RVer Safety: Guns and nuts, Part 2


By Mike Sherman
Last week’s topic ignited a strong response with strong opinions. I believe many Americans are asking what can be done about mass shootings. Having read all of the comments, and several articles over the past few years, I’ve come to some conclusions as to the cause and potential solutions. If you have the time, continue on with your own analysis based on our findings, then offer all of us your suggestions and conclusions.

THE CAUSE: Latchkey kids, Internet games of violence, and voluntary solitary confinement. Throw in the fact that God has been thrown out … removed from the forefront of our social structure. If you think divorce is not a factor, think again. Kids are like a ship at sea, without a rudder. Abortion makes kids wonder just what value do we place on human life? What influences their thoughts? The single parent is too busy and the grandparents live on the other side of America.

I could continue on and on but I think you get my drift. The cause is complicated, convoluted and difficult to fully grasp because of the sheer volume of reasons for mass killings. Factor in the shock value that accompanies the horrors played out on national television and it is no wonder many experts cannot agree when talking about the cause. The bottom line? We are no longer the United States of America.

POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS: Go camping – you’ll be safe! Statistically, that is – or so it would seem.

There are things we can do to help avoid the mass killings. Background checks are a good start. There is one untapped source of vital information being overlooked in the background process. They check FBI and DOJ data bases for convictions that would prohibit gun ownership, but we all know the bad guys don’t buy their weapons from gun dealerships. Some claim the effort is worthless.

However, a great source of information for law enforcement are the local authorities – your county sheriff and local police department. Local law enforcement agencies have computer files on just about anyone they come into contact with. Not every contact results in an arrest (and records subsequently sent to the FBI and DOJ). If someone is questioned about loitering, for example, and the officer determines the person has a legitimate reason for being where they are at, there is no record of the event other than their local data base. They are called “Incident Reports” or “Field Interrogations”– records that describe a short “who, what, when, where, why” episode. They contribute to a local database that contains good background information, and some of it might be useful to a background check regarding a gun purchase, but the DOJ and FBI will not know about it.

For example, little Johnny gets caught killing a cat. The police are called. They take a report, but there is no arrest or other legal action that sends the information to anyone other than the local department’s computer. Five years later, little Johnny has grown up and applies to purchase a weapon. The inquiry goes out to the FBI and DOJ but that’s it. Johnny gets his gun.

However, if the inquiry also included a local check they would get information that can be useful. Granted, no cause for denial of the purchase but certainly worthy of a visit from the local sheriff and perhaps a mental health worker to do an assessment. A simple knock on the door with a “Can we talk?” inquiry. No rights have been violated. Johnny can slam the door, but more likely enjoys the attention and invites them in. They talk. Other local history on him might raise more red flags worthy of consideration.

Granted, there would have to be laws on the books stopping the sale based on “local” information; but, honestly, how many times have we read about a killing suspect’s past coming to light after the fact? “Approval should have never been granted based on this information”… Ever heard that before?

In other words, if we are going to do a background, then do a real background. And we need to get real regarding “assault” rifles. They have been labeled “assault” because some look like an M-16. It’s still just a rifle. Turn it into an automatic rifle and add high capacity clips and then, yes, we have a serious problem: It is no longer a rifle used for just self-defense or target practice. So we should focus on the “mass killing capability” that is the core problem. While restricting high capacity magazines is not a solution, it does offer a level of prevention. Many assailants have been tackled while reloading.

But the bottom line is these killings will continue. It used to be someone “going postal” – a government employee walking into work with a pistol and killing a few co-workers. That was a trend that has changed. Enter “road rage.” For a while it seemed like it was happening daily. That too has subsided.

But these mass killings – they seem to be increasing, in both the number of victims and number of mass assaults taking place across America on an annual basis. The killers are using weapons that I used in Vietnam. Factor in some of their reasons for murdering innocent strangers and it becomes impossible to wrap our mind around the entire event. The Las Vegas concert killings remain “unsolved” – no clear reasoning for such carnage.

As adults, we strive to understand the world we live in; we want to understand why something happens. Motive becomes important in a murder trial, and understanding motive in our nightly news segments becomes important. It enables us to cope. But some of the nuts out there today – It boggles the mind to grasp “What were they thinking?” In some cases, we will never know.

