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MENU readers’ RV New Year’s resolutions for 2023

A couple of weeks ago we asked you about your RV plans for the upcoming year—your “RV New Year’s resolutions,” if you will.

Not surprisingly, more travel is in the cards for many of you, as it is for me. This year I hope to find a decent popup camper for my truck, for those times I don’t need to haul the whole trailer along. I also plan to travel more in Baja California, Mexico, where I live part-time. I got started on that resolution last week (stories coming soon).

However, some of you did not believe in resolutions at all. For instance, Robert P. wrote:

“I resolved not to make New Year’s resolutions that I would undoubtedly break.”

Elizabeth C. put it well when she shared:

“I made none. Each day I try to be a better, kinder version of yesterday me. When we started out 2.5 years ago as full-time traveling RVers, I only wanted (and still do) to enjoy this big beautiful USA and make memories. Oh, the memories we have made!”

But a lot of you did have some RV New Year’s resolutions. Good ones! I am envious of some of your travel plans, for sure!

Not quite staycations

Many of you planned on using your RV for short getaways, as opposed to long journeys. With fuel prices as they are, it’s no wonder.

You also vowed to use your RVs more often, with a once-a-month minimum being the most popular goal. Oh, for the days of more affordable fuel!

Molly J. resolves to break out of the close-to-home rut, at least a little. She writes:

“I’d like to travel far enough from home to be able to add another state to the map on the side of the 5th wheel. We’ve been staying pretty close to home the last couple of years.”

The long haul

Although many of the responses we got were from people planning on staying closer to home, more were not!

Mike L. says:

“Three years ago we purchased our motorhome (pictured at the top of this page) with the hope of someday traveling this country north, south, east and west seeing all the sights in between. I believe the time has come for us to begin that adventure. Our plan is to begin that journey come spring. We are excited and looking forward to being on the road for months taking in all this big country has to offer. 2023 will be our year!”

Good luck, Mike! I hope you enjoy living on the road as much as I do. Last year was my year, on my long, long RV trip. You never know what you’ll find. And I HIGHLY recommend Harvest Hosts!”

Don H. also has big plans:

“Early on we’ll do our usual long weekend or two at Port Townsend (our favorite local RV place). In September we have a 3-week loop planned through the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park. Then in October, we’ll leave the PNW behind as we snowbird to the Southeast for the winter. On our way back in Feb ’24, we’ll spend a couple of weeks whale watching in Baja before arriving home in late March.”

Sounds like you have it all planned out, Don, and what a year it will be! I just returned from the Sea of Cortez, where this year’s whale-watching season is just getting underway. Prepare to be blown away (pun intended) by Baja’s rugged beauty. But it is isolated. Carry extra parts and stock up on groceries. Services in the middle of Baja are sparse, to say the least. But it is so worth it!

Betty S. also has ambitious travel plans.

“I’m booked on a guided caravan tour to Alaska and am so excited. I plan to be gone most of the summer. Additionally, I’ll be attending the Quartzsite fiberglass/Casita rally in February and on to a few days in Joshua Tree National Park. Other trips will be exploring northern NM.”

Alaska road-tripping is something I would love to do but with fuel prices as they are, will probably never be able to afford. I am envious, Betty. Before you leave on this year’s journeys, be sure to check out this post on New Mexico’s State Parks Pass. It’s one of the BEST RV camping bargains out there!

Yvonne T. adds:

“I’ve been on the road since June ’22 and plan on heading back to the Pacific Northwest in a few weeks. Plenty to see and do on my trek back along the southern states from Florida to Washington.”

Maybe I will see you on the road, Yvonne. The PNW is high on my agenda this year, as well as I have family moving up there. I traveled through briefly last year on my long, long RV trip and passed by so many places I wanted to explore more. It appears one could spend years in this gorgeous area of the country and still not see it all.

Personal connections and a more fulfilling life

One of the best things about RVing is that it can allow you to connect with friends and family. I talked about this a few weeks back, but was happy to see others had similar plans this year:

“We plan to take in Big Bend National Park and the Texas Coast. Waddle up to kids in Tennessee, eastward over the Appalachians to the Coast and down to Florida to visit kids. Back along the South to home. Haven’t seen that section of the country since we were young.”
—Marvin A.

“We plan on many smaller/shorter trips with RV to our kids’ house about 7 hours away. Then lots of weekend camping in Florida and Georgia.”
Karen K.

“I recently retired, so my wife and I hope to travel cross-country and visit family and friends while seeing this beautiful country.”
—William S.

“We plan on traveling in our motorhome to visit two national parks, taking children and grandchildren with us and instilling a love of hiking in God’s creation while making memories.”
—Rita A.

If you let it, your RV can be the key to slowing down, escaping the rat race, and enjoying life. Those were the resolutions several of you had.

“I really want us to take our time this year. To park the RV, and enjoy national parks, forests, etc. To feel that we don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time but if we do, to just take our time.”
—Donna P.

“I plan to do more boondocking. I enjoy the serenity and quiet found in places off the beaten path. Having a solar setup and genny on board, I want to get my money’s worth out of both!”
—Kathleen W.

Building the dream and going into dry dock

Finally, we had several interesting resolution comments from folks at very different points in their RV journeys. Some still gearing up to hit the road, while others are ready to throw in the towel.

“I bought a 1998 Alpine 36SDS that my significant other and I are restoring to her former glory. We’ve redone the plumbing and wiring, so for the rest of 2023, cosmetics, inside and out, will be the goal. My first Diesel Pusher and 8 feet more RV than my Class C!”
—Karen C.

“Our resolution is to wax the whole travel trailer this year AND treat the seals. Each year we get a couple of sides done, clean up the wheels, etc. It never really all gets done. This is the year! We hope, anyway.”
—Gail M.

“We have decided, that after owning an RV for the last 30 years, we will be selling our motorhome and doing without one for a couple of years. We full-time RVed for a while, but the big diesel pusher is too much maintenance for part-time use.”
—Daryl W.



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