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We have a 2016 Pheonix Cruiser 3100. Drove it from Florida to Alaska and back. Over 17000 miles in 5 months. Three months in Alaska with some very rough roads. (Top of the World Highway ). Lots of camping in hot Florida. Never a single problem. Did a factory tour, talked to other owners all of whom raved about quality and reliability. We will never have any other brand.

Solar Steve

I am puzzled by the frequent articles on increasing water flow at the faucet. Foor anyone boondocking, minimal water flow extends useful time of the freshwater tank, especially in small RVs. And showering, the hot water can last for 2 people’s showers, without ever having to do the on and off shower method. I carefully remopved the large hose showerhjead and replaced with one that gives a good spray on less than 1 gallon a minute. The amall type with a quarter coin sized brass disc in it with about 12 small holes for the water spray.

Chris G Stamper

I have a Coleman 2018 and over half of the plug outlets is set up on a GFCI circuit. It started shutting down or losing power to these plugs when using with phone chargers and xbox with tv. No GFCI was tripped, so bought a Southwire GFCI tester and tested my house before using it in the camper and house worked good but camper showed hot and neutral reversed. Took and looked at all plugs affected and all was wired same and panel was wired correctly, question is does the tester work differently in the camper than house?

Omer Murray

I just found this, I am not that computer savvy. I wanted to reply to several articles I have read in the past issues and found no way.
Could you leave reply links with the articles and with the people responsible for the issues?
I have read the stories about poorly built RVs and I wonder if you could do one on reliable manufacturers.
BTW, I found you several months and I love your publication.

Mike Sherman

The link to the article on skunk encounters does not work.

john stahl

Sherry, There are no good RV’s to buy. They all have problems. You are lucky if you get one with only a couple problems. They build RV’s fast and pretty but not with much quality.

Sherry Dawson

Chuck, I found the complaint letters from RV buyers very helpful as I’m shopping for an RV. However, I would LOVE to see recommendations from RVers about the good ones! Since most people complain about the new rigs, I think a lot of us would like to know which older units would be a good bet. Could you do a short article and ask for comments from readers telling us what they have (or had) and liked? Or ask the question however you think would get the most responses?

I will buy a used Class C toyhauler, and would love to see who has one they love. They aren’t as available as Class A Toyhaulers and fifth wheels, so I have fewer choices and can’t afford to make a mistake.

Thanks for any help you can offer. I LOVE this publication.

Tommy Molnar

Watched the Charles Karult video. It’s interesting that we look at the ‘registers’ of the emigrants as interesting and fascinating history but if someone does this today they are labelled as destroying nature. Of course, we already had a BIG discussion of this recently so we don’t need to start all over again. I’m just sayin’ . . . . .

Sam Kline

Your point about using the Sperry Connector checking device sounds good but looks like it is only configured to test 110. How do you check 50amp plug in?

John Hiler

My god, this is the 21st century. A simple light on the water-sewer console, Green ground ok, Red defective ground. Probably a five dollar fix at construction…


Was with a group camping and our Progressive industries 30amp unit shut the electricity off due to low voltage. Told the other members of our group and all but one checked there voltage and found low voltage. The one that did not stated that our Progressive industries 50 amp unit shutting off the electricity was the reason that he would not have one since his wife would get upset over the electricity being shut off.
Found out later that in the next 6 months he had to replace the AC, microwave,TV,converter and the mother board on the refrigerator,


Don’t waste your money on the Rub-Away-Bar like I did. It doesn’t work!

Dave G

Chuck, thank you for your great newsletter!

Your article about testing the power at your site is right on but needs to point out the recommended tester with out adaptor(s) only tests the 15/20 amp receptacle, many RV’s use the 30 or 50 amp plugs. Just because one receptacle tests good does not mean the others in the box are good.

I have a built in Progressive industries 50 amp unit. We were in a private campground in California a few years ago when it indicated there was a ground issue.. when the PImunit indicates an issue it does not allow the power to get to the rv’s Electrical system without a manual override. The CG manager tried to tell me it was a problem with my meter, she said that they had other people report the same condition and that they had checked and it was OK. I told her that it was my health and safety and I trusted the device, so I wanted to move. A second site tested the same way so I moved to a 3rd site in a different row, no problems. It turned out the entire row had a ground issue. Two things I learned, trust your instruments but verify your findings, and do not let someone talk you into a potentially dangerous situation!

Dave Piposzar

Electric pedestal problems reminded me of a state park in WV where my built-in voltage meter on the motorhome kept showing less than 100 volts of AC available. While that might be ok for lights, it sure isn’t for AC or the microwave!! The ranger and I checked multiple sites in the loop with the same problem. So everything might be wired ok and still be a low voltage nightmare. I asked other campers in the area if they checked their voltage and most looked at me like I had two heads, and then had no idea where to find their meter or had units that didn’t have them. Are today’s shore power intakes equipped today voltage/amp meters??