It has become obvious that another solution is to saturate public venues with armed officers AND citizens. One shooter was stopped within 30 seconds because the police were nearby. Another was stopped early enough to prevent dozens and dozens of additional victims. An off-duty fireman with a concealed gun permit comes to mind also, drawing down last week on a nut before he could fire a single shot, at a Walmart no less.

You won’t believe this, perhaps, but many murders are prevented by citizens who happen to be in the right area at the right time, armed with a license to carry a concealed weapon. The mainstream media refuses to highlight such incidents – it goes against a liberal media’s agenda.

You want to see an increase in mass killings? Keep offering up “gun-free zones,” and make it more and more difficult for good, honest citizens to obtain a concealed weapons permit. Personally, I like the idea that 10%+ of the guys in my church service are packing heat. If I am in a theater, I am comforted by the fact that there might be a few armed citizens. If something goes wrong, I could finish my popcorn before the cops arrive … depending on the location. I am thankful for school teachers that go through training to arm themselves in school districts that are smart enough to allow it. And let us not forget airline pilots. Can’t call 911 up there!

So, now I have offered up enough dust to overrun the comments section with ample responses. Please, try to keep them civil.

Until next week, be alert, be safe, and if you see something, say something.

Note: We know what we discuss in this column may be controversial. While we invite your polite, constructive comments, inflammatory remarks will be immediately deleted.

RVer Safety: Guns and nuts, Part 2Mike Sherman is a retired street cop and investigator with 30+ years of RV experience as a traveler, camp host and all-around advocate for the joys of living on the road. His articles are for general discussion purposes only – you should always consult your local authorities or legal counsel for specific answers if necessary. Write him at [email protected] if you have questions, or leave a comment below. 

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Dan B.

Assault rifles are for sale here. You have to purchase a government stamp for $200.00 and wait about a year to take possession because of the time for the background check. They are very expensive. I’ve never seen an assualt rifle on TV except in the hands of the police.

Tom Ewing

Same observations I have had. – Gun Free Zones are killing zones. – More citizens taking up the duty with concealed carry, including willing teachers at schools. I’m often amazed how even here in Texas we can get a church massacre and NOBODY had their guns on them to stop the guy?! How is that possible? Promote and encourage civic duty, and carry. When the bad guys don’t know or can even ‘expect’ someone around is armed… game changer. – Erosion of faith, family values, Pledge of Allegiance, patriotism, all things must be secular… erosion of ‘serve others’ mentality to… Read more »


I agree with most of your comments Mike with the possible exception of the local reporting accessible to all background checks. I know that research has shown that most serial killers have a history of animal abuse as a child but I haven’t seen evidence that the trait carries over to mass murderers (as being discussed here – anyone who thinks a serial killer isn’t a mass murderer has their head under a rock). No argument is going to convince an anti-gun person to become a pro-gun person. But I have one thing I ask people to consider. Americans have… Read more »

chris p hemstead

I know one thing that’s changed: communication.

Social media has made it so easy for psychopaths of all shapes and sizes to commiserate and support each other, even become radicalized. I have no idea what to do about it, but it’s a huge factor.

Ed D.

“However, if the inquiry also included a local check they would get information that can be useful. Granted, no cause for denial of the purchase but certainly worthy of a visit from the local sheriff and perhaps a mental health worker to do an assessment.” So let me get this straight. Because someone (as a child) did something that wasn’t acceptable, they should get a knock on their door as an adult and have a Sheriff, along with a shrink, want to talk with him to determine if he is mentally fit to own a gun? I do not buy… Read more »

Mike Sherman

Ed, I understand your point. It can be intrusive, no doubt about it. You almost made my point when you asked why nothing is done when someone is reported to the authorities. When you purchase a gun and they do a background, the denial is based on convictions I believe, not incident reports. If someone has a lot of local history with the local authorities and a background check includes local data bases, and discovers potential problems (but no convictions), then a visit by someone might help prevent an idiot from completing the purchase. You are 100% correct about the… Read more »


I have learned one thing that I know for sure and that’s the only thing that stops a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun, PERIOD! USAF veteran 1972-1975, Fire Chief 1981- 1983 Overseas we called them defence weapons not asault weapons, S. Korea remote tour on the kun with country wide Marshall Law. KEEP OUR GUNS


Martial Law. Marshall Plan.

