) ? She seems to be a Millennial who just might have some writing talent. How about a “Millennial Corner” ?

Frank ( A Boomer)

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
3 years ago

Frank, we are re-starting our website Beginners Guide to RVing ( and will offer a lot of advice there to younger RVers. My daughter will be very helpful with that site. Thanks for your thoughts.

Mike Butts
3 years ago

Your weekly poll showing the age of your readership reflects what I’ve found in membership in Good Sam’s and FMCA. The vast majority are retired people my parents’ age. It seems the generation prior to mine (I’m 53) really enjoys group outings, potlucks, etc. where I’m just trying to get away from my job & honey do list for the weekend.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mike Butts

LOL, Mike, the reason those folks are enjoying those activities so much is because they were once where you are now — and happy to be done with it! Hang in there, you’ll be there soon. 🙂

David Nowak
3 years ago
Reply to  Lyn

RVing since 04 has been rewarding to us. We’ve met many wonderful RV’ers and noticed that conversations in the last few years have a common denominator regarding leaking slideouts.
New Rv’s as well as ten year old ones leak. I would like to suggest future articles on realigning slideouts and replacing seals. Thanks for your consideration.