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Connie VH

Dude….calm down. Thanks for your angry opinion, but you offer nothing.

What would YOU like to see in an RV magazine, Mr. 70%?

David White

Wow! Tom! So sorry you have such a bitter outlook on life. My sympathy for you not knowing the love and total devotion from a cat or dog.
I hope life treats you kind.

Jerry X Shea

Way to go Emily, keep going.

Keira B

Yes, there is a small percentage of the population who are afraid of pets. Pet owners need to respect that, and not let their pets run up to strangers. However, photos and stories of pets do not need to be feared. Photos do not bite. Just like all the ads in this newsletter, you can skip over the articles that are not interesting to you.


I have been discussed with RV ers many times that are dumb enough to think we are not in ours and then don’t pick up after their mutts in full view of our windows.
We have also seen areas at very nice casinos that the land scraping is covered in dog 💩 poo.
Dog owners will ruin the free parking for all of us.
Sorry. I love dogs but some irresponsible owners dogs …have them perfectly trained.


We choose not to have pets however I depend on others for my pet therapy. I have befriended so many dogs over the years as we work as volunteer campground hosts. I am extremely allergic to cats though. So even if only 30% or your readers have pets, there are many more of us out there that love them. I will enjoy the pictures!


Linda C

So, don’t read the articles or look at the pictures. There are articles in all publications I subscribe to that aren’t my cup of tea. I only unsubscribe when the majority of the articles don’t meet my interests.

David Hagen

You forgot one. OLD is when an all-nighter means sleeping through the night with out getting up once to go to the bathroom.


Great job Emily….dad should be happy and proud.


What’s wrong did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed.


Concerning the bumper sticker: Is John still alive?

Chuck Woodbury

Tom Smithbrother, please, unsubscribe. RVtravel.com is apparently not for you. Hey, only 30% of our audience has motorhomes; most have towables (my estimates). So we should not bother to write about motorhomes, right? And only 20 percent have auto levelers? So not write about them either? And only 20 percent of our readers are interested in boondocking? So don’t write about that? What would you do differently if you were in charge of this newsletter?


next time use spell check.

john stahl

Will love your pet pics. They bring smiles to everyone’s face. My pups make everyone smile. Great to have the new feature. It will make the newsletter even more positive.


Just don’t read about pets. Just scroll on down and read the articles that do interest you

Patrick Granahan

Tom I suggest you do one of two things…stop reading this publication or cancel
your subscription.

Ever consider that pets don’t like you either.

Warning: stay clear of horses…they can sense when you don’t like them and are afraid of them and will treat you accordingly…it will not end well.

Gary Reed

Answer to today riddle ;
There was a grandfather, a father and a son.


Yikes! What is that…thing?