Jerry Jordan

I don’t have the numbers, but I suspect that more people are killed by drunk drivers than guns. Alcohol causes much suffering to users, family members, and the public. Let’s ban alcohol first.

chris p hemstead

Yes, as long as people die by other means, we are excused from doing anything about carnage in the streets. I see your point.

Ed D.

So, using your logic, we should ban cars too?

Rod D

You only got a Semi-Auto Rifle in Viet-Nam?

jane shure

You saw that too. All of the guns I saw in viet nam was capable of full auto fire. I.E M16, M14, M60, 50 cal. About the only guns I know of that most likely were not full auto was the 12ga. shotgun. In jungle areas it was usually more effective than an m16. There may have been some sniper rifles that were bolt action but I was not part of that operation.


Thanks for the article it definitely strikes a nerve it a lot of people. I’m a Vietnam Veteran, retired LEO and a strong supporter of the Constitution and all amendments as written by our founders. I have no trouble looking in a mirror. I have a problem with people giving the government unfettered power to control every aspect of our lives. Enjoy what freedoms we have left because once there gone you won’t get them back.

Karen K Willis

I believe the 2nd amendment was primarily to keep the government from “unfettered power”.

chris p hemstead

200 years ago, yes.

Bill Mousseau

Yes that’s when it started but it still in effect the same way today remember for the people by the people we control the rights not the government

Ed D.

Today as well. Especially when we have those that would turn this country into a Socialist country.

chris p hemstead

“Today as well. Especially when we have those that would turn this country into a Socialist country.”

What do you mean by this?

Ed D.

Today as well. Especially when we have those that would seek to change this country to something it was never intended to be!

John S

The English didn’t change in 200 years.

Ed D.

You are 100% correct!

Dustin Robert Yetman


Jeff Andrews

How many medical malpractice deaths are in the US per year? How many alcohol related traffic accidents in the US per year? These numbers are really sad. “They” don’t believe I have a right or need to own a AR style rifle. Well to me it’s quite the fun to hit a steel target at 1000 yards. Target, not people. My firearm collection is for my enjoyment. Take them away because some nut job uses one to harm innocent people. I think not. Next you will want to take my beer away even as I have never drove after even… Read more »

chris p hemstead

Let’s see… as long as people die by other methods let’s just let the carnage in the streets continue. What about those damn video games? Millions of innocent people like those.


Which amendment in the bill of rights says video games shall not be infringed?

chris p hemstead

The 1st.

Drew Mueller

Look at the Firearms regulations/laws in Canada. I guarantee this would have a positive effect on our violent gun-related statistics here if we worked to duplicate their system of enforcement and diligence.

chris p hemstead

It would, if you could ever convince a gun-owner to be reasonable instead of the ‘slippery slope’ argument.


I instantly know a hoplophobe with disingenuous interest in solving the problem by inserting the word “reasonable” into their agenda. By definition, if I disagree, you have already decided I’m automatically not reasonable. Lets look at REASONABLE pro-safety laws called “shall issue” — after any training and background checks you can muster, a court MUST issue a permit if they don’t have a credible specific reason to deny. Anti-freedom folks hate REASONABLE because anything less than capricious bans are not acceptable to their outlook. I don’t really want a bazooka myself, but there’s no reason to deny someone IF they… Read more »

chris p hemstead

Too much anger here.


Interesting… I don’t think I expressed any anger. As another also caught, I did point out a misleading linguistic “trick” employed. If you agree we can “reasonably” arm 95% of the populace (who are not criminals), “reasonably” standardize interstate CCW, and “sanely” make firearm training mandatory in schools, etc — I’ll retract my objection. I understand that other people have other opinions (which I believe mistaken, of course), but I don’t inherently declare only my views are “reasonable.”

Ed D.

Your definition of “reasonable” is to deny us our rights under the Constitution. For some strange reason, I can never agree with people that want to do that. We have a Constitution and it has to be followed to maintain our free society. I do not own any guns but having said that, if someone wants to buy an AR-15, that is the persons prerogative under the law! End of discussion. You can be as sick as you want to be but the law always prevails!


Bill Of Rights.

Ed D.

You mean gun confiscation, don’t you? Canada doesn’t have a Bill of rights! We do. Maybe you should move to Canada.


