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William Duff
1 year ago

Chuck, I like your article on surge protectors. It’s something everybody needs to be aware of. I did notice howerver that didn’t mention to purchase an EMS instead of just a surge protector since that will not protect you against low voltage or mis-wired pedestals. There is a new EMS out now made by the people who make the Hughes Autoformer that has an app where you can monitor voltage and more on your phone.

1 year ago

On the fires/firepits. I don’t know that my wife and I, when camping alone, have ever built a fire. Smoke gives her fits and she avoids it at all costs. There’s one KOA where I doubt we’ll ever go back to. There are number of reasons, but one is that the sites are so close together, that if the neighbor built a fire in their fire ring, it would have probably scorched the side of our camper. No thank you.

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary

Gary, this is common at many KOAs.

D. Strope
1 year ago

Good day, re; RVAdvisor article. Attempted to sign up for news letter, and receive msg, about improper ph number, wrong format. Tried three or four different formats and still get msg to follow proper format, yet no example of proper format shows. Frustrated!!

1 year ago

I need some advice. This year we are planning a a 4 or 5 month winter trip to from western Canada to southern Arizona or Southern California.
Given the recent mass shooting in the USA, how safe is the USA to travel or to stay?
We do shop at Walmart and at times may go to a nightclub. We mind our own business and do not carry firearms as living in Canada I feel quite safe.
Any feedback is appreciated.
Many thanks

1 year ago
Reply to  Cooper

Sad to say, there’s no guarantee about anything. (That’s life.) But as a US resident, I do worry about our “slow” RV in urban traffic inciting a road-rage incident and possible drive-by shooting. We stick to the slow lane and avoid getting in the way of the many, many freeway aggressors who demand a clear path to speed 15 to 20 mph over the limit, weaving through the lanes and nearly clipping slower vehicles as they punch their way through. Its a fact: law enforcement on crowded US urban freeways has either given up, or has lost control. Safe driving enforcement on crowded freeways, like urban gun control, is a relic of past life in the US. So… use your own judgment.

Steve Lawhead
1 year ago
Reply to  Cooper

Don’t let the sensationalized media reporting of these extremely rare events make you fear traveling to the US. This country is huge and has 10x the population of Canada. The chances of you being involved in a violent crime are extremely slim. And if you stay out of certain areas in certain cities the risk gets even smaller. Just as in Canada there’s places you don’t want to visit.

Your risk of dieing in a vehicle accident on your trip is far greater than being involved in a violent crime.

Turn off the TV and hit the road!

1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Lawhead

Couldn’t agree more with you Steve. We live in western Canada, in a city recently deemed to have the largest drug usage per capita IN THE WORLD, so believe me we feel very very safe travelling in the USA,(particularly Idaho, most of Washington, and almost all of Oregon.

Idaho is where our kids moved to nearly ten years ago, because they no longer felt safe in their home country or city, plus the costs of all that FREE stuff was killing them.

By the way the city of Boise Idaho, just announced that their crime rate is at a 25 YEAR LOW, Who else can claim that? We’re off to Winchester Bay OR, in a few days for a three week stay -barring we don’t run into an Antifa bunch along the way, we’re going to have a ball. We’ll worry about nothing, except the house being broken into and ransacked back home. Our good neighbours looking after everything will take good care as we do for them when they’re in Palm Springs in the winter. We look after each other. Is there another way.

1 year ago

I’m surprised no one else mentioned this yet… the brake fluid tester featured does NOT check your brake fluid level (fluid vs. air in the sealed system). That one only checks for water content (water mixed into fluid, which shouldn’t happen in a closed system). Ironically, using this tester exposes the fluid to ever more humidity, and removes a tiny amount each test — making the practice of frequent testing exacerbate both problems.

1 year ago

Regarding surge protection and electrical monitoring devices, we too picked one up a couple of years ago and it has probably saved our AC twice already due to low voltage. Quite a few years back some friends of ours had left their motorhome and gone into town, there was a voltage drop and their air conditioners failed. When they returned they found one of their pugs deceased due to the heat and the other had to be rushed to a nearby vet. Luckily that one survived. Ever since then my wife and I don’t trust leaving our dog (also a pug) in the travel trailer alone. Even with the electrical monitoring device.

1 year ago

While in Colorado Utah and Arizona we were told no fires were permitted at all. There were a lot of fire bans in the states we were visiting. Normally we don’t do fire pits because either we can’t get them to burn or just don’t have time for one. I too agree that unless you plan to cook over one? You don’t need one. As for cave dwellings? Our ancestors use to do this. So why not. Sounds like fun.