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RV Review: CrossRoads RV Cruiser Aire 22RBS – Big space in a medium box

If you’re like me, when you see a collection of RVs on display it’s like Christmas or something. So walking in and out of various trailers at an RV show, I thought I’d write this review of the Crossroads RV Cruiser Aire 22RBS travel trailer. The reasons this one stood out to me were varied. But when I walked in, this trailer just felt huge.

If you ever want to get confused, take a look at the outstanding list of Who Makes What here on I write this because there is a Cruiser RV and I reviewed a Cruiser RV MPG 2550RB a few days ago. In some ways these two are not related at all. Yet, like many RVs, they are both owned by Thor Industries.

But when I first saw today’s trailer I went to the Cruiser RV website. It wasn’t there. Then I referenced the Who Makes What and found that this Cruiser and the other Cruiser aren’t the same Cruisers. Geez, Louise. Couldn’t someone hit another name with a dart that day? 

What I saw in the Cruiser Aire 22RBS

There were a lot of details on this trailer that I really liked. I’m a fan of rear bathroom travel trailers because you tend to get a lot of space in the bathroom. This one was no exception. I also liked the walk-in shower that had a flexible shower door. I wish the ceiling fan in this was a larger model, but that’s an easy enough switch. 

There was also a fair amount of storage space in the bathroom, which is always welcome. But then, on the opposite side of the entry way, is a huge pantry or closet. 

The interior of the Cruiser Aire really feels very open and spacious. I don’t know what it is about this design but they really gave it an open feel. 

The slide room in this incorporates a U-shaped dinette, although I understand you can get a free-standing table and chairs as well. The flooring in this is your typical RV vinyl, and the flooring in the slide room is that marine flexible flooring. No carpet! 

Also, the heater vents are in the cabinetry – so not in the floor. Furthermore, there’s a 22” oven and a large microwave. This is a definitely usable kitchen with adult-sized appliances. The one odd thing was that under the larger stainless steel kitchen sink was a cabinet. In that cabinet were two drawers. That is a nice use of space, but I had difficulty getting my fat fingers (they work out all the time writing these reviews!) around the drawers to get them open. I might put a flexible pull tab on the surface to aid in getting them open. 

These two small drawers at the floor of the cabinets were the only drawers in the trailer. So drawer space is my biggest gripe with the otherwise really nice kitchen of this unit. 

King sized

The bedroom in the Cruiser Aire featured a king-sized bed. Sometimes this means that the space around the bed is compromised. But somehow CrossRoads was able to make really good use of the space. There is still a normal-sized wardrobe closet on either side of the bed. Plus, the space behind the closet is decent enough so that you can get a CPAP in there, or a tablet. To facilitate the operation/charging of either of these devices, there are both 120-volt and 12-volt outlets in this space. 

Build of the Cruiser Aire

I see a lot of RVs where they tout aluminum framing in the walls, but then you look in the baggage compartment and it’s all wood. The Cruiser Aires framing in the baggage compartment was also welded aluminum – which I like better. 

That baggage compartment is accessed through doors that feature slam latches. Furthermore, there is one key to operate all the exterior doors and compartments here, another plus. 

And under one more door is a Capital grill and small bar-sized fridge. But, when you have the grill out, there’s no getting to the fridge. 

Pick your dealer first

In shopping for an RV I always suggest that you shop your dealer first before making a decision on a rig. The experience you have from dealer to dealer can vary greatly. Sometimes even if you choose an RV that might not be the best, the dealer is good enough at fixing things that it doesn’t affect you as greatly. 

The reason I write this is that there were several doors misaligned on this trailer – and it was on display at an RV show. Of course, it would be best if they had been put on properly at the factory. But I also know that these rigs get quite the workout when being triggered from Indiana here to the left coast. 

There were also styrofoam balls and sawdust visible all over. It just speaks to a complete lack of attention by the dealer. If they let this trailer be shown in that condition, how much are they going to care about getting it right when it’s yours? 

I had spoken of my frustration with the Cruiser RV MPG line and their warranty system. But that speaks also to the owner of the dealership I worked for and his insistence on our fighting for the customer. I don’t believe all dealerships have this attitude. 

None of the mistakes I saw in the build of this Cruiser Aire should have been there when I was walking through it. But I more blame the dealership than the manufacturer. It is possible that these goofs happened in transit, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. But whomever is at fault, it’s ultimately the dealership who should correct it. Period. 

In fact, I saw quite a few build issues on a lot of rigs that this dealer put out that absolutely should have been corrected before they got shown to the public. 

In summary

CrossRoads RV’s Cruiser Aire had a lot of things that they really got right, including the surprisingly good implementation of the king-sized bed. Other than limited drawer space, I also really liked the kitchen. 

This rig is available with theater seats instead of the U-shaped dinette, and that’s how I’d get it if I got one of these. But it’s nice that there’s a choice. 

There were also a lot of stickers on the side of the Cruiser Aire that were trying to tell me a story. But the company’s website wasn’t following through with those details. Naturally, the salesperson who was hovering over my shoulder couldn’t explain some things fully either. But he was good at making stuff up that I called him on. 

I’m going to give some sort of award to the first RV company that just puts QR codes all over linked to videos that explain things. Imagine having your website do the work of selling your rigs over that of the competition, rather than relying on a salesperson who clearly was hired for the show and doesn’t know if that brown stuff is from Fido or will shine their shoes.

Tony comes to RVTravel having worked at an RV dealership and been a life long RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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King size bed implementation
Open feel
Behind-bed cubbies
Vent fan


The CrossRoads Cruiser 22RBS is a floor plan that might appeal to a lot of couples wanting travel trailer with lots of open interior space in a mid-size package.


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Tommy Molnar
11 months ago

Two things. One, it seems like they reversed the fresh and grey tank capacities.
Two, I would first blame the mfg for not cleaning up the trailer before sending it out to a dealer. There shouldn’t be ANY shavings, wood chips, sawdust, or styrofoam anywhere. It doesn’t need to be squeaky clean, but the dealer shouldn’t be tasked to do what the factory is either too lazy to do, or non-caring. Blaming it on a long trip from Indiana is no excuse either. We all haul our trailers over long distances, and shouldn’t have to clean up the floor of debris after every trip. Or, straighten misaligned doors . . .

11 months ago

No floor plan?

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
11 months ago
Reply to  Snayte

Thanks, Snayte. I just added the floor plan to the post. Have a great day. 🙂 –Diane

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
11 months ago
Reply to  volnavy007

Sorry, volnavy007. I didn’t notice that was missing when I proofed the post. Thank you for letting us know. It’s been added. Have a great day. 🙂 –Diane

RV Review: CrossRoads RV Cruiser Aire 22RBS – Big space in a medium boxThe CrossRoads Cruiser 22RBS is a floor plan that might appeal to a lot of couples wanting travel trailer with lots of open interior space in a mid-size package.

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