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Keira B

Wow, that was one of the most depressing websites I have ever read.


My husband and I both agree Asia hates us. If China does not give us a virus Japan sends in the bees. Can’t win for trying.


It is amazing how many Medical and Legal experts we now have in just 2 short months of shelter in place.

Jim Maynard

I was supposed to do a sleep study and haven’t scheduled it. Also putting off going to the dentist as well as the required annual Medicare Wellness Check with my Dr.


Survey says, I have cancelled Dentist appointment but not the Doctor.

George Franks

Good morning and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the newsletter each day. My wife always asks me about the laugh of the day and I throughly enjoy the news articles. Keep up the good work.


RV industry seems to be booming again. I see demand once again rising and not sure Elkhart has the ability to keep up during this so called pandemic. I could not get into my favorite beach state park this past week so opted for a privately owned CG. When I got there on Monday I had a great view for the first couple of days working from my picnic table. By Thursday afternoon I could no longer see the beach as we were surrounded by rigs all around us. I don’t think American people are going tolerate lock down much longer. Most people I spoke with during the week from several different states are like me. They do not like seeing death and loss of loved ones for anyone, but they truly think that the underlying deal is political. I truly think we have medical scientist capable of very soon getting this deal under control.