Mike, I agree with most of your statements. The local events should be seen by all agences. I think that there should be a national cc. I have one that is good for 36 states but when traveling it is a problem.

Jim Conway

Mike Your facts are mostly right, but there are a few more that deserve mentioning. While Active Shooter events seem to be seen to be increasing, they are not. What is increasing is the number of such events that are stopped by armed citizens and occasionally by armed officers The USA does not have the most events yearly. For the past few months all we hear on the media is how bad theses events are. What we must keep in prospective is that these active shooter events are only a tiny percentage of the firearm deaths. The leading causes are… Read more »

chris p hemstead

The USA has more gun deaths, by far, than any other civilized nation. And we are truly in a class by ourselves when it comes to mass shootings.

Karen K Willis

We have a higher population than most nations. Can you speak to percentages, please?

chris p hemstead

It’s easy to look up.

John S

Per capita its higher.

J. Marcotte

Mr Sherman: First of all, I am Canadian. We, in Canada, do not have the same relationship to guns as you have in the US. Probably caused by a slightly different history. Second Amendment: I really have no opinion on that one. But I do find that it is being interpreted every which way from here to sundown, depending which side one wants to defend. But every time I see news of a mass shooting, in the US or even Canada, I ask two questions: 1) while I agree that people, not guns, kill people, if the ”people” that kills… Read more »

chris p hemstead

Agree. The obvious fact that gets pushed aside is the availability of weapons of war. I doubt the 2nd amendment intended that, but as you say, it’s being interpreted every way possible to justify them. The 2nd was written when a ‘well regulated militia’ to protect ourselves from the gov’t was real. Only Nazi’s and skinheads still believe that. All this country has to do is look at Australia or Switzerland or any number of countries who have solved this problem darn near overnight by gun buybacks and confiscations. That works. Unfortunately, when you have the NRA and “the liberals… Read more »

Bob p

The Second Amendment is there to protect us from a tyrannical government, it is not there to give us the right to buy military style weapons. I would venture a guess that most people who buy the military style weapons have never served in the military, I was in Vietnam and have no desire for a military style weapon, my son served in Desert Storm, he has no desire for a M16 look a like. The people buying these weapons are just like kids watching reruns of The Lone Ranger and playing with replica 6 shooters, except the look a… Read more »


Look at Venezuela they took the peoples guns away ten years ago so they couldn’t defend themselves. All the American cities with very restrictive gun laws have a very high murder rate compared to others that don’t. So called gun free zones are stupid because they don’t work they encourage nut cases.

Karen K Willis


chris p hemstead

Then we need more guns?


Most gunowners I know would gladly give up benevolent shooting if it would cure crime. GUN CONTROL ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT WORK. 2014 had the lowest crime rate since 1963, and draconian-restricted Chicago has the most crime. School shootings STARTED right after Gun Free School Zone signs went up and kids went on pro-psychotic meds. …But media keeps pushing what are, simply put, complete gun-fact lies. When they do speak truth, it gets buried. Canada/Australia, you say? Data analyst Leah Libresco wrote in 2017 in The Washington Post: “I researched the strictly tightened gun laws in Britain and Australia and concluded… Read more »

chris p hemstead

There are other nations that have quite restrictive laws. We need to figure out what they’re doing that we can’t seem to, because there’s one thing that guarantees more mass-killings: DOING NOTHING.


Actually no… worse than government doing nothing is government doing the *wrong* thing by disarming the good guys, advertising defense-free zones, etc. If left alone, good people would outnumber bad people.

I fully empathize with the desperate drive to “do something”… …but knee jerk reactions CAN and HAVE made it much worse. Every gun restriction has been followed by MORE assaults, so evidence says that’s the wrong response.

Don Kostyal

Mr Hemstead, I spent almost 30 year in uniform (active duty) supporting and defending the Constitution which gives you the right to say what ever you want, but, you are ignorant. I am not a Nazi or a Skinhead. If you are one of those who think the reasons the 2nd Amendment don’t apply today because our government or our military would not turn on its citizens is blind. You only have to look at history where it has happened (Germany, Russia, Cuba) and to current events, Venezuela or Honk Kong where the countries military is on TV beating and… Read more »

chris p hemstead

I can’t imagine any arsenal I could possess that would protect me from a tyrannical government. Yes, we are better than them.


