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New Go RVing logo reminds campers of a lot of different things…

Last weekend, I wrote a slightly tongue-in-cheek opinion article regarding the RV industry’s recent attempts to rebrand its Go RVing™ marketing program.

The revamped look and feel for Go RVing caught my attention because (a) the program has done well for the past 25 years with very few tweaks, and (b) the rebrand turns Go RVing’s primary focus away from baby boomers and toward younger potential campers.

A big part of the hoopla over the rebranded Go RVing program was a complete refresh of the typography and logo.

What does the new GO RVing logo resemble? readers had a lot of fun with the original story, giving their take on what the new Go RVing logo resembled. Some of those reader guesses included an upgraded peace symbol, a motorcycle helmet, a picnic table in a dome tent, and my favorite – a partially eaten pizza.

According to the folks at the RV Industry Association, the new logo is a graphic representation of a road stretching into the horizon.

This week, the rebranding tale got even more strange (and a bit more fun).

Keith, one of’s faithful readers, pointed out Sunday that the new RV logo bears a striking resemblance to the official logo for The Kingsman, a British-based film franchise that’s been around since 2014.

The movie poster for a recent ‘Kingsman’ movie that includes a somewhat familiar logo.

Keith may be onto something here. If you take the golden Kingsman logo, flip it upside down and cut out a small piece of the circle, you’ve got the new Go RVing logo.

The Kingsman films, by the way, depict a fictional secret service organization based on a comic book series that was first released in 2012.

A welcome brand refresh

All kidding aside, after 25 years of service it probably is time to do a Go RVing brand refresh. Each year, RVIA spends millions of dollars on the Go RVing marketing push. It’s undoubtedly been the conduit into RVing for many, many campers and is responsible for some part of the manufacturing industry’s massive success in rolling new RVs out the factory doors and into the hands of new (and presumably younger) RVers.

I wish Go RVing nothing but success as it lays the groundwork to keep RVing relevant and top-of-mind for those in a position to improve public and private campgrounds. If we don’t have new RVers coming into the lifestyle, it’s doubtful the decision makers will invest their time or their (or our) money.

To quote Harry Hart, a key character in the Kingsman movies, “If you are prepared to adapt, you can transform.”



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2 months ago

Go RV’ing hit a DUD! Dumb logo.

2 months ago

Looks like a fat person bending over to pick up their keys…..

Ken H.
2 months ago

I agree that the new logo is too abstract to be readily identified with RVing, but it does contain all three capital letters in “Go RVing”.

Rotate the logo 90 degrees counterclockwise. The circular part forms most of the “G”, the “R” should be easier to see, and the “V” is formed from part of the “R” (although the “V” is still rotated). They rotated the logo so the back of the “R” forms the “road stretching into the horizon”.

However, any logo that requires this much explanation is a poor design.

J Anderson
2 months ago

Dumbest Logo Ever
its a waste of their money and won’t last long. Wonder who’s relative got paid for that STUPID nothing.

Bob M
2 months ago

I think the logo is terrible.

Rolling Coal
2 months ago

I would have guessed it was a new logo for Circle K!

Bob Berg
2 months ago

I would love to know how much they paid the marketing consultants for this rebranding. Abstract and meaningless signatures must be all the rage in business schools.

Tommy Molnar
2 months ago

“the new logo is a graphic representation of a road stretching into the horizon.”

How in the WORLD do they see that in this goofy circle??? To me, it has NOTHING to do with RV’ing. This would be a good logo for a company making motorcycle helmets and goggles.

Pamela Holt
2 months ago


2 months ago

What in the world is this logo supposed to represent? I’m clueless…
Stupidest thing I’ve seen in years!

Roger V
2 months ago

After someone suggested it was a representation of rotund camper’s backside while bending over, I just …can’t …unsee…that…!

2 months ago

Personally, I cannot see anything related to RVing in this new logo. For me, it is a dud.

2 months ago

I’m sorry, but if you have to explain to me what a “Logo” represents, it’s a bad logo. Simply ask any 12 year old to draw a symbol representing what THEY think RV’ing is to them. It would be a much better logo than this one.

Stephen Malochleb
2 months ago
Reply to  Ted

Agree, kids will have an open minded unbiased look at things. I think they should have had a contest like my club does for it’s yearly slogan and patch contest.

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