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Ken wahl

I’m receiving daily RV Tips. How come I cannot get the postal codes/zip codes to display for that contest? Using an iPhone. I can open the link ok but there are no zip codes displayed. Just winners, the rules, etc. I have seen them in the past but not in the last two weeks. No zip codes. I am opening after 5:30 am PST. Hmm


Bob Forbes

Thanks for the Charles Kuralt video. We sure could use such upbeat stories in the news again. Too much negativity out there. What a pleasure to see him again On the Road!

Eric Meslin

I clicked where indicated on the add to buy the BASU eAlarm for less than $10. It’s actually right at $20 – grossly misrepresented. Not cool, and a little too expensive for me.


IRT your RVT meetings: Maybe you would consider having a meeting in each state centrally located each month or couple of weeks with a published schedule? I would love to attend but distance always seems to be a problem.

Max Hall


Seems like you head to the Pa rv show each year. How come you never seem to make it to the big show in Tampa, Fl held in Jan each year?

Gail Anderson

I just finished reserving California state parks campsites on the way home in August 2018 from our stint of camp hosting next summer in southern Oregon. I was appalled that — five months out — no spaces with hook-ups are available in coastal parks. That’s because you can reserve your spaces in CA state parks six months in advance. Who knew? Next year I’ll either know better or go somewhere else. Maybe CA is just too crowded.


“Why do many RV parks have sites that are not level?”

How true. We have a Sea View MH. For some reason, probably aerodynamics or something like that, National RV made the front lower than the back. This means on even a level spot we have to raise the front. Unfortunately we have found few level RV spots. Right now we have the R rear tire level on the ground, the L rear tire on two boards, the L front tire on two boards, the R front on three boards (2 x 6). Then we have to use the leveling jacks to finish the leveling. There is a park in Cannon Beach, OR where we had to raise the front so far it was hard to get in. We found another park in West Richland, WA where they put us on a site where we could never get close to level. We asked to move which their reply was – OK but no one else has problems. No one else are 5th wheels which have a much easier time to level on unlevel spots.

Yes, why put all the money into building a park and not level the spots?


What Happen to “This Week in History” that used to be before the Trivia section?


When you wind your way to the Northeast, be sure to swing thru New York’s Finger lakes region. Not so nice right now…big winter storm. But it’s amazing during Summer. Gorges and waterfalls galore. Small towns, forests, rivers, lakes, farms and lots of beautiful scenery.


WOW Chuck what a golden opportunity to invite ALL the RV manufacturers to the RVillage event in Elkhart Indiana. I’m sure those 500+ RV owners could tell the manufacturers how they felt about their quality, etc. Darn shame it’s so far away from me to get there. I hope you can get that ball rolling & invite those manufacturers, but be sure NOT to tell them they are going to get roasted. I’m sure the manufacturers will be all jazzed up thinking that everyone was thinking about buying a new RV!

Michael Hale

In Roger Marble’s column, RV Tire Safety, the bit.ly link does not work. Just spins the beachball.


So we are stuck with poor workmanship in New tv’s. How about a comprehensive checklist of things to check BEFORE you hand over that check, dealers are much more responsive to your needs when you still have the money. Take your time, all day if necessary, but don’t hand over the check until everything you find is fixed. Even then you probably won’t find it all, but every little bit helps. So let’s start an online list of things to look for.

Bill Semion

Hi, ya’ll owe it to yourselves to check out a new RV park if going to the Savannah area. It’s called Creekfire, about 4 months new. Widely spaced sites, a shuttle service into the historic city, pool with kiddie pool, gravel and paved lots, and more.


If you go to the Lifeline battery website you will find that six volt batteries pound for pound do not have any more capacity than a twelve volt battery.

Joe Mueller

So I see that you’ve started a Pot of Gold contest. I’m not sure why I’ve donated to be a subscriber if you’re going to just turn around and give that money away in a contest. I was about to write another check, but obviously you don’t need the donation.

I’m in Houston and storms here prevented me from getting to your seminar on Sunday. The seminar is a great idea. I hope I’m able to get to the next one.

Claud Addicott

Thank you for all you do in spreading the word on the current RV build quality – really lack of quality – issues.

Sadly, far too many RVers, both new and experienced, still find out the hard way.

I know you are already doing all you can to spread the word, but have you considered dedication a page at rvtravel.com to the issue?

Even if it’s just a short intro and links to articles, videos. etc. on the subject. It could provide an easy place to refer RVers and potential RVers who have are not aware of the issues.

And while they’re here, they might just decide to stay…

Mike Miller

Quick comment here. I noticed the ‘weekly trivia” segment is missing. I really enjoy this segment. Hopefully it’s on vacation for now. Please re-instate it.’Thanks
Mike Miller