I as a woman am thankful for my right to protect myself.
A knife would not save my life in most cases,but the gun on my hip or the rifle by my bedside will. Yes I have a husband for protection, we protect each other.


Thank you for saying this… anti-freedom folks often want to tell “us” what we need for our own safety. “Just run away! Take a punch or two! Let people rob your house, because it’s just stuff!” I’ve actually heard people say sexual assault isn’t a “deadly force” issue (it IS, IMHO). Well, a paraplegic CAN’T run, and gets killed. An 80 lb woman can’t stop a 250 lb attacker, no matter how much karate she knows. And most of all, she shouldn’t HAVE to see how much injury she can stand before she is “allowed” to fight back against an… Read more »

Monty Bonner

We require folks who want to drive a car, to study, and pass a written exam, plus they have to take and pass a driving test. Current estimates are 35-40,000 people will die on USA Roads this year. 11% of those deaths are from persons younger than 21, who are found texting while driving a car, all states I believe had laws against texting/cell phone use while driving, so much for laws. As a requirement to own, or to be permitted to have a Concealed Weapons Permit should be TRAINING. Regardless, the minimum training should be 24 hours classroom, it… Read more »

Bob p

Most people who kill other people do not buy their weapons in the store, do not get permits, or apply for a cc permit. The only ones who jump through the hoops are the law abiding citizens, you have a good theory but that’s all it is theoretical.

chris p hemstead

Yes, laws are stupid. Let’s ban laws.


Interesting, Monty! All the states I have lived required training. I AM a certified instructor, and what you said is true of mindset — I failed many students who could take a test but still muzzle-flashed or were “too” casual about a deadly subject. I DONT agree that police or military make good instructors (nor even students). I sometimes have LEOs or lawyers assist my legal discussions, but their prior training is very different than civilian CCW. Duty to act, right to act, how and when a cop must act is totally different than a civvy CCW. As for my… Read more »

chris p hemstead

Sounds more like a MAGA rally in here.


So here comes Antifa terrorists now…..

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse

You seem to be confused about an “Assault” rifle. As a result, I am afraid you confuse some of the people who read your article. I am referring to the inference that the rifles used in the recent mass shooting are the same that you used in Vietman. I am a few years to young to have gone to Vietnam, but my friends who did go used fully automatic weapons. They did not use the civilian AR15 or other semi automatic weapon. The public, fueled by the liberal mass media, has a similar confusion about civilian and military weapons. In… Read more »

Mike Sherman

Thank you for your comment Rudy. I mentioned the M-16 only because it resembles an AR, they look scary to a lot of folks. I should have mentioned the M-16 fires single rounds with the option of going fully automatic.

Jan E. Van Hoven

Mike, the first rifles in Vietnam were called AR-15’s. They had a selector switch that went from safety to semi to full. People forget that the AR stands for “Armlite Rifle”, not “Assault Rifle”. I had one in Vietnam and hated it. They finally came out with the M-16 and then the M-16A1. Just a clarification.

Don Kostyal

I cannot believe what I am reading! So many “freak’n experts.” While you are correct about the meaning of AR not being “assault rifle” it was actually the “ARMALITE” company and they produced the AR-10 (the 10th rifle model Armalite made, and a 7.62 mm rifle). It was designed by a former Marine named Eugene Stoner. The DOD didn’t want a 7.62 because of the expense, so the AR-15 came about (the 15 rifle design in .223/5.56 NATO). Stoner and Armalite had the patent but the company was having difficulty so Colt entered the picture as a partner with Armalite.… Read more »

chris p hemstead

All we have to do is look at Australia or Switzerland to learn what works, and works quickly. But we’re too bullheaded to do that.

Abortion? You lost me there.

Monty Bonner

Chris, current estimates are we allow 450,000 abortions each year in the USA. If we allow society to callously kill unborn humans, what kind of message does that send to young peoples mind, who are fully impressionable and have very little if any moral compass at those young ages. I am not debating the rights and wrongs of abortion, I am illustrating the message permitting the murder of those babies and how that is perceived. Because a law allows certain conduct, is it still right you display or act within that conduct. FWIW-That is the population of many mid sized… Read more »

chris p hemstead

I don’t know what it sends to young people’s minds. First I’ve heard of anyone equating abortion with gun violence. And no, it’s not video games either.

