Thursday, December 8, 2022


RVing and volunteering: ‘What a life!’


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 5.11.04 PMMany RVers take to the road when retirement takes them out of their daily beat. Some just travel to see the countryside; others may want to “keep their hand in,” by doing part-time work. Still others who aren’t in need of cash but still want to actively “do something,” follow up on volunteer opportunities that RVing makes possible.

One couple, Tim and Karen Slack are in the latter group. Tim’s been “off the job” for three years, but their life is anything but one of empty hours. The couple cruise around the country volunteering months at a time for various charitable organizations – great for the soul. They also spend some of their volunteer time carrying on at National Wildlife Refuges. There are various things that need doin’ at these beautiful, natural spots, and often, there’s a place for your rig when volunteering.

How do you find such opportunities? Tim says it’s easy. Just point your Internet browser to, then use the drop down menus to visit a host of volunteer opportunities, not just with the wildlife refuges, but with other worthy positions across the nation. He says the best way they’ve found to secure a position is to make direct contact with the volunteer coordinator for any given assignment.

The Slacks sum up their experiences in volunteering and RVing simply: “What a life!”

Photo: Tim Slack

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