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The importance of RV water pump maintenance

Let this post serve as a reminder to clean your water pump filter. The filter is there to help catch particles to prevent damage to your water pump.

The following pictures show a lot of shavings that came from production. Sometimes it can take a number of uses for them to get into the filter.

The water pump strainer filter is a 1/2″ twist-on pipe strainer. These are typically attached to your water pumps. In most cases, they are hidden behind the panel in your compartment area.

Don’t forget to clean them regularly. A dirty water pump filter can cause low pressure on the water pump side. Not to mention it causes your pump to work harder, which can cause damage over time.

Do you need a replacement filter? If so, you can find one here.

Additional ways of maintaining your RV water pump

Outside of filter maintenance, there are additional ways of maintaining your RV water pump. These include:

  • Water line inspection
    • Check for any kinks or cracks in the water lines. Also, ensure that mounting brackets are secure.
    • Leaks can cause your water pump to work harder than it needs to.
  • Connection inspection
    • Road vibration can cause connections to come loose. Loose connections can cause leaks, excessive noise and the water pump to work harder.
  • Sanitization
    • Algae or scale buildup on the diaphragm and valves can cause low flow and leak-back issues. Routinely sanitizing your fresh water system can prolong the life of your water pump.
  • Winterize your unit prior to winter storage.


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Cee Tee
1 month ago

Coachmen put my water pump under the shower pan. I can access it when I climb into the rear storage area, remove a small panel and pretend I’m a contortionist. I struggle to connect the bypass tube when I winterize. I don’t know if there is a filter or not. Guess that’s one more thing to add to my list for your crew to look at next spring.

1 month ago

On my 2017 Forest River 34QS, I have a shurflo water pump & it does have a filter & it did need cleaning from all the factory drilling & hole cutting. I was having water pressure issues & found out that there was some debris in the pump filter, also it was actually not tightened tight either, not had an issue since then! My pump was easy to access & easy to clean the filter!
Thanks Dustin for your informative articles
Happy holidays to you & your family & crew

Ray Leissner
1 month ago

Do all RV water pumps have a built-in filter? Rarely do I fill the water tank in my Jayco 5th wheel but when I do I encorporate a blue in-line filter on the filler hose. My pump, which is rarely used, is behind a not-so-easily removed panel and I’ve never closely inspected it.

Bob M
1 month ago
Reply to  Ray Leissner

My 2021 Jay Flight travel trailer came with the small water pump filter. I think the pump might be a Sureflow.

1 month ago

Dustin, Your article on Maintaining your water pump was just OK, as for Sanitation of the pump what’s the best way? Me new to this on board water situation, thanks….

Tony Grigg
1 month ago
Reply to  Jimmyb

Jimmy, as a friend of mine likes to say, “GTS”. (Google That ‘Stuff’). You’ll find lots of online info on sanitizing you RV water system. It’s not hard to do.

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