Jan E. Van Hoven

Chris, just a minute. Switzerland requires all males to attend a 6 month Army training and then is send home with all of his equipment including a rifle and ammunition.

chris p hemstead

Fine. If that works, let’s do that.

Don Kostyal

You better check your facts on Switzerland–they have mandatory service and training until age 55 for all males and women can volunteer. They are considering making it mandatory for women as well. Those who don’t qualify for military service can do various forms of civil service (although for longer periods of annual time). Also, the recent vote on abolishing conscription failed with only 35% of the electorate against continuing it. Oh, and for those who can afford it, they can pay a “tax” to avoid service altogether. Maybe everyone who thinks another country has a better idea and wants what… Read more »

chris p hemstead

.” Where is it going to end. You want gov’t to tell you what you can read? What you can watch on TV? What movies can be made? What video games can be made or watched. ” That’s happening right now. Everyone’s favorite president is blaming video games. Others, violent movies. From reading many of these comments I’m getting the idea that some of you are so adamant about your weapons of war, and your firm beliefs that you need these guns to protect yourselves from an opressive government, that you’re willing let this carnage in the streets continue unabated.… Read more »

Jim Webster

Mike, you sound like an ad for the NRA! PGR is right in his views.

Joe Allen

Mike, your article is spot on! I am also a Vietnam veteran, but believe in the 2nd amendment. When we start making a decision on which gun we will allow and which we will ban, it will just be a matter of time before they are all banned. We have the 2nd amendment in place to protect us from the very government that governs us. I also remember when O’hara got prayer removed from schools, Dr. Spock got us to coddle our children and all of sudden parents decided to be a pal to their kid instead of a parent.… Read more »


Mike, I completely agree with your sentiments. Unfortunately the liberal bias of our mainstream media drowns out any intelligent discussion of the root causes of these mass shootings and will continue to push for useless laws that will in no way prevent future massacres. Just look at Chicago and Baltimore as prime examples of the failure of “strict gun laws”.

chris p hemstead

Look at Australia and Switzerland and Japan and…..

Karen K Willis

I think Switzerland requires all adults (possibly only males) to be trained and to own a firearm.

chris p hemstead

Fine. They also have Zero mass shootings.

jane shure

Yes let’s look at austraila. Right after their guns bans their crime shot up. A fact the news media wants covered up.

Bill Fisher

Very good, astute article in my opinion. I am also a Vietnam Veteran, so I am old enough to remember when and who started taking God and prayer out of our schools. It seems to me it has been downhill ever since that time. I know there are lots of good people who do not believe in God, but by and large our country’s morals have gone down the tubes over the past several decades. There no longer seems to be a sound moral compass for far too many. There are too many single parent families with no strong father… Read more »


I was really trying to avoid making any comments to these Gun articles. But, I think we (the US) needs to get a hold of Mr. Spock! Do we have a Radio Link to VULCAN??

Mr. Spock is the only being that can perform the “VULCAN MIND MELD” and truly find out what a person is thinking! That would be the PERFECT Background Check before allowing any Gun sale!

I had to put this out there and just laugh! LMAO!

David Reavis

Good article on the gun violence. I don’t understand why we cant approach this subject in a common sense manor. Many years ago I obtained my concealed carry license and have carried every day since. One thing people can’t honestly argue with is – When seconds count the police are only minutes away.
Thanks for your thoughtful article.

chris p hemstead

The common sense “manor” would be to ask ourselves why anyone needs an Ak47.

jane shure

My question to you is why would anyone need a 700 horse power car?


Sorry Mike you lost it in your first paragraph. Abortion, god, video games do it make serial killers or even bad people. You, with a typical authoritarian retired police mentality, most certainly toataly believe this tired old mantra but it just doesn’t hold up. Belief in god does not make a person “better” asyou so proudly proclaim, if anything it shows how vulnerable a person is to mind control. Abortion does not make a person bad, forcing a woman to give birth and then insuring their offspring has no chance in life by withdrawing all support after birth certainly does,… Read more »


Well said!

chris p hemstead


Tom Fitch

PGR…a big THUMBS UP! Accurate, concise, spot on!

Bill W.

I almost didn’t read all the comments. This one is spot on. Thank you PGR.